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Title: The Snyder-Mayer's 1st Halloween Together
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: G
Luke and Noah's children celebrate Halloween, and a special birthday; the boys visits Annie's grave on Halloween.
Characters: Luke, Noah, Nicole, Jake, Jamie, Patrick, Jason, Beth, Holden, Lily, Alison, Nathan, Annie(mentions)
Genre: romance, cuteness, sadness
Warnings: none
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On a clear and chilly October day, the Snyder-Mayer children were getting ready for Halloween in just 2 days. Luke and Noah, had just bought a bigger house, cause their brood had grown. Jamie, now 17, had started dating. Luke and Noah had found out ....that their oldest son was also gay a year earlier. So Jamie had met Patrick at school, and their relationship got stronger after the 4th date. Patrick reminded Noah of himself at his age, a year before he met his future husband. So Patrick was spending more time with Jamie, and his family. But Jamie was also looking forward to meeting Patrick's family as well. So both families were planning a big Halloween party for Jamie and Patrick. Patrick, who was the love of Jamie Mayer's life, was celebrating his 18th birthday on Halloween. So Luke, Noah, and Patrick's parents, Jason and Beth, decided to plan a Halloween/birthday party for both families. Jason and Beth, who were still trying to realize their son was gay, accepted Jamie into their son's life.
Luke and Jamie were preparing dinner for everyone, while Noah had taken the girls, Nathan, and Jake to Old Towne for their Halloween costumes. Patrick was coming over in a little while, cause his parents had decided to have a romantic night out, so Jamie invited him for dinner. The house was decorated outside with little ghosts, witches, and a big pumpkin that was carved by Jamie and Noah. Jamie and Patrick decided to dress up as Tina Turner and Frankenstein. Jamie, who was the taller one(he got that from Noah), would be Frankenstein, and Patrick, who loved Tina's music(thanks to Noah and Jason, Patrick's dad), would be Tina. Luke laughed when he had found out what Patrick was gonna do, but Noah looked at him and shook his head. So, Noah had gone with the kids to get the costumes. Lily had been working on Patrick and Jamie's costumes for the last 2 days, so the boys took care of the makeup and shoes. Patrick was borrowing his Mom's heels and jewelry, while Jamie borrowed Holden's boots.
*Now picture Patrick as Tina:*
The Snyder-Mayer Children's 1st Halloween Together - Luke and Noah Wiki

*And Jamie as Frankenstein*
The Snyder-Mayer Children's 1st Halloween Together - Luke and Noah Wiki
"Does this taste right, kiddo?", Luke asked Jamie.
" it needs let me finish this.", Jamie answered, as he added a little salt to the pot.
" Why is it that my oldest child cooks like my husband? He's got my genes, and Noah's skills!!", Luke said, as he took a break, and went outside for some air.
Patrick arrived, with bags in hand. Luke was ever so glad to see him, cause he was a better cook, plus Patrick was planning on making dessert....Jamie's favorite, German Chocolate Cake. Luke helped Patrick into the house, as Jamie stopped, and grabbed one bag.
"I'm gonna leave you two lovebirds alone.", Luke said, as he shut the door.

"Come here you hot hunk.", Patrick said, as he pulled Jamie into his arms.
"Hey baby, Jamie said, you ready for your birthday party bash?"
"Ready as I'll ever be. But first....", Patrick said, as he kissed those luscious lips he loved so much.
"Mmmmmmmmm......, Jamie said, as he opened his mouth a little more, so Patrick could have more access.
Their kisses became intense, as their tongues touched, and their hands were all over each other's bodies. They could have easily have done it right there on the kitchen counter, but Noah and the kids arrived home.
"Ahem...get a room you two!", Nicole, now 14, said to her brother and Patrick.
"Now young lady, where did you learn that from?", Noah asked.
"Daddy, Nicole said, oh and Uncle Casey."
"Luke???, Noah said, looking at his his husband, who was beet red in the face, how is it that my kids hear everything we say? They're lucky they don't hear us in bed!! And Casey and I need to have a chat later on."
"Uh Dad, Jamie said, I do, and trust me, you're the loud one, not Daddy."
Noah blushed a beet red, as Luke laughed his a'ss off. He knew that he was busted by his own son. Patrick put an arm around his boyfriend's waist, as they watched this happen. The other kids laughed, as their daddies embarrassed each other.
"Alright you guys, that's enough!", Noah said.
"Maybe you kids want to see a movie. Let's leave Dad and Daddy alone for a bit.", Jamie said, as he and Patrick took the kids into the den.
Luke looked over at his husband, who was sitting in the chair crying. Luke thought he may have upset him, but there was another reason. Annie, who had been gone for 7 years, loved Halloween. Noah missed his little girl so much, that he wanted to do something every Halloween. So Luke had an idea...they would visit her grave that morning alone, with Jamie and Patrick. Luke put his arms on Noah's shoulder. Noah looked up at his husband, got up, and hugged him tight. Noah cried his heart out, as Luke held him. Luke whispered sweet things into Noah's ears to calm him down. Noah managed to stop crying, and caressed Luke's face.

"How did I ever manage to marry such a wonderful person as you?", Noah asked.
"Guess my cute body, and my sweet charms lured you in?", Luke asked.
"You know what....your love is what lured me in. The fact that you helped me find myself, showed me that I love you more than ever.", Noah said, as he kissed those luscious lips he loved so much.
The kisses got intense, as they wanted each other so badly.
"You think we could?", Noah asked.
"Down, tiger, Luke said, there's plenty of time for that later. We can send the kids to Mom's tonight, and Jamie's staying at Patrick's, ok?"
"Now come help me finish dinner.", Luke said, as they both went back to work.
After a wonderful dinner, and Patrick's dessert, the kids were packed up and ready to go. Jamie packed a bag, and brought the Tina CD he had for Patrick. Luke and Noah locked the door, and chased each other upstairs. They never came back down, because they spent all night making passionate love in the bedroom, the shower, and in the hallways.

The next day, everyone started planning the huge party. Jamie and Patrick, of course, was spending so much time together. After being together that night at Patrick's house, they were both excited about the double celebration. Patrick had finally got the dress Lily had fixed for him, and he also got the wig Noah found for him. Jamie tried on his outfit, and it fit perfectly. But they took it off, and got back to planning. Jason, Beth, Luke, and Noah had made a huge cake in the shape of a pumpkin:
The Snyder-Mayer Children's 1st Halloween Together - Luke and Noah WikiThe Snyder-Mayer Children's 1st Halloween Together - Luke and Noah Wiki

Meanwhile, the kids and Patrick got all the decorations ready. Jamie and Patrick took care of all the high stuff, since the kids were too small to reach. This took all day, and by the time it got about 7:30, all the kids were asleep, except Patrick, Jamie, and Nicole. Nicole was old enough to stay up till 10, so she joined her brother and Patrick watching Frankenstein. When it got to the part where Frankenstein awakened:

Nicole jumped, and landed in Patrick's lap. Patrick held her with one arm, and the other around his boyfriend's. Not long afterwards, she fell asleep. Patrick looked at Jamie, and gently carried her to her room. Jamie stopped the tape, and headed up to bed.
The next day was Halloween. Jamie woke up early, and saw his sleeping boyfriend fast asleep. He crept out of bed, and took a shower. Luke was also in his own shower, while Noah was sleeping. Holden and Lily had come over, bringing a big basket for the bobbing apples game. Jason and Beth were also there, getting breakfast ready for the birthday boy. Beth snuck up to see if her son was up, but she almost bumped into a towel clad Jamie. Jamie ran in really fast, locked the door, and gently woke up his boyfriend.
"Morning baby, Jamie said, kissing him, happy birthday, my hot man."
"Hi", Patrick said, pulling Jamie down for a kiss.
There was a knock on the door, as Beth said, "Patrick, Jamie, you two up?"
"Yes Mom, Patrick said, we're up. Give us 10 minutes, and we'll be down!"
"Alright, cause everyone else is waking up!", Beth said.
"Come on stud, let's get you downstairs.", Jamie said, dragging Patrick to the shower.
Later that day, at the farm, everyone was in their costumes, including Patrick and Jamie. Luke whistled at Patrick, as Noah and Jamie laughed.

"You kids have fun, Jamie said, cause Dad, Daddy, Patrick, and I have something to do."
The kids all left to have fun trick or treating, while the 4 men headed to the cemetary. They arrived at Annie's gravesite. Jamie and Patrick put flowers on her grave, and hugged each other. Then Luke and Noah walked over together.

"Happy Halloween sweetie!", Noah said, getting teary.
"We miss you every day, but we're still going to have fun, right boys?", Luke said.
"Daddy's right, punkin, Jamie said, we'll have fun. And Patrick too, right baby?"
"Absolutely, Patrick said, kissing Jamie's cheek, because you are a part of this special day."
They all cried together, before leaving. There was a wind that whipped from behind, and nearly scared them all.

An hour later, everyone was having so much fun bobbing for apples and eating food. The cake turned out very well, as Patrick had received several gifts. Jason and Beth got him a new I-Pod, Luke and Noah got him a set of books about Ancient History, but Jamie did the best thing....he got his boyfriend matching promise rings. Patrick was in such a good mood, that he put the Tina CD in, and sang this to everyone:

What's Love Got To Do With It

You must understand
That the touch of your hand
Makes my pulse react
That it`s only the thrill
Of boy meeting girl
Opposites attract

It`s physical
Only logical
You must try to ignore
That it means more than that

Oh whats love got to do, got to do with it
What`s love but a second hand emotion
What`s love got to do, got to do with it
Who needs a heart
When a heart can be broken

It may seem to you
That i`m acting confused
When you`re close to me
If i tend to look dazed
I`ve read it someplace
I`ve got cause to be

There`s a name for it
There`s a phrase that fits
But whatever the reason
You do it for me


I`ve been thinking of a new direction
But i have to say
I`ve been thinking about my own protection
It scares me to feel this way

What`s love got to do, got to do with it
What`s love but a sweet old fashioned notion
What`s love got to do, got to do with it
Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken

Jamie smiled, as he got tears in his eyes. After the song, Patrick and Jamie kissed in front of everyone. They all clapped, but what they didn't notice is that not too far away, Annie's spirit was listening to the song. She smiled, and left singing, " What`s love got to do, got to do with it
What`s love but a sweet old fashioned notion,
What`s love got to do, got to do with it, Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken"

What a Halloween it was for the Snyder-Mayer family in their new house, surrounded by family and friends.

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