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Title-Timeless Love
Genre-Romance, Fluff
Word Count-773
Summary-Love is like an ember in a fire, it may burn out but it never truely dies.
Disclaimer-I own nothing all characters belong to ATWT and P&G. This is not for profit no copy-right infringiment is inteneded.
Authors Note-Inspired by an elderly couple I saw in a Tim Horton's the other day.
Information-Told from the points of view of Luke and Noah. Noah is in
this colour. Luke is in this colour :)

"I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on him that I would never be the same"

"I was just 18 years old"

"So much I had not yet seen or known"

"I never had a lover before"

"Yet I knew"

"Just what to do"

"I knew in my heart"

"That he was mine"

"We would be together forever"

"It just seemed so right"

"It was perfect"

"How to approach him"?

"Would he laugh at me"?

"Would he freak and beat on me"?



"He would take to me............"

"I didn't have much to lose"

"Those eyes oh how they sparkled!"

"So brown like coffee........"

"Like sapphire and crystal....."

"They appeared to dance......"

"A flame so bright"!

"I HAVE to move....."

"He's coming to me....."

"My mouth seems to dry to form words"

"I want to ask him........"

"Dammit I must say SOMETHING"!

"He looks as nervous as I maybe........"

"Does he feel it to"?

"This unexplainable attraction"

"Like a magnet"

"I can't look away"

"I am firmly in place on the ground"

"I want to get to know him......."


"Im Luke"

"Im Noah"

"He looks amazing"

"He's gorgeous"

"Please if this is a dream"

"Don't pinch me!"

"I never want to wake from it"

"Nice to meet you"

"Oh you as well"

"Would you like some coffee"?

"That sounds wonderful"

"I wonder how we got here....."

"It seems like only yesterday we met........"

"Oh dear god I can't get much closer though I wish that I could"

"Ughhhhh he's bigger than I thought"

"I hope I'm not hurting him"

"It feels so right"

"I've found my place"


"I wipe the tears they won't stop coming"

"Don't cry it's supposed to be happy"

"That's why I cry"

"Noah you cry when your happy"?

"I'm the luckiest man alive how could I not"?

"The ring feels so perfect"

"Dance with me"

"For eternity"

"She's so SMALL"

"So tiny and delicate"

"It's perfect"

"She's wonderful!"

"She's ours"

"I love her so much"

"Of course it's all part of being this thing"

"Her life depends on us"

"We will take good care of her"

"Her name is perfect"

"I thought so too"

"Welcome to the world Charlene Christine"

"She's grown so much"

"She looks beautiful"

"Jason will take good care of her"

"I don't want my little girl to go"

"We don't have a choice it's part of life"

"I know"

"So small once more"

"Charlene and Jason did well"

"They sure did"

"Not one"

"Not two"

"But three grandbabies"

"All at once"

"Now that's........"

"A miracle"

"It seemed only yesterday I finished University"

"And I as well"

"Now were both"


"Your once chocolate locks......"

"Are now milk"

"And my once honey hair"

"Is now granite"

"Your face is lined"

"Your skin sags"

"You need a cane every so often"

"You have arthritis"

"Your eyes are almost blind without those specks"

"Yet I take your hand"

"How frail it is now"

"It's still as strong as the day we met"

"Just 80 years ago"

"In a little cafe"

"In a small town called Oakdale"

" Were still here"

"Oakdale is where we met"

"Your still as handsome as you were then Luke"

"And you Noah"

"We were meant to be"

"How true it is"

"I will die with you"

"We have lived this long"

"It's not over yet"

"It never will be"

"Because love never dies"

"Because love is that"

"Love is eternity"

"As I seal my wrinkled mouth over yours"

"Feels the same as always"

"Never grow old"

"This love shall never perish"

"It's Timeless"

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