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Title: We Met Under The Boardwalk
Chapter: Four of ?
Rating: R
Summary: Noah is a lonely army-brat in the city of his dreams. But his he really that happy to be there?
Characters: Luke/Noah
Genre: Drama/Romance
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We Met Under The Boardwalk - Chapter 2 - Luke and Noah WikiThey drove north toward Santa Barbara, keeping to the ocean road where the views from the white cliffs were breathtaking. Luke kept the car in cruise and the radio turned up high; playing reggae beats that felt appropriate for their little road trip.

Noah had been quiet, worried, ever since they started driving, so Luke was happy when he finally spoke, "Can we open the windows?"

Luke smiled, "I can do one better."

He clicked the third button on the steering controls. The air-conditioning system whirred to a quiet end and the roof lifted smoothly up and back, tucking itself neatly away in the trunk of the Mercedes.

"You're kidding me!" Noah gapped.

Luke laughed at Noah's boy-like wonder and flipped his sunglasses down, returning his eyes to the curvy road ahead.

"I've only ever seen cars like this in the movies! I never thought I'd ever ride in one."

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." Luke told him. "Grandmother never does things in halves, you know? Always top of the range for her!"

"This is her car?"

"Na, way too flashy! This is the car she hired for me to use while we're on vacation. She said every young man should know what it's like to drive a convertible in L.A. But this is actually the first time I've used it."

He turned his head to find Noah looking at him with those intense blue eyes of his; an amazed question in them.

Luke shrugged, "Well… I've kinda been a little distracted by this gorgeous, tall, perfect, brilliant…"

He loved how Noah blushed whenever he was paid a compliment.

To hide his shyness Noah turned his head away from Luke and gazed out over the ocean. After a moment he cleared his throat, "So… where we going?"

"Does it matter?"

Again Noah turned those eyes on him and Luke felt their scrutiny, "No… it doesn't…"

Luke grinned, "Good… 'cause it's a surprise!"

Noah dropped his head back into the headrest and closed his eyes. Luke would have thought him content if it were not for the telltale bobbing of his Adam's apple giving away some internal struggle. The wind whipped his dark hair back in sexy waves that Luke reached over to run his fingers through. Noah stuck his arm over the side of the car; hand playing with the warm air pressure as it rolled through his fingers.

Luke wasn't sure what stars and planets were aligned when he first saw Noah walking up the beach; or whether Cupid was somehow involved in making Noah want Luke as much as Luke wanted Noah; but he couldn't have been more grateful or felt luckier.

Noah was beautiful; strong and natural with blue eyes Luke could swim in. He had long, lithe legs and perfect skin; smooth under Luke's touch. And boy did Luke like to touch and be touched. He loved Noah's kisses and the way it felt to be held in his arms.

Yet despite all his movie-star good looks, Noah was perhaps the most introverted person Luke had even met. Coming from a family of loud, heavy and confident talkers, there was something peaceful and calming about being around Noah. He felt like Noah really listened. He felt like Noah grounded him.

He also knew there were some things Noah hadn't mentioned. Mostly these things revolved around the father Noah went out of his way to avoid introducing Luke to. During the past weeks Noah had never once suggested they go back to his house.

Just then Noah wiggled in the chair to retrieve his cell from his back jean pocket. He sat staring at it for ten minutes, a dark look clouding his features.

Luke decided not to say anything; just moved his hand from Noah's hair to squeeze his thigh.

Eventually Noah pressed a few buttons and held the phone to his ear. He took a deep breath and left what was obviously a message on a machine, "Hi Dad… um… I'm out tonight… I mean… I won't be home tonight… I'm staying at a friend's. I left your dinner in the microwave. You just have to press start… it's all set… the timer I mean. I'll be home tomorrow." Noah waited a while, as though he was wondering whether to say something else but then all he said was, "Okay… well… goodnight."

After he hung up Luke noticed that the hand curled around the phone was shaking. He frowned in concern and cupped his own hand over Noah's.

"Everything okay?" He asked quietly, pressing gently.

"Yeah," Noah replied, trying but failing to sound convincing, "Yeah."

Luke risked looking away from the road so he could read Noah's expression. His heart clenched when what he saw there was fear.

"Will your dad be really mad?"

"No!" Noah tried to assure him. He smiled at Luke but the corners didn't quite lift all the way like they did when he was truly happy.

"I don't want to get you into any trouble, Noah. If you can't do this we can turn around."

Luke could practically hear Noah's brain whirring; maybe even considering it. But when Noah looked over at him there was a determination there. His eyes sparkled and he smiled.

"I want to spend this night with you." Noah said with certainty and Luke flashed him a quick smiled before taking an off-ramp onto a dirt road that skirted the beach cliffs.

They drove a couple of miles until the road dropped steeply downward and the car pulled up in front of a modern beach cottage, decking stretching out over the private beach; adorned with a built-in barbecue and inviting hot-tub.

"Wow!" Noah exclaimed leaning one elbow on the roof of the car, just as it slotted back into place, "Where are we?"

"My grandmother's beach house."

Noah frowned in confusion, "But… I thought the place in L.A. was your grandmother's beach house?"

Luke giggled, "One of them…"

Noah shook his head in amazement, "How many does she have?"

Luke simply winked at Noah, walking around the front of the car and extending his arm out in invitation, "Come on… we can fetch our bags later."

Noah was only too happy to take Luke's hand and Luke pulled him along to the front door at the side of the building. He reached back into this jean pocket for his wallet; releasing Noah's hand just long enough to extract an electronic key card which beeped the door open for them.

"Wow…" Noah whispered for the second time.

The entire ocean side of the double story building was glass, making sure every room in it, even the kitchen, had a view of the water.

"Yeah," Luke agreed with a longing sigh, "this place is kinda special. I wanted to stay here this year but there's more for the kids to do in the city and that way my folks don't have to spend all their time entertaining them. With my mom's current condition I gave in without a fight."

Noah smiled at how considerate Luke was of his family. Since they got together at the beginning of Spring break, Noah had spent a considerable amount of time in the company of the Snyder's. To Noah it was like being invited into the family of his dreams. They were all so close and devoted to each other. Even the smaller kids played happily together without many childish tantrums or kiddie fights.

Noah was shocked when one day Luke opened up and sadly told him life hadn't always been so rosy; that there had been times when his parent's marriage was rocky; even a couple of separations. But Luke was quick to assure Noah that his parents shared a special kind of bond that would never be broken; even if their marriage did.

"They're how I know true love really does exist." Luke told him that day, as they sat with their feet in the swimming pool, "It's like a benchmark, ya know?"

The family were staying in a beach house in L.A. that was much older and more cottage-like than this one, but no less grand. It was obvious Luke came from considerable wealth, yet none of the Snyders displayed this. They were all so earth bound, casual and relaxed and Noah couldn't help but think that Luke's father, Holden, was hugely influential in this.

Holden Snyder was the polar opposite of Winston Mayer.

Noah hated how his thoughts kept returning to his father. This was his last night with Luke and he wanted to enjoy it. But that nagging knowledge of facing his father in the morning kept weighing on him, no matter what he did.


Noah looked up into kind brown eyes that ached to understand more. He wondered how long Luke had been watching him mull over things.

"Luke…" he wrung his hands together, "I really want to be here with you… but… I… Going all the way… I… it's just…"

Luke smiled with that sixth sense he seemed to have, "It's okay. I'm not ready either."

Noah sighed with relief, "It's not that I don't want to. I do. I so want to…" he took a deep breath at the thought of being that close to Luke.

"I want to too."

"It's just… You're leaving tomorrow and… I'm still getting used to the idea of this thing… and… My dad hates it an..." his voice fell away.

"Noah?" Luke pushed, "When you say your dad hates it… does he even suspect?

Noah shook his head, "I hate to think what he'd do if he found out."

Luke joined him by the door and took hold of his hands, "Are you ever planning on telling him?"

That was too much. Luke was probing too deep.

"Let's not talk about my dad okay? That's a subject that could last all night and I just want to enjoy being with you…"

He prayed Luke would drop it. Luke was frowning at him in consideration.

"Please Luke…" he whispered nuzzling forward into Luke's man-scented neck.

"Hmm, well, when you ask like this…" Luke pushed him back and cupped the side of Noah's neck, "But you can talk to me you know? When you're ready…"

Noah nodded and pressed a kiss to those inviting lips; swam in the beauty of their mobile mouths sliding together; lost himself.

He had at least one night.

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