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Title: We Met Under The Boardwalk
Chapter: Five of ?
Rating: R
Summary: Noah is a lonely army-brat in the city of his dreams. But is he really that happy to be there?
Characters: Luke/Noah
Genre: Drama/Romance
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We Met Under The Boardwalk - Chapter 2 - Luke and Noah Wiki
Noah dug his toes into the sun warmed sand, taking great pleasure in the way it sifted over his skin. He sniffed deeply the salty air and marvelled at the most breathtaking sunset he'd ever seen. It started with a dark black strip that rested along the ocean edge like mascara on the upper eyelid of a beautiful girl. Following this was a deep fruity orange that blended magically into yellow, then a rich velvet red and topped with the day's remaining grey blues.

He felt a release; a sense of freedom for a moment before the dark thoughts hit him again.

"Usually I'd be home by now." He watched the first corner of diminishing orb dip below the horizon and something clenched in his belly, "I'm actually doing this."

He jumped with fright as two arms wrapped around him from behind.

Luke released him, "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you…"

Noah quickly gripped Luke's arms and pulled them snug around him. He rested back into Luke, lifting one of Luke's hands to kiss his fingers.

"No." Noah said against them, "It feels nice."

Luke sighed and rested one cheek against Noah's back, "Amazing isn't it?"

"Yes…" Noah replied absentmindedly.

Luke giggled, "Well this is incredible too…" Luke squeezed Noah tighter to make his point, "…but I was talking about the sunset?"

Noah nodded, "That too."

"Best place in the whole world to see one, according to Grandmother."

Noah smiled softly and closed his eyes, enjoying being enveloped in Luke.

They watched the sky until the sun was almost completely gone before Noah spoke, "Luke?"

"Yeah?" Luke murmured contently in reply.

"Will we last?"

Luke shifted and pressed his chin to Noah's shoulder, "What do you mean?"

"I… I mean with you going back home tomorrow. I looked it up on the internet and long distance relationships have a 95% failure rate."

Luke cackled, "You looked it up?" He bumped forward into Noah, sending them stumbling a few steps before they righted themselves once more, "You're such a dork."

Noah turned in his arms, "Luke! I'm trying to be serious over here."

Luke at least made some attempt to hide his grin and look serious, "Sorry." He pressed his lips together in a way that looked so cute Noah almost kissed him. "Okay. The way I see it is…" Luke stood before Noah and lifted both hands to Noah's shoulders; leaning into him, "We can only try our very best, Noah Mayer."

Noah nodded, "I know… it's just…" He cupped Luke's hips, "What if you find somebody else at collage?"

Luke shook his head, "Not gonna happen."

"Or what if my dad get's transferred and we move even further apart?"

"Noah we can't control those things."

"I get that… I do. It's just… I don't know what this thing is but… but it feels more than just some holiday romance… It feels… important…"

"It does?"

Noah's heart sank, "You don't think so?"

"Yes…!" Luke was quick to reassure him, "Yes, it's just…" Luke smiled with uncharacteristic shyness, "It's nice to hear you say it out loud. It's nice to know it's not just me feeling this way."

"Luke, I've just broken one of my Dad's cardinal rules to be here tonight! I've never broken a rule. Never! At least… not on purpose..."

Luke bent his head sideways and studied Noah with concern, "You're really worried about that… aren't you…"

Noah looked down at the sand between their feet, angry that he'd allowed Luke to sense his unease.

"Noah…" Luke waited until Noah raised his eyes to ask, "…why are you so afraid?"

"I'm not." Noah denied.

Luke frowned, tiny crinkles forming between his brows.

"I feel like you are." Luke whispered, "I mean… I feel scared for you and… and I'm not entirely sure why…"

"Luke…" Noah shook his head and made a move to pull away.

But Luke held his shoulders firmly, "Noah, what will your father do?"

Noah lifted his eyes to the ocean. He wanted to confide in Luke; knew he could; but he didn't want to ruin their last night together, "I'm not sure. I've never done anything like this before…so… I'm not sure what he'll do… and…" He pulled Luke flush and kissed him fiercely before finishing, "…right now, I don't really care."

Luke's eyes were burning into Noah's, his lips drawn red from the kiss.

Noah allowed himself the luxury of minutes to cast his gaze over ever aspect of Luke's face, thumbing Luke's chin. Then he grinned, "Last one in!"


But before Luke could pull himself out of his dreamlike stupor Noah took off, full tilt toward the ocean, pulling off his t-shirt along the way and flinging it to the sand. He heard Luke's beautiful laugh and knew by the footfalls that the blonde wasn't far behind.

Noah scrambled through the break, diving under a wave and surfacing just in time to catch Luke quickly shedding his own shirt. Noah's eyes were glued to the full muscled torso of the boy fighting through the waves to reach him.


Luke hummed to the music playing from the HIFI as he slapped a few steaks on the outside grill; they sizzled beautifully. There was nothing quite like cooking alfresco to top off an already perfect day especially bare-chested and covered in that delicious sensation of prickly salt dried skin.

He turned the almost browned apple cider sausages and re-hooked the tongs on the wall so he could complete his salad preparations. The tomatoes were summer ripe, dark red and plump, the cucumber perfectly moist and the lettuce crunchy; just the way Luke liked it! His stomach growled in anticipation.

Periodically through the music he'd hear a faint buzzing sound. The first few times he ignored it, but this time the sound made him look back into the main bedroom where he noticed Noah's phone flashing and vibrating on the side table.

Curious he wiped his hands dry on a kitchen towel, quickly flipped the steaks before entering the room. He hesitated for a second, but the phone seemed so insistent and drew him forward. He lifted it up and saw the name, 'Dad', flashing incessantly a few times before the ringing stopped. He frowned down at the object for a moment, looking up at the bathroom door where he could hear the shower water running.

He was just about to replace the phone when it beeped. The sound made him jump and the phone slipped from his fingers to the floor, sliding under the bed. He suddenly felt terribly guilty, like he was prying. Quickly he ducked on all fours and began sweeping his hands under the bedding.

Behind the bathroom door he heard the shower turn off.

"****!" He whispered to himself. The last thing he wanted was for Noah to think he was some kind of snoop. "Where is it?"

Finally his fingers brushed the device and he was able to stand back up.

"Seven missed calls." He noted as he replaced the phone in the same place he found it and quickly stepped from the room to resume his cooking.

"Smells great!" Noah exclaimed enthusiastically as he stepped from the bathroom just as Luke removed the meat from the barbecue.

Hiding the frown he knew he was sporting, Luke turned and caught his breath at the sight of his boyfriend; shower hot, with a white towel draped low around his waist.

The brunette rubbed his wet hair dry with a smaller hand towel, droplets of water running smooth down his well formed chest. Noah was unbelievably fit, with a chiselled body many men spent hours in the gym trying to achieve.

Luke felt his cheeks heat up as well as a distinct stirring in his swim trunks.

"Yeah," he squeaked with a smile, "It's… it's um… it's almost ready."

He breathed deeply through his amazement at forming any kind of logical sentence.

Noah's phone began that persistent buzzing once more and Luke watched as Noah lifted the device and checked the screen with a deep sigh.


Noah hadn't missed the look of desire on Luke's face as he left the bathroom. He felt his own body flush with warmth from it. He was still amazed he could have that effect on Luke. He liked it. It gave him the courage to turn his phone off altogether.

"Okay," Luke said, entering the bedroom like a man on a mission, "I think maybe we should talk…"

Noah shook his head and turned on his most seductive voice, "No. No talking."

Noah swung Luke round and pressed the blonde up against the bathroom door. Luke's eyes widened and then he grinned, "Well! Hello there tiger…"

"You're so gorgeous Luke... Do you even know? I feel like I can never get enough..."

"I feel the same way." Luke replied, eyes on Noah's lips, hovering so close to his own.

Noah moaned incoherently the moment he felt the moist pressure of Luke's tongue; his stomach fluttered crazily as he kissed Luke. Noah's hand followed the sculptured line of Luke's chest, each rib bone on his journey south until he found his mark; Luke, already hot and hard under tightening polyester, just as Noah suspected.

Luke groaned into Noah's mouth at the feel of Noah's hand, massaging gently.

"I want to see you naked." Noah whispered in Luke's ear, sinking to his knees and fumbling clumsily at the elastic in Luke's boardshorts.

Taken by surprise Luke gasped aloud and steadied himself against the doorway, pressing his palms into the frame as Noah pulled the shorts down.

Noah skimmed his hand around the back of Luke's thighs and admired Luke; big and stiff and throbbing… ready…

Over the few weeks together Noah had been growing in confidence when it came to touching Luke. Under the cool shade of the boardwalk he'd learned all the most sensitive spots and enjoyed having Luke pliant under his control. For a while he'd wanted to experience what it would be like to give Luke oral pleasure.

"Noah!" Luke groaned sweeping Noah's fringe from his eyes as Noah dipped forward to eagerly take Luke in.

Folding his lips around his teeth and sucking very slowly and carefully, Noah's hands smoothed up Luke's thighs, fingers cupping around his sleek hard bottom. Noah could feel the muscles there tensing as Noah worked his lips.

Noah found he loved this. He felt happy and relaxed and he enjoyed listening to the effect he was having on Luke, finding those same spots with his tongue as he had previously discovered with his fingers.

Luke grunted steadily; his cries loud and uninhibited, "Holy sh*t! That feels so good!"

Eventually the strings of words escaping those bow shaped lips became incoherent; just spurring Noah on.

He hummed from gratification and found to his delight that the vibrations seemed to drive Luke crazy. He enjoyed the sensation of sheathing Luke within his mouth; of capturing him completely; feeling Luke grow.

Luke's breath quickened and, as the blonde's knees weakened, Noah pressed his entire body forward to steady Luke against the door. Noah looked up into Luke's face, held his eyes with fixed admiration. Luke began to thrust forward, the veins in his arms straining as he clutched the doorframe.

Luke's entire body trembled as he thrust into the back of Noah's mouth just before the spasms and shaking started. He cried out a wild primal scream of release, like music to Noah; legs giving out.

Noah wasn't sure what would happen at this point but he found himself swallowing and was proud of his efforts. He felt the most amazing sense of satisfaction that almost overwrote his own sexual need. He wanted to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible.

With great gentleness Noah helped the shattered Luke lower himself to the floor and Luke sank gratefully into Noah's welcoming chest. Noah laughed at the ecstatic expression on Luke's face and the wistful look in his hazel eyes.

"That," Luke said breathlessly, "was the most… the best…"

Noah stalled him by placing a tender hand against his lips and kissing his forehead.

Luke began to shift almost immediately and Noah held him still, "Where are you going?"

"It's your turn."

Noah smiled, "Later… I just want to hold you for a while. You taste so good!"

Luke sank back into Noah's embrace and they sat together up against the door.

"Nice diversion tactic by the way." Luke winked.

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