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Title: We Met Under The Boardwalk
Chapter: Seven of ?
Rating: R
Summary: Noah is a lonely army-brat in the city of his dreams. But is he really that happy to be there?
Genre: Drama/Romance
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We Met Under The Boardwalk - Chapter 2 - Luke and Noah Wiki
It was a long and slow walk home. The base was north of the city; miles away. He could have taken public transport but he definitely wasn't in any hurry.

He left Luke without once looking back. He knew if he did he'd shatter painfully all over the manicured driveway.

The messages left for him by his father on his cell were long and angry and he didn't bother listening to them all the way through. His shaky fingers deleted every one.

Despite the pummelling he knew would shortly come his way, he didn't regret his decision to spend the night with Luke. It was the most incredible night ever and he'd remember it for the rest of his life.

A life he knew would eventually be without Luke. He would try to hold onto the blonde for as long as he could, but he knew the reality Luke didn't. Long distance never worked.

"Noah!" The kindly old security guard came running anxiously out of the gatehouse that demarcated entry to the base. "Your father's been driving around L.A. like a madman looking for you. He's angry as hell!"

Noah sighed, "I guessed as much."

"Well you better get your butt on home and face the music…"

Noah dragged his feet up the main avenue of trees until he reached their small white house; exactly like every other small white house on the base.

"Where the hell have you been?" His father's voice boomed from the kitchen before Noah even closed the front door.

He shut his eyes. Half of him had prayed, fruitlessly, that his father would be at work.

He knew by the sound of footsteps that the man was now standing right behind him.

"How dare you ignore my calls?"

Noah felt his father's breath on the back of his neck as he turned slowly and gulped. He'd never seen such a fire in the Colonel's eyes before.

"Dad I…"

"Did I give you permission to speak?"

Shuddering Noah shook his head, "May I speak, sir?"

"You may… but this had better be good!"

"Dad… I… I wanted… I needed…"

He didn't see the hand coming. His father slapped him so hard Noah flew sideways into the door. The groan of pain hadn't even fully left his lips before he was pulled backward by his arm and pushed into the centre of the sitting room.

"Do you think this is some kind of a game? I missed work today because of you!"

The tears started on the first sting of the Colonel's hand and Noah hated himself for them.

"Stop snivelling like a little girl! Stand up, face your father and explain yourself properly!"

"Dad please… please… I'm not a kid anymore…"

"What did you say?" His father's entire chest puffed outward.

"I need…"

"You live under my roof young man! And that means my word is law. I didn't raise you to be a delinquent who thinks he can come and go as he pleases!"

"No… Dad… that's not what I meant. I just…"

"What were you thinking? Hey? What was going through your mind to make you disobey the rules like this?"

"I just wanted… I needed to make… I… I…"

"You can't even explain yourself to me!" Winston snorted with disgust, fingers already fumbling to undo the buckle of his belt, "Well actions have consequences my boy and I think you know what that me–"

Somebody knocked on the front door, cutting him off.

Winston glared at Noah, "Stay right there!"

Noah nodded as his father opened the door and Noah's eyes widened when Luke was revealed. The blonde was smiling brightly and it warmed Noah's heart like nothing else.

"May I help you?" In typical Winston fashion his entire demeanour altered in a split second.

Here he was, in civilian mode, all charm and wit and politeness. A shiver ran down Noah's spine.

"Yes, good day sir, I'm looking for -" Luke's voice faded as his eyes scanned right and for the first time he noticed Noah standing in the background. The smile folded fast from his beautiful face at whatever it was he could see in Noah's face.

"Yes?" The Colonel asked briskly and with only a hint of his underlying impatience.

With the Colonel's attention on Luke Noah took a chance and slowly shook his head, eyes pleading. The worry and sadness that quickly took up residence in Luke's eyes almost floored Noah; a heavy pain gathering in his chest.

"Please…" Noah mouthed.

"Um…" Luke forcefully peeled his gaze from Noah and stared at the Colonel, "…um… I'm very sorry… I… I guess I must have the wrong house."

"Not at all," The Colonel replied, "happens all the time. These houses are all so alike."

Luke nodded, quickly stealing another glance at the terrified Noah, "Yes… um… yes they are."

They stood in awkward silence for a moment. Noah could tell Luke was reluctant to leave him so he forced a smile and nodded that it was okay; mouthing, "I love you."

"Is there something else I can help you with?" Winston asked, growing annoyed with the young man on his doorstep but oblivious to the unspoken exchanges taking place over his shoulder.

"No." Luke said finally, "Enjoy your day."

"You too young man. You have very good manners. Your mother must be proud. You could teach my son a thing or two."

Noah drew a deep breath at the anger and defiance that crossed Luke's features. He felt sure the fiery blonde was about to snap and say something he shouldn't, but one more look in Noah's direction silenced Luke.

"Bye." Luke stepped backward off the front step, holding Noah's gaze right up until the door closed.

Noah shut his eyes.

"Well?" His father yelled; back in anger mode again, "You know what to do. Assume the position."

Luke didn't leave. He couldn't. He sat himself down on the front step of the Mayer house and flinched at every strike of the belt he could hear from inside.

His heart was racing, both from shock at the situation and from anger.

He'd been naive about Noah's behaviour regarding the Colonel. Deep down he suspected the Colonel used corporal punishment to discipline his child, but as a person who'd grown up with the calm and reasoned Holden Snyder for a father; Luke couldn't fathom that.

Hell, maybe he didn't want to believe it.

But as angry as he was at the man, as difficult as it was to sit there and do nothing to stop Noah's pain, Luke knew he couldn't interfere. Noah wouldn't want that. If Noah was ever going to free himself from out of his father's iron hold he'd have to be the one to do it. All Luke could do was be there when Noah needed it.

As the strikes continued Luke willed them to stop. He marvelled at how he never once heard Noah cry out; wondered how that was even possible. He sat on that step and cried for him.

He'd spent a while helping his mother with the packing, but he was so miserable and worried she'd eventually insisted he go and find Noah.

"Go spend a few more minutes together." She insisted, "I got this."

He expected to find a very angry Colonel Mayer, but he never expected to find himself sitting on this step praying for the pain inside the house to end.

When it finally did, Luke made his way around the side of the house, cautiously peering into windows in the hope of finding Noah.

It was when he passed the bathroom that he heard stifled sobbing that broke his heart. The frosted window was low and opened a crack and he could see the tips of Noah's dark curls. Noah was seated on the floor up against the wall and under the window.


There was no reply so Luke sat on the ground and pressed his shoulders against the rough white brick of the house. He stretched an arm up and back through the opening and waited.

About three minutes passed, but he stayed in that position until he felt the brunette's tear-wet middle and forefingers hook around his own. He released a pained sob and rolled his head along the wall at the unfairness of it all.

"I know you don't want to talk about it…" Luke said cautiously, "…but… are you badly hurt?"

Noah squeezed their fingers in reassurance, "No."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm not." There was a smile in Noah's voice that made the corners of Luke's lips twitch upward.

"I understand now." Luke stated softly.

"Aren't you late?" Noah asked.

"Yeah… but… my folks will wait. I just… I had to come and make sure you were okay…"

"I am."

"Are you?"

"I want my own life, Luke." Noah admitted, "But…" he sighed at the predicament. "You should go."

Luke made a small strangled sound as Noah's fingers slipped from his hand.


There was no reply, only the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing.


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