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Title: Welcome Home
Chapter: 1/3
Rating: PG
Summary: Noah is coming home
Characters: Luke,Noah,Mark,Emma
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Luke looked happily at his calendar after he put the last diagonal red line on it, finishing the last X he started this morning. The longest month of his life was finally over. A month of red lines in the morning and in the evening. And now it was only a matter of hours until Noah would be back where he belonged. At the farm with him. Home.


Noah was sitting in the waiting area at the airport in Rome glancing at his watch.

Damn why did that flight have to be delayed for two hours? He thought and sighed loudly.

“Oh come on Noah, you haven’t seen your boyfriend in a month, so what’s two more hours?” Mark said and rolled his eyes.

Mark had been Noah’s roommate for the past month and they had become pretty good friends.

“Oh don’t tell me you don’t miss your boyfriend and your family.” Noah said and raised an eyebrow as he sat back in his chair.

“Of course I miss them, but I just think of the sparks that will be flying when I see Josh again. Or well.. the sparks flying when I get him alone again.” Mark said with a grin.

Noah laughed.

“You really only think of one thing don’t you?”

“Oh like you haven’t thought of getting Luke alone again.” Mark said. “I heard you on the phone with him. I told you I’m a very light sleeper so your fun filled phone calls are still running through my mind. Good thing they changed the sheets every day in that hotel, huh?” He teased and winked at his friend.

Noah blushed which made his friend bust out in laughter.

Yeah, yeah you laugh. Noah thought as he pulled his phone out of his pocket to send Luke a text.


Luke was laying in his bed staring at the ceiling as he checked the time on the alarm clock on his nightstand. 5am. So that makes it noon in Italy. Noah’s flight is at 1pm. He will be home again tonight. Across the hall. Grandma’s rules. He thought and sighed.

Maybe I should take Noah up on his offer to get our own place. Everything is going alright now. Mum and dad seem to be back together. Things with the foundation are good. Brian isn’t as weird as I thought he was.. but not exactly normal either and I still don’t trust him around grandmother.

But what if Noah doesn’t want to live with me anymore? What if he decided we’re fine this way. That we don’t need to share a room and a bed and wake up together in the mornings.

The sound of his phone beeping snapped him out of his thoughts. He quickly grabbed it from the nightstand and smiled when the message on the screen said he had one new text message. He opened his inbox and his smile widened.

“Noah” it said was the sender. He opened the message and read it and his smile faded a little. Two hours delayed. Two hours longer he had to wait for Noah. He sighed again and hit reply.


Noah was getting lost in the memories of the fun filled phone calls as his friend had called them and had a big grin plastered on his face.

Rome had been good, great even, he had made a few new friends and learned a lot, but now he was more than ready to go home.

Back to Oakdale, the farm and most importantly Luke.

He thought about running his fingers through Luke’s hair again, kissing him again, holding him again, seeing him smile again..

Damn why did they have to delay that flight for two hours? Two whole hours.

Didn’t the Italians realise he missed his boyfriend and was almost desperate to see him again?! His phone vibrated in his pocket. A text from Luke. Noah glanced at the time and worked out it was near 6am back home.

“Why is he awake this early?” Noah mumbled.

“Probably because he can’t sleep without having his hot sexy boyfriend in bed with him.” Mark said jokingly.

Noah snapped out of his thoughts and turned bright red again.

“Did I say that out loud?”

Mark laughed.

“Yep you did. But look at it this way, at least you weren’t saying what you were planning on doing with him when you get home. Now THAT would have been embarrassing.”

"Yeah lucky, yeah." Noah muttered while hitting reply and texting Luke back.


Luke was sitting on his bed, legs crossed, eyes focused on the screen of his laptop.

He had given up trying to sleep so he decided he would watch one of Noah’s favourite films. It wasn’t as good as watching it with him but it would keep him occupied for a while.

Until it was time for breakfast and time for the talk he wanted to have with his grandmother. The talk he had been rehearsing in his mind since the day Noah had moved back in at the farm. It wasn’t going to be an easy conversation but he had to do it.

He did not want to spend another night away from Noah. He wanted Noah to be the last thing he would see before he closed his eyes at night and the first when he woke up in the morning.

And if Grandma wouldn’t allow that they would sleep in Noah’s truck or in the barn or pitch a tent near the pond or get a room at the Lakeview or.. the beeping noise his phone made to tell him a new text was waiting for him made him snap out of his thoughts. He grabbed his phone and opened the message and read it.

am fed up w Italy, never eating pasta again!
miss u! Cant w8 to kiss u again!
really want 2 get u alone! xxx

Luke felt his heart skip a few beats. Did he really mean what I think he meant? I really have to have that talk with grandma.. he hit reply again and began to type another text message.


“Noah, you have to switch that thing off while we’re in the air or we’ll crash.” Mark said as he watched his friend pull his phone out of his pocket once again.

“Well this thing is still on the ground isn’t it?” Noah said annoyed and focused on the message on the screen.

alone alone? was all it said.

**** what was in the last text he sent again? Oh yes, that. He hit reply and really wished the stupid plane would just take off already and get him to Luke so he could show him exactly what he meant with alone.


Luke was now sitting at the kitchen table nervously drumming his fingers on the table while watching his grandma make breakfast. It really was now or never. Who knows when I will get the chance to speak to her on her own again today without half the family walking through that door.

“Grandma, can I ask you something?” He said sounding more secure than he was.

"Of course darling, what is it?" Emma said sweetly.

“Well uh.. it’s about Noah and I and uh the uh sleeping arrangements..” Luke said nervously biting his lip.

"Sleeping arrangements?" Emma asked in a way that said please explain.

“I know you have your rules and everything and we both respect them but well..we’re in love grandma. I just want to be close to him all the time. You know how much I’ve missed him the past month.. What I’m trying to say is.. Will you please let us share a room? I promise you there won’t be any “funny business” and we won’t keep you up at night. Please?” Luke pleaded.

“Well.. I know you missed Noah but I don’t know if I can let you two share a room.” Emma said.

“Grandma, I’ll be honest with you. If you say no I will sneak into Noah’s room at night after you’ve gone to bed and I will just sneak back before you get up. I am going to share a room with him. I just don’t want to sneak around.” Luke said with new found confidence.

"Well.. I appreciate your honesty Luke." Emma said.

"Appreciate it enough to say yes?" Luke asked and gave his grandma his best puppy dog eyes look.

"Oh alright." Emma said. "You know I can’t resist that look. But as soon as you two make a lot of noise or bother anyone in the farm in any way it’s back to your old rooms." She said and gave Luke a stern look.

Luke smiled and got up to hug his grandma and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thank you so much grandma! I promise you we will behave.”

"Good, good, now I think there are some horses out there that would like some breakfast." Emma said nodding her head in the direction of the barn.

Luke grinned and walked out of the kitchen to the barn while pulling his phone out of his pocket again and sending Noah a message.

Have a surprise 4 u when u get home.


“Noah.. Noah wake up man, we’re almost home.” Mark said while pushing Noah’s head off his shoulder and trying to wake his friend up.

"Huh? What?" Noah said sleepy.

"We’re almost home man. You’ll be on the ground again in good old Oakdale in about 15 minutes." Mark repeated himself.

Noah looked out the window as if that would tell him where they were.

"We’re home?" He asked.

"Yep. And I have a feeling a certain blond guy will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall." Mark said.

Noah smiled at the thought of seeing Luke again.

I’m on my way. I’m almost home.


Luke arrived at the airport about an hour early but he didn’t care. Waiting for Noah at the airport somehow wasn’t as bad as waiting for Noah at home.

He realised he hadn’t eaten yet so he decided to quickly grab a hamburger and eating it in the arrivals hall by the door Noah would be walking through in an hour.

Not long now baby. See you soon.


When the plane landed Noah was one of the first people to leave it.

He practically ran through passport control and ran through the baggage reclaim hall to find his bag.

"Damn what was the flight number again?" He swore under his breath as he tried to find his flight on the screens.

"Calm down man. Its number 15 – at the back there." Mark said slightly out of breath when he had finally caught up with his friend.

"Ok thanks." Noah said as he rushed to the conveyor belt and impatiently waited for his bag to show up. He decided to switch on his phone hoping to find a new text from Luke.


Luke stood in the arrivals hall staring at the flight information screen.

Noah’s flight had landed 20 minutes ago. He should be through passport control by now and waiting for his bag.

Luke decided to walk back to his place at the door again. He wanted to see Noah the second he came through that door.

He elbowed a few people out of the way so he was standing in front of everyone and right in front of the automatic doors.

His heart was beating a million beats per minute and his hands were a little sweaty. The doors opened and Luke’s heart stopped for a second. But the person walking through them wasn’t Noah.

This happened a few more times and Luke was pushed aside by people greeting their relatives, friends, girl or boyfriends, husbands or wives. He was now standing behind a group of people hugging and greeting each other and he pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time.

“Damn Noah it’s been 45 minutes already, what’s taking you so long?” He muttered under his breath.

But then he heard the doors open again and this time the person walking through them was the person he had been waiting for. Waiting for since the moment they had said goodbye at this very airport 1 month ago.

"NOAH!" He shouted and rudely pushed himself through the group of people standing in front of him. He ran towards his boyfriend and wrapped his arms around him while Noah did the same. They stood there holding each other like they had been apart for a year instead of a month. “I’ve missed you so much.” he whispered in Noah’s ear.

"I’ve missed this." Noah said and kissed his boyfriend on the lips. The lips he had missed so much when he was in Rome.

Luke opened his mouth and his tongue met Noah’s. When they finally broke the kiss both boys were panting and Luke rested his forehead against Noah’s while trying to catch his breath.

Noah’s phone vibrated in his pocket. Another text. From Luke. Noah gave Luke a confused look and opened the text.

Welcome home

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