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What Could Be - Luke & Noah


I'm sorry if any of this offends or in anyway hurts anyone that reads this fic. I understand none of this could happen in reality, but its just my imagination can wonder. I don't mean to offend.
Please leave a comment, nice ones preferably.

Set on Earth (surprise surprise) But on a earth were Gay men can get married and Men can have babies. I MAY HAVE GIVEN IT AWAY THERE, IT'S AN MPREG! Now in this story, men can get pregnant naturally, OBVIOUSLY they can’t in real life.
All I mean by this is that Nuke can have a ‘natural-ish’ family. This story will go on & on as I add more chapters, but it will be worth it. There will be some tears, sometimes of joy & sometimes of pain and sadness, but I do hope you will enjoy it.
For this Fiction you have to have a vivid imagination, like me.

There are tones of made up characters. Here are the main ones you need to know of;
2 friends of Luke and Noah, based on me, Liz, and my best friend Katie, Willow!

Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Bennett: A new addition to Oakdale, who arrives a few months after Cyndi Lauper has worked her magic. She is accompanied by her childhood, bestfriend, Willow. She went to Med school with Willow and got all of her qualifications to become a midwife. Her amazing attitued to work and the wellfare of children, gave her a job working at a new Clinic, 'Oakdale Clinic'. She and Willow lived, temporaily, at the farm with Emma, Luke and Noah, but both moved out when a new block of apartments, Oakdale Tower Block, was built. Liz formed a bond with Luke, and became his 'fairy godmother' if want of a word. 3 months after Liz's arrival, thinks start to happen between Luke and Noah, and something else arrives...

Nurse Willow (Will or Wills) Lodge: Another addition to Oakdale, and Liz's oldest friend. She is also a midwife, but preferes 'c' sections to natural briths. Worked as a nursing assitent at the Clinic. Formed a friendship with Noah and always answered any questions he may have. She plays a big role in Liz's history.

A great friend of mine, Luke a.k.a Russell and 1 another great friend of mine, Charlotte a.k.a Samantha.

Chapter 2: You Two Need Sometime Alone
Chapter 3: Double Bed?
Chapter 4: Holiday
Chapter 5: Aftermath of Drunkenness
Chapter 6: I Will Stand By You/Big Responsibilities
Chapter 7: The Big Move
Chapter 8: Morning Sickness/Proposal
Chapter 9: Baby Fears
Chapter 10: So Much Planning
Chapter 11: Wedding Bells
Chapter 12: Rumours and Old Friends
Chapter 13: Parenting
Chapter 14: Voice mail
Chapter 15: Miracles Can Happen
Chapter 16: Name?
Chapter 17: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 18: Background Story
Chapter 20: More News
Chapter 21: Learn and Reminisce
Chapter 22: The Past Comes Back To Haunt You

Chapter 23: The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways
Chapter 24: Family Is All That Matters
Chapter 25: Praying and Waiting
Chapter 26: Be Strong
Chapter 27: A Difficult Goodbye

Chapter 28: Out Of This World
Chapter 29: Letting Go
Chapter 30: What You Believe In
Chapter 31: Never Doubt
Chapter 32: He Strikes Again
Chapter 33: ...And one more

Chapter 34: Family Drawing
Chapter 35: Double The Fun
Chapter 36: Trial Of Mr Terrell

What Could Be - Luke & Noah

Chapter 37: All Work and No Play
Chapter 38: Unwanted News
Chapter 39: Maternity 'LEAVE'
Chapter 40: Can't Run In Heels
Chapter 41: Time To Go
Chapter 42: Scrabble
Chapter 43: All Sorted

Chapter 44: He...
Chapter 45: Disappearance
Chapter 46: The Snyder-Mayer's
Chapter 47: DON'T DISS DORA!
Chapter 48: Acting Strange

Chapter 49: The Return
Chapter 50: What Could Be The End

The End...Or is it?
Sequal...What Could Be...Not Again!

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