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Title: a double espresso,
Chapter: 2
Rating: PG
Summary:Noah met Damian, now it s Lukes turn
Characters: Luke, Noah, Damian, mention of Lilden
Genre: dunno
Warnings: english is not my native language, bear with me on this
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Luke jumped out of bed, his breathing light and his heart pounding. All sleep was drained from his body by hearing those words. Damian was there?

He put on his jeans, pulled out a tee and a sweater and rushed to the bathroom to pee and brush his teeth. A quick comb through his hair and out he was. Luke jumped in his car, rushed to Java and parked on an illegal spot right in front of it. He rushed through the door and stopped dead in his tracks.

There, right in front of him were his biological father and the love of his life talking over coffee. It felt like the world had shifted. He walked upon them, noticing the startled look on Noah’s face.
“Damian, will you excuse us for a moment?” Luke didn’t take his eyes of Noah; he pulled him up, smiled at Jeff behind the counter, pushed Noah into the backroom of Java and closed the door.
“Noah, what the fuck? Why are you sitting, drinking coffee with that man? How does he even know who you are?”

Noah looked in the asking eyes of his lover and let out a small sigh. “He overheard me talking to you on the phone and demanded to know who I was. I decided to tell him the truth, so I told him that I called you and that I am your boyfriend.”

“You…….what?? Did he freak out on you?” Luke voice was high and breathless. He was trying to wrap his brain around all that was happening.

“No, he was actually really forthcoming. He questioned me about my motives. Gave me a little scare there, for a moment I thought he was going to send me to the Italian mob if I did not ask him for your hand in marriage.” Noah chuckled. “Luke, he seems eager to see you, nervous about it even, anxious. You should talk to him.”

“Can you stay when I talk to him Noah?” Luke asked

”No babe, I have to get back to work and I think its for the best if you talk to him alone, but I will be right there if you need me.” Noah said while wrapping his arm around Luke’s shoulder, pulling him in for a hug.
For a moment Luke sank back in to Noah’s embrace, just enjoying the warmth of his lover’s body.

“Okay, lets go” he said while pulling back and opening the door. But before it was even completely open he closed it again.

“Wait, I forgot” he said, while leaning in and kissing Noah on the lips. “Good morning love”

“good morning to you too babe” Noah pulled Luke close and their lips met, said good morning to each other while their tongues got to know each other again.
Noah pulled back first, smiled to Luke and opened the door of the back room.
Noah walked to the counter and Luke walked to Damian. When he reached the table he slit in the boot across Damian.
Luke took a good look at the familiar face in front of him and noticed the lines on his face and the silver hairs on his temples.

Damian stared back at Luke, almost as in awe. His eyes big, filled with joy. His boy has all grown up. As the silence continued Luke started to get uncomfortable and decided to speak first.

“soooooo” he finally said, “Why are you here, Damian?”

Damian looked at his son, beaming with a strong feeling of love and possession. This angelic looking young, strong man across the table was his son. He snapped out of his gaze when he heard Luke’s voice.

“I came to see you Luciano, I want to make amends and since you accepted my money, I was hoping you would accept me in your life again too.” Damian said

“I took your money and turned into a charity foundation and I was actually not that willing to do that. I only took it because Noah convinced me to.” Luke eyes trailed to his boyfriend who was helping a customer.

Damian noticed the softening look on Luke’s face while he looked at Noah. “He seems really nice Luciano. When he recognized me he went straight to your defence. I could tell he loves you very much.”

Luke smiled. “We have fought very hard to be together Damian. Noah’s father made coming out to you and all that happened like a ride on the merry-go-round. Does it bother you that I am happy in love with someone?”

“No, yes, no!” Damian searched for the right words. “I had a lot of time to think about this Luciano. Although I am not happy with the lifestyle you choose for yourself, I can see how much you love each other and that is what I want. For you to be happy"

“Damian, you didn’t answer my question. Why are you here? Why now?” Luke needed to know.

“I have missed you Luciano. I felt incomplete without you. I wanted to give you time to come to terms with what happened but I couldn’t wait any longer.” Damian honestly said.

“Do my mom and dad know you are here?” Luke saw Damian shrink when he mentioned Holden as his dad but he knew he was telling the truth. Holden was his dad and at this point in his life, Damian was just the sperm donor

“No, nobody knows but you and Noah”

“What do you want from me Damian?”

“I just want a chance Luciano, a change to get reacquainted with my son.” Damian looked straight in Luke's eyes

“If, and I mean IF I let you back in my life Damian, you have got to play this follow my rules. It is the only way I am willing to open that door again.” Luke wanted to make himself very clear.

“What do you need from me Luciano?” Damian was willing to try almost everything.

“Let’s start by you calling me Luke, that is my name. There are only two people who can call me Luciano and at this point, you are not one of them.”

“Okay, Luke it is. Although I like Luciano better, anything else?”

“Yes, Damian, the far most important thing is for you to realise I come with Noah. We are living together, sharing our lives and if you want to be with me, he is part of the package. If you can’t deal with that, I am leaving right now and never coming back."

Damian looked in Luke’s eyes and knew he meant every word he was saying. “Look, Luke, I have to get used to Noah and the idea that you are old enough to be living romantically with someone, let alone with a man.”

“Did you honestly think I would change, Damian? Did you really think me being gay was just a phase?” Luke asked

“Yes, no, look, I don’t know. I guess I didn’t look any further than me seeing you again. I just never thought of the possibility you would be in a serious relation.”

“Well I am Damian, I have been for almost two years now and I will be for a long time. My parents both approve Noah very much and you must realise that you are not my father at this point. You are just half my DNA. You will have to earn my trust back again.” Luke knew the words sounds harsh but he needed Damian to know exactly where they stood.

Damian felt a sharp sting of pain going through his heart by his son words but knew he was right. He had caused Luke a great deal of pain and he needed to make it right again. “I understand Luke, just give me a chance:”

“I need to think about it Damian, talk to Noah about it. Where are you staying and for how long?” Luke asked

“I have a room at the Lakeview for the next two weeks at least Luke.” Damian answered

“Call my mom and dad Damian, don’t make me tell them you are back in town. I’ll call you in a few days; maybe the three of us could have dinner someday.” Luke needed to end the conversation, he needed to be in Noah’s arms, to feel loved and wanted when he decided what he was going to do with this Damian situation.

“I will call your mom, Luke and I’d love to have dinner with you and Noah. I really do want to get to know him, and mostly you better.” Damian got up from the booth and hesitated. He really wanted to give Luke a hug but he was afraid it was too soon. So he just extended his hand.

Luke looked at Damian’s hand and shook it slowly. “I will call you Damian.”

“Thanks Luke.” Damian nodded at Noah and walked out of Java.

Luke got up and walked towards the counter, Noah met him halfway and Luke collapsed into his strong embrace. He savoured the feeling of Noah around him for a while before stepping back to look in the other mans eyes.

“Maybe Noah, maybe we will have a chance of peace with him.”

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