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Title: a double espresso
Rating: pg
Summary: Noah meets Damian
Characters: Noah. Damian, Luke
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A double espresso

Noah sighed as he opened Java and prepared himself to make the first of many coffees that day. Just a half an hour ago he was lying in bed, snuggling in to Luke. His head at Luke’s chest, his hand….
For a moment Noah allowed himself to dream about his boyfriend but soon a loud “ahum” tore him out of his fantasy.

A man in a dark suit leaned against the counter. He looked important, important and rich. The man looked like he was used to be waitered on immediately. He had the air of authority surrounding him.
Noah plastered a smile on his face and walked towards the man.
“Can I help you sir? He asked politely.
“A double espresso” The man had a significant foreign accent and he looked vaguely familiar.

Noah turned to the machine to make the man his coffee. In the meanwhile he searched his memory trying to remember where he had seen the man before. He couldn’t think of anything.

When he placed the espresso in front of the man at the counter, the man arched an eyebrow and it hit Noah like a lightning bolt.
Everyday he looked upon the same expression. Noah was shocked, didn’t know what to do or what to say. He just looked at the man, his mouth open, and eyes wide. Staring in those familiar eyes.

The man looked back, a hint of a smile on his mouth, clearly amused by the way the young man in front of him behaved.
“so…….”he said, his voice soft.
Noah snapped out of his glare. “so, that will be $2,50. No no no wait, from the house.”

Noah felt his cheeks flush and decided to get away. He walked toward the other end of the counter but the man didn’t let him of the hook so easily.

“You look shocked young man, did I do anything to offend you?” the voice of the man sounded demanding.

Noah thought of the hurt look in Luke’s eyes every time he spoke of this man. Offend him? No he was not offended. He was pissed off, definitely, maybe even a little scared at this presence, also a little freaked out but offended? No.
Noah did what came natural; he went full into defending Luke mode. Arms crossed before his chest, his chin a little too high.
“I am not offended sir, but I am wondering what a sophisticated gentleman like yourself would want in a small town community like Oakdale. You clearly don’t belong here.”
Noah’s voice was harsh, full of sarcasm while his eyes spit fire at the man in front of him.

“You know who I am. You wouldn’t this impolite, maybe even rude to a complete stranger. So tell me, since you know who I am. Who are you and how do you know me?” The man said.

Noah hesitated. He didn’t want to ruin Luke’s change at peace with this man.

He took a deep breath, trying to decide what to do, what to say, what to think. Eventually he decided not to do anything.
“With al do respect sir; I have to get back to work.”

Noah turned to a customer at the other end of the counter and made yet another coffee. From the corner of his eyes he saw the man was sitting down in one of the back booths. As soon he was finished with the customer he took his cell and dialled a well known number.
The deep, sexy, sleepy voice on the other side of the line was not a happy one.
“Nooo-aaah, you know it’s before seven o’clock right??”

“I know babe, but you need to get your butt out of bed and in here.”

“Come there? Why? You can’t live for another second without a kiss?” Luke grinned at his own joke.

“No, there is someone here you should deal with, before he gives me another third degree. I kind of snapped at him.” Noah said.

Luke sounded confused: “Noah, I don’t understand, who is there? Is it Kevin again?”

“No…babe… it is Damian.”
There was a loud gasp on the other side of the line followed by a “be there in ten” before the line went dead.

Noah sighed of relieve but stopped dead in his track when he heard an angry voice right behind him.

“So you even know my name, now tell me. Who did you call and who are you?”

Noah turned around slowly and looked straight in eyes he looked upon every morning when he woke up and every night before he went to sleep. Eyes so similar to the ones he fell head over heels in love with almost two years ago. He took a deep breath and plunged into the deep.

“hello mister Grimaldi, my name is Noah Mayer, I am Luke’s boyfriend."

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