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Title: Fantasy
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: NC17 * see A/N
Summary: it is Noah's turn to turn a fantasy into action
Characters: Luke and Noah
Genre: porn and more
Warnings: this fanfic contains porn with toys and bondage . see the A/N
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

A/N: I have written porn without plot before, no biggie, but this fic also contains toys, bondage and some soft SM. IT also contains music, love and humor. If this sort of things is not your stuff, do not read this fic. If you read it and are shocked, please do not nag me about it. If you read it and like it, DO comment ;-)

“You know what they say Luke, when ones vision is gone, once hearing will get stronger, I just wonder what happens when once hearing AND vision are gone. Will touch become more intense, will you smell more, feel more?”

Noah was speaking in a low, hush tone to his bound lover. It was his turn to play out his fantasy and he was hoarse from anticipation.

Just last week Luke had Noah blown him at the movies, playing out his own dirty thoughts. They had driven all the way to Chicago, to a movie theater where nobody would know them, one they would never come again and they didn’t see anything of the movie, although he heard it was quite good.

This week it was Noah who had done all the preparation. First he had made a playlist on his iPod full of sensual songs. He had gone to the little sexshop two towns down the road and picked up some new material, he had made a light dinner and when they were done he ordered Luke to strip and lie down on the bed, face up, wrists crossed above his head.

He had tied Luke’s wrists to the headboard of their bed with special red bondage tape before he turned to Luke’s legs and tied his ankles to underside of their bed frame, his legs opened wide. When he was satisfied that Luke was comfortable and ready he stood from the bed and got himself undressed. Now he was ready to take things further.
“I am going to put the headphone of my iPod on you and blindfold you Luke. Then I am going to have my wicked way with you but first …”

He put a little red ball in Luke’s tied hand “if you don’t like what I am doing to you, just drop the ball ok?” Luke’s eyes grew but he nodded fervently, his c,ock already more then half hard.

Noah turned his iPod on, plugged his headphone in and put the little buds in Luke’s ears. 'Fever from Elvis Presley' was playing first and Luke smiled at Noah when he recognized the song.
Noah took out the velvet black blindfold he bought during his trip and showed them to Luke. He draped the velvet around Luke’s head and covered his eyes. When he sat back on the bed to look at his lover he almost salivated.
Luke looked hotter than ever with his hands tied, the red ball barely visible in his lover’s big hands, his d'ick leaking pools of precome at his tummy and the black velvet covering his eyes.

In Noah’s fantasy Luke hadn’t looked nearly this hot and helpless and Noah felt excitement drum though his veins. He stood from the bed to get the paper back from under it and put it on the duvet. He pulled it open and began to store the carefully picked items at the bed. He then walked to the kitchen to get the tray he had put there earlier and carried it back to the bedroom.

By the time he was done with the final preparations Luke was moving restless on the bed, clearly anxious for what ever it was that was going to happen to him. Noah could hear the steady beat of lady Marmelade coming from his iPod and smiled, he loved that song.
He took the first item from the bed, a feather and softly humming to the music he turned to sit on his knees next to Luke’s body, knowing Luke would feel his body heat radiating from him. Softly he touched Luke’s lips with the feather, chuckling when he saw Luke’s startled reaction, followed by a low moan. He let the feather glide from Luke’s face down his neck to his collarbone where he pressed an open mouthed kiss before he let the feather linger any further.

When he reached Luke’s right nipple he began to draw circles around it Luke couldn’t help but arch in to the touch. Noah pulled the feather over the nipple to his belly button and let it linger there for a few moments before he drew it back up to touch the other nipple. Playing with the feather with one hand his other sought the two items from his playthings he needed next. He dropped them on Luke’s belly knowing Luke would feel the pressure but would never guess what they were. He removed the feather and replaced it with his mouth, softly suckling on the dark brown bud before he bit down on it gently.
Luke trashed on the bed, his hips bucking up from the mattress as far as he could, throwing the items of his belly, his c'ock twitching in anticipation. Noah bit down a little harder, while his hand searched and found the clamp Luke had just thrown of his body. He sucked on Luke’s nipple once more before he opened the clamp. He pinched the nipple taut between his thumb and index finger, put the clamp over it and shut it gently before releasing the nipple.
Luke stilled on the bed, his mouth open but silent, forming a perfect O in surprise before he shut it closed and moaned between his teeth while Noah repeated the action on the other nipple. With both nipples pinched down Noah took the time to look at his mans chest. He breathed hard, trying to restrain himself from coming on the sight alone. When he felt his self control had returned he bend over Luke’s chest and softly licked over the restrained flesh.

In the background he heard 'Seals kiss from a rose' play while the mewling noises that erupted from Luke’s mouth made him smile. He looked at the pile of toys and decided to take the next one. Noah let his hand slide over Luke’s belly, all the way down to where his pubic hair started where it played with the soft blond curls for a moment. He didn’t touch the hard member that was resting against Luke’s belly but played around it for a bit, taking in the sight of Luke’s hips coming loose from the bed in an attempt to get Noah to touch him there where he so desperately needed it.

He opened the jar he put on the bed next to him and coated his fingers in strawberry scented lube. One hand reached for Luke’s testicles, painting them in the thick, slick substance while the index finger of his other hand went to Luke’s mouth. Luke felt the touch on his balls first and when he opened his mouth to moan, Noah put his finger in. Luke sucked on Noah’s finger instinctively the minute he felt it in his mouth and moaned harder when he tasted the rich strawberry flavor in combination with Noah’s own unique flavor. Noah withdrew his finger, coated it in the lube again and turned all his attention to the lower part of Luke’s body.

He positioned himself between Luke’s legs and carefully put his fingers between the cheeks of Luke’s ass, carefully circling the puckered opening before he pushed one finger in, one knuckle at the time. When the first finger was all the way inside Luke’s body he pointed it, looking for the little spot inside where pleasure could explode from. When he found it he massaged it firmly while his lover groaned and forgot how to breathe in ecstasy. Noah withdrew his one finger and returned with a second, repeating the motion, happy when Luke moaned louder while he tried to push back at Noah’s hand before a trail of


left his mouth. Noah chuckled and withdrew his fingers, took a medium sized red but plug from the bed and coating it in strawberry lube before he put the end at Luke’s relaxed opening, pushing it in inch by inch. When it was all the way in Noah licked the lube of Luke’s balls before he let his tongue play with the small end of the plug that was resting gently against Luke’s opening. His tongue slipped under it and probed at the entrance, Luke’s musky smell and flavor coating his tongue and 'sexually healing from Marvin Gaye' playing on his iPod.

Luke was unable to speak anymore, his senses in overload; he just turned into a moaning, needing, pleading puddle of goo. He could feel his orgasm approaching and if the waves of pleasure that washed over his body now were a good indication it was going to be the orgasm from the century. His balls tightened, ready to shoot his load when strong fingers pinched the base of his c'ock and he felt something slide over it. For a moment he was not capable of anticipating what was happening but when his orgasm didn’t come he soon he realized Noah had placed a c'ock ring over his dick and testicles, preventing him from coming before Noah was ready for him to do so. He crushed his teeth together; his jaw tight and groaned hard but had no choice than to wait for what sweet torture was next.

Noah had learned to read the signs of his lovers body well and prevented Luke from coming just in time, because he had more plans. He knew he was going to cut them short because he wasn’t able to hold himself in check must longer.
He lay down next to Luke, the fingers of his right hand coated in more lube while he held his butt cheeks apart with the next. He carefully slid one finger in himself, followed by a second soon. He didn’t want to waste time preparing himself so he started scissoring his fingers right away, making himself ready to take Luke’s hard member into his body.
When he was relaxed and open enough he withdrew his fingers and straddled Luke, holding Luke’s d'ick with one hand he slowly sank down over it until he was in balls deep. He gave his body a few seconds to adjust while he bend over to remove the clamps from Luke’s bruised nipples.

Luke expected Noah to f'uck him and when he felt himself sink into Noah’s body the pleasure was almost too much. He tried to buck his hips up when he felt the blood rushing back into his nipples, but he was restrained to the bed and couldn’t do much more than scream Noah’s name in an intense combination of pleasure and pain.

Noah pushed himself up a little before he let himself down again and soon he was moving in a frantic rhythm, moaning himself. He angled his moves so that his prostate was hit with every hard thrust and soon he was spraying ribbons of pearly white come all over Luke’s chest.

Luke was still rock hard, the cockring preventing him the release his body so desperately needed and just when he thought he would black out from need he felt Noah releasing the strap of the ring. Luke arched his back as much as he could while he screamed through his endless orgasm, pleasure rolling through his body as waves to a rocky coastline.

When his world stopped spinning Luke was released from his bounds and empty, Noah was lying next to him, his iPod playing 'your body is a wonderland from John Mayer' over the speakers. He smiled when he realized he was still clutching the red ball in his hand.

“hi there.” Noah’s warm voice whispered in his ears. “You ok?”
Luke didn’t trust his voice so he just nodded while he snuggled up to his lover’s warm, sticky body.
“I brought some drinks, they are over on the tray next to the bed, do you want something?”
Luke smiled and shook his head; everything he needed was there beside him. It was his turn again but he already knew his fantasy would never be as hot as the event he just lived through.
He planted a soft kiss at Noah’s shoulder before falling asleep with a smile on his mouth that would not leave him the entire night.


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