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Title: gossip guy part 2,
Chapter: the end of tour
Rating: pg13?
Summary: Eduardes Grimaldon, gossip guy pur sang meets the band Steelthigh
Characters: Luke, Steelthigh
Genre: fluffy Juliasm
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part one can be found here: purple spoons and gossip guy

Hey hey hey, or should I say HO HO HO! The holiday season is here and it IS the time to be jolly.

Rumors in showbizzland are flying like a red nosed reindeer.
London was seen in Las Vegas with some blonde longhaired guy..or wait? Was it a girl maybe? I have heard whispers about how she has tied the knot…. Let’s hope it is true people, one less on the streets waving her bits around where no one wants to see them! Good luck to you London! Enjoy the honeymoon!

Noah Mayer, singer extraordinaire and kick ass pianist has changed addresses. Where to send his Christmas card this year? Well, it is not New York, nor Chicago…I have heard Christmas carols about his new place in Oakdale Illinois where he will move in with the love of his live. Is this love male or female, you might wonder? Well………..your reporter is proud to tell you.. It’s a boy…….Yes, girls, keep crying or lusting but it will never happen. Noah is all ours, and boy, do we want him to be ours to do the most sinful things to.
Steelthighs tour will end in only 4 days. The last concert will be in Oakdale, Illinois. Coincidence or will Noah sing to his lover and his new neighbors right before moving in?? I will see, since I have a front row ticket to the concert and will do my best to convince this dark haired stud that moving in with his lover is a bad plan, since I am still single and more than happy to take him in… May the best man win!

That’s all for now folks! Happy holidays, a new report with the latest gossip will be here in just five days, right after I am done serving my best parts to my dark haired, blue eyed hunk.
Till the next encounter!

Luke read the replies to his latest Eduardez column before closing his laptop grinning. Noah was moving in with him in just three days and he wasn’t the least bit worried. True, they had met only four times, falling head over heels in love right before Noah’s band Steelthigh went on world tour. Luke had flown to three continents in three months only to have a few stolen hours between rehearsals, performances, appearances on television and sleep. Noah and he had talked endlessly on the phone, had had instant messenger conversation while Noah was on busses and trains from one city to another and while he was waiting to get on a plane to go from who-knows-where to who-knows- there.
Life had been crazy, wonderful but crazy.

Luke had bought a house with Noah on the phone, describing the rooms and the bathrooms, the garden and the townhouse that could be a studio before they had both signed the papers and became joined house-owners in a little suburb of Oakdale. They had bought furniture online while they discussed colors and floors on instant messenger and since Luke was the only one at home to paint and decorate they decided to hire someone to do their dirty job.
The house was ready, Luke was ready, Noah was ready and in three more days Steelthigh was ready! The members of the band had decided to take a few month break to write new numbers before they would hit the studio to create a new album. A new tour would probably follow that but it would take at least another two years and who knows what could happen in the time being.

Luke stood up and left his office in Oakdale’s Pine theatre, where he was in his last week as host. He had landed a job as journalist for Illinois number one paper; the daily Illinois news Herald at their entertainment page. Eduardez was still in business, his new job would only grant him easier access to the gossip and speculations that circled that world.

Luke headed to his car, got in and drove to the farm to have dinner with his family. They were all surprised at the speed Luke his relationship was developing and he knew his parents were more than worried he was in over his head, that he and Noah wouldn’t make it after they were together 24/7. Luke knew they had taken a risk but he also knew that something that felt as good as Noah made him feel was worth taking a risk for.

Noah was coming home on Saturday and they were expected for dinner at the farm at Sunday. Something Luke was not looking forward to. They didn’t tell his sister who Luke’s boyfriend was, since they had posters of Steelthigh in their rooms and were never able to keep his relationship quiet. Something Luke wanted more than anything until Noah was there to go through that part of their relationship together. The articles where Eduardez outed Noah as gay to the big public were well planned with Steelthigh’s manager and the other band members. Noah was scheduled to do an interview that same day, at the tonight show from SBS, the article would be addressed and Noah was going to confirm his sexual preferences and his move to Oakdale, to his lover. Luke couldn’t wait to see the interview and in old fashion Snyder way had planned to watch it with his family and friends on the farm.

“ hey mom, hey dad.” He said as he stepped into the cozy kitchen. “ smells good in here!” he kissed his mom on the cheek and hugged his dad briefly before settling himself on a kitchen chair.
His mom smiled brightly at him:” three more hours before the interview, are you nervous honey?”
“nah, not really, he will do fine. I am more nervous about him finally coming home, meeting you, meeting Casey, meeting Maddie, meeting Nath and Faith and Ethan and uncle Jack.” Luke glanced at his dad worried face and sighed, he really didn’t feel up for another lecture about not knowing anything about the man he was going to live with, about safe sex and the orgies steelthigh was known for.
“ Luke, you do know you can still back out of this, do you?” his dad said, a frown on his forehead.
“honestly dad, do you really think I went to all that trouble to back out now, right before he is coming home to me? I know you don’t understand but I love him, even if we are just getting to know each other. We have spend more hours talking about our life perspective, about each other than any other couple I know, just because he wasn’t here in person and we learned about things through phone calls or chat session doesn’t mean its worth any less than what you and mom have.” Luke felt his cheek burn in anger. He had hoped this conversation was done with, since they had it at an average rating of three times a week at least ever since his parents learned about his love for Noah.
“ I know Luke, I am just worried about you, I am sure me and Noah will get along just fine.” Holden said to Luke but to himself he added: right after he and I will have a nice long talk about safety and what will happen when he hurts a Snyder.
“ I am sure dad, and just so you know, I do not intend to leave him alone with you for longer than a second for at least six weeks.” Luke knew his dad a little too well

After dinner with his brother and sisters they all went into the parlor to watch some TV and have coffee. Luke had invited his friends over at 8pm, knowing his sisters would be in bed by then so they could watch the interview in peace.
His mother had just put the girls and Ethan down in their beds when the backdoor was opened and Casey and Maddie came tumbling through it, their cheeks red from the cold, both wearing hats and scarves.
“hey Luke, MR and MRS Snyder” Casey shook hands with Luke and Holden before kissing Lily lightly on the cheek. Maddie said hello and hugged the three of them.

“ lets go and sit down, show will start in just ten minutes.” Luke led his friends to the couch and they all flopped on it, Luke in the middle.
“nervous Luke?” Maddie asked
“ a little Mads, not for me, but for him. I hope he is ok.” Luke answered.
“ did you have a chance to talk to him today?”
“we texted a few times, but he has been in the studio all day and afterwards he had to rush to get to the concert. He texted me it went fine and that he will call me later.”

They fell quiet when the intro to the tonight show played on screen and the host came in view.
“welcome to the tonight show, we will discuss the supposed marriage of London Ritz tonight and as special guest we will welcome Noah Mayer, piano player and singer on the popular rock band Steelthigh, he will answer some questions and sing his greatest hit live on our stage. We will be right back with him, after this break.”
The commercial started as Lily and Holden entered the room and handed out coffee and cake. Nobody spoke and when the break was they all turned to the television.

“welcome back to the tonight show, our first guest is a member of one of the most popular bands from this moment, he has a great voice and he is here to tell the truth behind the rumors that are being whispered about his private life and to sing a beautiful song, welcome Noah Mayer.”

Luke held his breath when he saw Noah coming up the stage, looking hot in his worn jeans and dark blue fitted shirt. He still had a hard time believing that everything that was under those clothes was only for him to see.
Noah shook the host hands before sitting down in a chair. He smiled into the camera and Luke’s heart beat a little faster, knowing that intimate smile was meant for him.
“Noah, welcome to the show and thank you for coming.”
“Thanks for having me Daniel.” Noah said to the host, flashing his smile.
“ you are here to sing us your greatest hit, can you tell us something about the song?”
“it is a remake of an old rock song, I sing it with only the piano to guide me, it is a beautiful love song that means a lot to me.”
“ and do you sing it for someone special?”
“ I do, every time I sing I picture the love of my life in my head, and that way, even when we are thousands of miles apart I still feel special and loved and for just the few minutes of that song he is there right with me.”
“ you say he, does that mean you are gay?”
“yes, I am. I am gay and in love with the most special man on the world. In fact when our tour is done in just a few days I am going home to him and we are moving into our new house together.”
“there were rumors on the internet you were gay a long time ago, you never confirmed or denied it, why coming out now?”
“well, I am moving in with a man. I never confirmed or denied because I feel like it is my business and mine only, but now, it is our business and I want to shout from the rooftops what he means to me. I can only do that when it is very clear to everyone I am in a steady relationship with him.”
“there are a lot of rumors about where you are going to live, is there anything you want to say about that?”
“yes, were going to live in Oakdale Illinois, a town that is not really big and I can only hope people will respect our privacy and let us live there in peace. We are not hiding and it wont take long before word gets out so my love and I choose to just come out and tell you where we will be living and to ask you to let us be.”
“does this mean the end of Steelthigh?”
“no, no not at all, we are going to take a break after the tour to write a new album. We hope to release it around this time next year and after that we will be touring again. In the upcoming year there are also a few television performances planned. People who are interested can follow up on those on our website.”
“Noah, could you tell us a little more about your relationship?”
”well, I can tell you he is good looking and really sweet. He has the best humor, he makes me laugh all the time. There is just something about him that I find totally amazing. I cannot imagine my life without him and luckily, our life together has just begun.” Noah beamed at the host and Luke could just stare at the screen with tears in his eyes. How he longed to hold Noah after such a statement of love and how he hated the fact Noah was at the other side of the country.
The host turned to look at the camera.
“when we return Noah Mayer will perform bed of roses live on our stage. Right after this break.”

Commercials started and before Luke could say anything his cell rang. Luke saw an unknown number so he answered:” Luke Snyder.”
“hey gorgeous, its me.”
“Noah, I just saw the interview, oh my god, it was perfect!”
“ yeah? Did it look good, didn’t I overdo it?” Noah sounded a little worried
“are you crazy, I have never loved you anymore than right now. It was amazing.”
“thank you Luke. I just wanted to check up on you, I got to get back on stage now, love you!”
“love you too, take care and Ill see you in a few days.” Luke closed his cell and turned back to the television, just in time to see Noah walk to the piano.
He sat down behind it, adjusted the mic, smiled directly in the camera and spoke
“ this is bed of roses, for you Luke, I love you!”
He opened his mouth and started to sing a perfect song while his boyfriend watched him sing it on television from the other side of the country. Both longing for the days to go by quickly so they could start the rest of their lives together.

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