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Title: Gossip guy, part three
Chapter: meeting each other again
Rating: NC17
Summary: Noah and Steelthigh arrive at Oakdale
Characters: Noah, Luke, Steelthigh
Genre: fluffy Juliaism
Warnings: sexual language
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Heyheyhey, its your number one celebrity spotter speaking. Lets try that one really fast will we, celebrity spotter speaking…who didn’t cut his tongue over that? Well cookies and news about our number one hottie for you…
The Steelthigh concert in Oakdale, the new hometown for our number one hunk was awesome as ever. But boys… we can dream about his body but we will never taste his di….lollipop.
Wearing a dark green leather trouser with a black sleeveless shirt and lots of eyeliner he looked like dessert to me, but mr Steelthigh himself only had eyes for his lover who sat front row, not too far from me. Love and even lust radiated from them and when Noah dedicated his new cover, I don’t want to miss a thing, to his Luke half the people there were crying at the sheer beauty of it all…he is a man in love people.. I wish them lots of luck and sex. The idea of those two gorgeous pieces of mankind together will star in my wanking sessions for times to come.

No further news than Steelthigh? Yes actually there is…but I will tell you all about the sexcapades of London, Bridget and Nina tomorrow…….for now, its hard to say goodbye, pun intended.


Chaos, there had been chaos in Luke’s life for the past days. The house was ready, stocked, decorated and waiting for its owners to arrive and live in it. He had moved his stuff and when a big truck full of boxes from Noah had arrived, he moved him in too. He laughed at Noah’s pictures and watched some of the classic movies Noah owned. He put the golden and platinum albums at the wall of the soon to be studio and he listened to Noah’s song over and over, pretending they were lying there on the carpet, listening together. With every minute Luke spend in their house surrounded by Noah’s stuff he fell in love deeper. It had become harder and harder to leave there at night but Luke didn’t want to spend his nights alone at their home. He wanted to lie in their big bed together, falling asleep in each others arms after making passionate love.

One more day, just one more night at his old apartment, one more day to work at the theater before the concert. Luke wanted to push the minutes further but time went painfully slow as he made his way to work to set up the changing room for Steelthigh. For once there were no strange demands. The other members of the band had accepted him as one of there own in no time. He had formed a bond with Eric especially, the redheaded man called him a few times a week to talk about random stuff or to tell him about Noah. Luke never asked but he suspected Eric not to be completely straight himself. Eric would stay in Oakdale for a few weeks to relax and be with Luke and Noah. Luke suspected Eric to come to town for another reason too. Luke went to see Noah a few weeks earlier in New Orleans and brought his brother Aaron with him. Eric and Aaron had hit it off immediately and went clubbing after the concert. Luke and Noah didn’t join them, they spend the night locked in Noah’s hotel room. Aaron had blushed all the way home on his grandma’s private jet but Luke didn’t want to pry. He just invited Eric to stay over at his old apartment for a while and Eric had happily agreed. A little too happy maybe.

Just when Luke entered his apartment after a day at work his phone rang. He checked the id of the caller and enjoined the fluttering butterflies in his stomach by the sight of Noah’s name. Right before the call went to voicemail he answered.

“ Noah! Hi!”
“ Hey Luke, how are you?”
“ great, just great, one more night, do you know what time you will be arriving tomorrow?”
“our plane leaves at 6 am so we should land at about 2ish. Well jump into the car and come to the theater immediately. Our crew will take care of the luggage, so we will be there around 3.30 pm. Will you be there?” Noah sounded eager.
“sure I will, Ill be waiting at the door for you.”
“that’s great, ok got to go, the concert starts. Love you, see you tomorrow.”
“love you too, bye Noah.”

Luke fell asleep with a smile on his face that night.

The next morning Luke woke up feeling nervous. He just couldn’t eat, couldn’t write, couldn’t think of anything else but his lover holding him, touching him, fu'cking him. There was a long day ahead of him.
At the theater he made sure all the equipment was at the stage. Technicians were setting up the stage, the lights and the sound. Noah’s piano stood in a corner and Luke couldn’t resist running his hand over it. He just loved to hear Noah play the piano.

Luke went to the dressing room and filled the fridge with water and beer, as a joke he put some purple spoons in there, chuckling by himself when he remembered that first evening.
When he was sure everything was in order he went to his office to wait for Noah. He wished he could push time further but it went painfully slow. Finally the moment he was waiting for arrived. Steelthigh was about to arrive at the Oakdale pine theater.

When the moment Noah was supposed to arrive came near, Luke went back to the artist entrance and opened the door, wincing a little bit when the wind blew his t-shirt onto his lean frame. He didn’t want to go back to get his jacket so he just ignored the cold and pushed the door open completely.
When he stepped through the door he was startled. Dozens of girls and a few boys were standing behind the gate of the theater, screaming for Steelthigh. Luke could even see some photographers and a few camera’s. Standing in the door frame he hesitated for a minute, not wanting to go outside and out himself to the crowd yet, he decided to wait inside until the car was through the gates.

Luckily it just took a few minutes until Luke saw a black SUV pull up in front of the gate, waiting for them to open. The windows of the car were dark so no one could look in but Luke could feel Noah’s eyes burn into his body. His heart pounded in his chest. The time had finally arrived.
When the car pulled up near the entrance of the theater the doors of the SUV were smashed open and right in front of the crowd, in front of the band Luke found himself with his arms full of Noah.
Noah pushed him back inside the theater without letting go of him for just a second and when Luke bumped into a wall, Noah’s mouth crashed into his in an open mouthed, tongues fighting for dominance kiss.
How long they were standing there they didn’t know but all the members of the band had passed them by, all saying hi to Luke who just waved a bit, his mouth otherwise occupied. When the need for more air than they allowed themselves became too big, Luke rested his forehead to Noah’s, trying to catch his breath.
“I love you, I missed you so much.” Luke said hoarsely, emotions visible in his big brown eyes.
“ I love you too, so much.” Noah said before gathering Luke in his arms to hug the hell out of him.

It took them a while but eventually they made it to the dressing room where the other members of the band were relaxing a bit. Luke left Noah there after a few more kisses to prepare himself for the concert. He made a round at the stage, checking if everything was as it should be before retrieving to his office to do some paperwork.
A knock on the door startled him but he called for the person at the other side to enter.
The door opened and Noah was standing in the threshold, looking drop dead sexy in a low leather trouser with a black plain shirt on it. His eyes were surrounded by a black thick line and his mouth was just a little sparky. Luke wanted to throw him over the couch and f'uck him until they were both screaming. Unfortunately there was no time for that.

Luke got up from his chair and walked to Noah, pulling him into his office he closed and locked the door before pushing Noah against it to ravish his lips once again.
“ when we get home tonight Mr Mayer, I am going to f'uck you so hard you will be able to feel my coc'k in your arse all day tomorrow and just when you think you cant handle anything more I will blow you until your hard again and I will ride you till you scream my name.”
Noah whimpered when he heard Luke talk to him. He was more than ready to take Luke home but he knew he had to finish the concert first.
“the concert starts in ten Luke, you should take your seat.” Noah whispered, his voice thick with lust.
“good luck Noah.” Luke pressed a chaste kiss on Noah’s lips before unlocking the door to leave his office.

The concert was great, the crowd went ballistic with every word and every song and soon they were screaming for just one more. Noah came walking up the stage and sat on his piano. He played a few notes before turning to the microphone.
“as most of you know, after this concert I will become a citizen of Oakdale. I will join the love of my life in our new home. I fell in love, not only with one of you but also with this town the first time I saw it and I feel in awe over the friendliness all you people showed me. I am truly grateful for that. I asked my friends in the band if I could close the concert tonight. This will be the very last song Steelthigh will perform live for a while, I want to dedicate it to the love of my life. He not only showed me love in a way I didn’t know it existed but he also showed me life can be awesome as long as you believe it can be. I am proud to call him my man, my lover, my friend. Luke, this one is for you……

yes, there is more..right here

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