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Title: how curiosity killed the Case, a threesome
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: very NC17
Summary: just read it
Characters: Noah, Luke, Casey
Genre: PORN
Warnings: if you dont like to see Noah or Luke have sex with someone else. DO NOT read this story
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A/N: at some threat we discussed how we dont like Calison, but Canuke would be nice. Well, the idea was planted firmly in my head, images and all so here it is , my first threesome!

How curiosity killed the Case

A loud knock on the door disturbed a perfect Sunday. Luke and Noah were spread out on the sofa. Luke on top of Noah, his head in the crook of his neck, arms and legs entangled. They were relaxing, talking about the latest movies and about school and work. All perfectly relaxed until there was a loud knock on their front door.

Luke sighed, a knock on the door on Sunday evening was usual one of the Snyders seeking company. He left his lover and the sofa to open the damn door. Outside, across the threshold was a very upset looking Casey, red eyes and pale.

“ jeez Case what happened to you?” Luke pulled Casey inside the apartment while Noah got up from the sofa looking worried
Casey didn’t speak, he just started to cry with deep, long sobs while he stepped into Luke’s arms. He cried for a long time, just holding on to Luke as if his life depended on it. Noah had made some tea, put it on the table, next to a box of tissues and exchanged worried looks with Luke who patted Casey on the back.
When the sobs went into sniffs, Luke pushed Casey back a little, took his hand an led him to the sofa. The three of them sat down on it, Casey in the middle. He took Noah’s hand and put his head on Luke’s shoulder. Obviously seeking comfort and safety with his friends.

“ Case? You want to tell us what is going on?” Luke finally asked.

Casey took a deep breath and before burying his face deeper in Luke’s shoulder he mumbled “ Ali broke up with me.”

Noah gasped and Luke reacted shocked; “ what? Why?”

Casey took a few deep breaths, sat up and stared in to the distance. Looked everywhere but in his friends eyes and started talking. “ we had an argument… a sexual argument and she decided she wants something else than I do, so she broke up with me and left.”

Noah was the one who asked the question Luke felt on his tongue. “you need a drink?”
Casey sat up even straighter and nodded at Noah. “ got something strong?”

Noah walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of vodka and two shot glasses. He pulled a soda out for Luke, who doesn’t do alcohol and walked back to the couch, put the glasses on the table, tossed Luke his coke and poured himself and Casey a shot. Casey downed his drink and poured another one immediately. After downing that one as well he sat back on the couch and closed his eyes.
“I have been a little confused lately and Ali is not amused.” He said

“ confused? About what??” Luke asked, his voice a mixture of curiosity and worry.

“ euhm, about, euhm,” Casey mumbled and stutterd until Noah jerked up his head with a stunned look on his face.

“ are you confused about your sexual preference Case?” he asked bluntly, not knowing how to ask something like that anyway else.

Casey nodded. “ yeah, well, just recently I met this hot guy, nothing happened but he made me all horny and hot. Not sweet of fuzzy but just horny as hell and now I am curious, curious about this whole anal thing and about what its like with a dude.”

“ well Case, you know, you can have anal sex with Ali, I mean, girls do have that opening too.” Luke said.

“Yeah, I know Luke, I just want to…….euhm……..I don’t even know what its called” Casey sighed out.

“ euhm…..bottoming?” Noah asked.

Casey took another shot, before turning to Luke. “ I want to bottom, yes, I want to know of this whole prostate thing is as good as they say it is and I want to be on top too. I want to kiss another guy and when I am sticky with sweat and come I want to go home and get Ali back. This is not about love, it is about curiosity and about lust. And I need to know, understand how this works. You are my best friend. So tell me about sex with a guy.”
Casey turned to Noah.” And you tell me about the difference between sex and orgasms between a guy and a girl. I need to know, please tell me.”

Luke and Noah shared a long look, their eyes had a wordless conversation about them opening up and telling Casey about their sexlife. When Luke stuck three fingers in the air Noah nodded.
“ euhm Case, do you want us to tell you or to show you?” Luke asked and Casey looked disturbingly relieved.

“ please show me Luke, I feel save and comfortable around the two of you, so please show me.”

“but Case, promise me, promise me this wont end our friendship.” Luke felt a little worried, Casey had been his friend forever and he wasn’t willing to loose that,

“ I promise Luke, I am not in love with either of you. You have got to promise me something too, both of you, promise me this wont get your relationship into trouble.”

“ I promise” Luke promptly reacted

“ I promise too” Noah said

“ okay, so could you please just kiss a little bit together, I need to watch you for a while.”

“ let’s move to the bedroom.”

The three of them walked the bedroom where Luke and Noah’s kingsize bed is, where lube just lies on the bed stand and where it smells like mansex no matter how often they open the windows. Visitors are not allowed in the bedroom normally. It’s their own private sanctuary but this time Casey is allowed in.

Casey sat down on the edge of the bed, while Luke and Noah stood in front of it. Luke looked deep into Noah’s eyes, wrapping his arms around Noah’s waist, letting them trail to his ass. Noah put his arms around Luke’s neck, pulling him close before his lips came down in a worldshaking hot kiss. Mouths crashed in to each other forcefully, while teeth clenched and tongues said hello, nice to feel you again, let’s f''uck.

Casey watched as his friends kissed, a kiss he had never seen before. There was nothing sweet about the kiss, nothing soft or careful. It was all about the need to kiss, to feel, to touch in every way possible. He felt himself harden and when he heard a small whimper coming out Noah’s throat he was absolutely sure he wanted a kiss like that.

Noah pulled back from the kiss and pushed Luke up the bed, near Casey. Casey turned to Luke and looked at his swollen lips. Desire went through him like a lightning bolt, he just couldn’t keep his eyes from those manly, wet, kissed out lips. Luke noticed Casey’s glare and closed the gap. The kiss started out soft but Casey didn’t want soft so he flipped Luke to his back, half covered his body with his own and deepened the kiss. Luke opened his mouth to let Casey’s tongue in. The kiss didn’t feel like anything he shared with Noah, not as hot, not as loving, his d1ck didn’t react the way it did when Noah kissed him but it wasn’t a bad kiss. It was a great kiss actually.

Noah joined them on the bed and watched his boyfriend and his friend kiss for a while. He didn’t feel jealous, he felt rather aroused and the distinguished need to participate. He let his hands roam at Luke’s chest and the shoulder that wasn’t covered by Casey’s body and after a short hesitation he let his hands roam over Casey’s back too. Casey broke the kiss with Luke off and Lifted his head, looked Noah in the eye and leaned over. He kissed Noah over Luke’s head. Noah didn’t start soft or sweet. He just bit his way into Casey’s mouth, he let his tongue collide with Casey’s and Casey found himself moaning into Noah’s mouth while Luke let his hands roam under Casey’s tee, finding the naked skin of his chest and his hardened nipples.

Luke pulled up Casey’s shirt and Noah let go off Casey’s mouth long enough to take over from Luke and pull Casey’s shirt over his head. Casey quickly removed Noah’s shirt and Luke pulled his own shirt over his head. The three chest naked man looked at each others naked upper body’s for a moment before Luke tangled one leg behind Casey’s and flipped them over, Casey ending flat on his back on the mattress with two gorgeous, very aroused man hovering over him.
Noah captured Casey’s mouth in another earth shattering horny kiss while Luke let his lips dwell on Casey’s chest, licking his way from his collarbone to his nipples. When he dipped his tongue in Casey’s belly button he heard a groan of pleasure coming from the other mans mouth. Noah pulled back from Casey to kiss Luke the same hard and wet way he kissed Casey just a second before and Luke could taste Casey in his mouth, a shiver of pleasure ran down his spine and he felt his c0ck twitch.

“ Case, you still want this?” Luke needed to know Casey was sure before they took this further, and god, did he want to take this further.

“never been more sure about anything in my life.” Casey immediately answered

“so, since we both top and bottom. Who do you want to f' uck and who do you want to get f'ucked by?” Noah asked, wanting this night to be about Casey’s needs and wants.

Casey thought about it for a minute, before deciding.” I want to be f'ucked by Luke and I want to f'uck Noah, if that is okay for you two.”

Luke checked Noah’s face but saw nothing but horny pleasure on his lovers face.

“ that sounds great to us” he answered before letting his hands go south to unbuckle Casey’s low, stonewashed jeans.

Noah pulled Casey’s lips in another hot kiss, bit his bottom lip and bit and licked his way down his neck to his nipples. Casey had closed his eyes while he let the sensation of four hands and two mouths on his body running through him. When Luke opened the buttons of his jeans he slightly raised his hips and before he knew it he was butt naked. Both Luke and Noah ran kisses on his belly, their hands on his hips and when he finally felt a hand on his c0ck, Casey’s hips bucked of the bed and into the fist surrounding him. When he opened his eyes he saw Luke and Noah kissing while Luke stroke Casey’s d1ck. Noah had his hands around Luke’s head. Casey saw their tongues bumping in to each other through their open mouths and that sight made him dizzy for a second. He moaned in anticipation but he also felt so, so close to coming that Luke needed to stop touching him.

“Luke. Close. Stop.”

Somewhere along the line Casey actually forgot to form coherent sentences but luckily Luke understood and let go of his dick. Luke let his hands dwell to Noah’s jeans and unbuttoned it, he shoved it down Noah’s hips while Noah returned the favor. Their mouths stopped touching when they both stood from the bed to take of their remaining clothes and although Casey had seen the both of them naked before, after a sweaty game of basketball when they hit the shower at the gym, he had never seen them both aroused and very hard. It was a beautiful sight and he let his eyes dwell on the two very different body’s in front of him. Noah was tall, dark everywhere but not too hairy and muscled at all the right places. His c0ck was tall, not too thick and straight. Luke was shorter, in all the places but his c0ck was thicker and his treasure trail looked soft and blond. He was less muscular but still had an obvious six pack. Luke took the bottle of lube and a condom from the nightstand and tossed it on the bed.

Both man stepped up the bed again, and started to explore Casey’s body. Luke pushed Casey’s legs wide while Noah opened the bottle and put some lube on his hands. He warmed it up between his hands and let his hands, slick with heated, strawberry flavored hands run up and down the shaft of Casey’s length. Luke poured some lube on his fingers and started to massage the entrance to Casey’s body. With so many different sensation running through his body, Casey tensed up. Luke felt it under his fingers.

“Case, you have to try and relax and let us take care of you. Just breathe.”

Casey nodded and moaned hard when he felt the sensation of one finger entering his hole. It didn’t hurt, it felt weird and a little dirty but when Noah licked the top of his erection he felt it shoot through him like thunder, like nothing he ever felt before. Luke pulled out a little and let another finger join the first. He scissored his fingers and hit mayor playdirt. Casey almost jumped of the bed, gasped and forgot how to breathe again. Luke smiled widely at Noah and did it again.

“ohhhhhhhhhh my god, do that again.” Casey pushed himself on Luke’s fingers.

Not only was he being fingerf'ucked, he also wanted more, harder, deeper and faster. While Luke added a third finger, Noah sucked the head of Casey’s c0ck in his mouth. He took him as deep as he could and swallowed against the gagging reflex. Before Casey knew what was happening Noah had his nose down his pubic hair and his d1ck was all the f' ucking way in his mouth. Casey bucked his hips and than pushed his body back on Luke’s fingers. He felt like he had hit the jackpot, but he also felt a world shattering orgasm coming up. He pulled Noah’s hard and slapped against Luke’s head softly.

“ Take. Me. Now.”

Noah opened the condom, put it at Luke’s c0ck and lubed it up, stroking his lovers erection. When he was done Luke pulled a pillow and placed it under Casey’s hips. He took place between Casey’s legs, lifted them and put them over his shoulder. Casey shut his eyes firmly when he felt Luke entering him. It hurt like hell and he almost backed out. But when Noah told him to breathe and stroke his erection a few times he felt the muscles in his ass relax and Luke carefully pushed in a little further until he was in balls deep. He felt the pain disappear and an other, much pleasurable sensation took its place. When Luke pulled back, changed the angle and trusted in again he saw white stars explode behind his eyes and he started to beg for more, harder, deeper. Luckily Luke obeyed and started to thrust in him at a hard, fast pace. Noah stroke Casey’s d1ck and marbled by the sight of his boyfriend f'uckinh another man roughly. His own c0ck was hard as steel but he knew his time would come later. He let his strokes take the pace of Luke’s thrust and within seconds big streams of white come shot out of Casey’s dick. Casey felt his orgasm run through him and for a moment he forgot his own name, he forgot how to use his voice. All he could do was feel, and he had never had an orgasm as hard as this one. Luke thrusted in Casey a few more times before he too reached the point of no return, and although his orgasm wasn’t mindblowing or earth shattering he still felt his whole body trembling with pleasure. Luke pulled out carefully and took the condom off before tossing it in the garbage bin next to the bed. He collapsed next to Casey on the bed and pulled Noah on top of him to kiss him.

Casey still had his eyes shut firmly and for a moment Noah though he fell asleep like a true man. While Luke and Noah lost themselves in a kiss Casey opened his eyes and looked at them make out. He noticed Noah was still hard and decided that that was not acceptable. He met Luke’s gaze, nodded at Noah’s erection and scooted over. Luke got with the program immediately and flipped Noah on his back on the bed. Casey captured Noah’s mouth in a kiss while Luke kissed the rest of Noah’s body, ending at his erection. He decided to play around a little. He didn’t take Noah’s erection in his mouth, the way he knew Noah would like it. Instead he licked softly over the top, blew on it and did it again. He saw Noah’s c0ck twitching and heard him moan in Casey’s mouth. Casey got hard again when he heard the helpless sounds of pleasure Noah made and decided he was going to f'uck Noah through the mattress. His mouth slid from Noah’s mouth to his neck, he bit Noah’s collarbone, leaving a small mark and when he reached Noah’s erection he watched Luke playing it for a moment before asking Luke’s approval to f'uck his man.

Luke just look up and gave him a condom. Casey reached the lube and lubed his fingers like Luke had done earlier. He pushed one finger inside Noah and was surprised at how warm and tight it felt around his fingers. He fumbled around a bit, looking carefully at Noah for any signs of discomfort or extreme pleasure but he saw neither. Noah had closed his eyes and although it looked like he was enjoying himself Casey knew he hadn’t found his pleasure spot yet. He pulled his finger back and added one. Luke tabbed on his shoulder and when he looked up he saw Luke had arched his fingers. Casey imitated what Luke was doing inside Noah and immediately he found a little spot at the end of his finger tops. When he rubbed over it Noah lost his cool and started to push himself at Casey’s fingers, moaning and mumbling. Casey couldn’t help it, he smiled like a madman when he saw his friends reaction and when he added another finger and pushed the spot again, harder this time he felt almost proud to see Noah’s ecstatic reaction.

Luke took the condom out of Casey’s free hand, opened the package and put it on Casey’s erection. He lubed him and helped him find the right position. Noah had opened his eyes to see Luke helping Casey and he thought it was hot as hell to see them get ready to f' uck him. He raised his hips and Luke put a pillow under his ass to make the angle easier on Casey. Casey hesitated for just a second before pulling Noah’s legs around his waist and pushing his d1ck inside Noah’s ass. Luke guided Casey through, he made him stop so Noah could adjust a little and let him push forward when the time came. Casey tried to find Noah’s pleasure spot again, all hot and bothered by the tight feeling of man around his c0ck and looked at Luke for help. Luke told him to thrust out and change the angle of the inward thrust a little bit and there it was. He hit it over and over again while Noah’s head went from left to right on the matress, not able to do anything than f'uck Casey back and enjoying himself. Casey was about to come when Luke bended over to suck at the head of Noah’s erection. Noah shouted and came in Luke’s mouth. Luke swallowed it all before jerking himself to an erection against Noah’s hip.

Casey closed his eyes as the waves of pleasure went through him. When the shudders stopped he pulled out, got rid of the condom and collapsed at Noah’s side. Luke laid his head on Noah’s chest on the other side and the three of them enjoyed the aftermath for a while. When the three of them reached earth again, Casey was the first to sat up. He turned to Luke and Noah with a big grin on his face.

“ wow guys, had I known gay sex was this good I would have tried it before. But now that my curiosity is gone, I am going to win the heart of my girl back.”

He bended towards them for a last kiss before he left the bed, got dressed and let himself out of the apartment. Luke and Noah took a shower together and went to bed. They slept as good as they had never slept before, tangled up into each other

The next morning Luke was surprised to find a text from Casey. When he opened it he started to laugh out loud and gave his phone to Noah who chuckled at first but soon had a lopsided grin on his face. Luke put his phone away but every time he closed his eyes he could see the text and he had to laugh again. .

‘didn’t work out with Ali .
Breast are yuck
Gonna find my hot guy .
Have steamin sex
U2r the best.
Thnx C’

part 2, this way

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