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Title: little einsteins, by Julia
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: pg (yes, really)
Summary: four friends go on an adventure
Characters: Luke, Noah, Casey, Maddie, Lily
Genre: none
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The bunk bed was covered in blankets, each draped in such a manner that the matres was completely shielded, a private space for the four of them.

“everyone to rocket, start the countdown……5,4,3,2,1”

All children yelled while they jumped the bed, making it screech in protest.
“ I am Annie” Maddie yelled while she sat down on the bed
“ I am Leo: Luke yelled, settling himself before Maddie making driving gestures with his hands. “ and I drive rocket” he smiled at his victory. Whenever they played this game he usually ended up at June, since there were three boys and only one girl.
“I am Quincy” Casey quickly said, while sitting next Maddie on the bed, giggling at the look on Noah’s face.
Noah let himself fall down on the bed, face first, pouting while tears formed in his eyes. “ I don’t wanna be a girw. I am a boy.” His voice sounded muffled, strained while his legs moved restlessly over the bed. Small hick ups turned into sobs within seconds.
Maddie and Casey looked at each other, rolling their eyes and sighed. Luke put his face next to Noah’s and hugged the boy. “ don’t cry Noah, you can be Leo, I will be June, you can even drive rocket, just don’t cry.”
Noah sniffled a few times before turning his head towards Luke, his nose was running and his eyes were blotchy but he had a hint of a smile on his mouth. “ are you sure Wuke? I can be Weo and drive Rocket? You wont mind?”
Noah sat up with his face turned to Luke.
Luke put his arms around Noah and gave the other boy a hug; “ I am sure, Noah, don’t cry anymore, lets play!”
Noah smiled while he returned the hug, looking over Luke’s shoulder to their friends and beamed at them. “ I am Weo!!!!!!”
They started the song while they boarded their rocket, buckled up and there they were zooming through the sky.

“ where are we going, Leo?” Maddie asked in her best Annie voice.
“ euhm..uhm..a….” Noah couldn’t think of anything but luckily June came to his rescue
“lets go to Italy..I speak Italian and my mom has some CD’s with Italian music”
Luke bounced on the bed in his enthusiasm. “come, we can go down, have a snack and ask her.”

The four kids jumped of the bed and raced each other down the stairs and into the kitchen. Lily smiled when they saw her son and his three best friends running into the kitchen
“hello, are you hungry?” she asked while she ruffled Luke’s hair.
Luke crunched his nose at the ministration what caused Noah to giggle.” You do the funny thing with your nose again Wuke” he claimed, giggling some more when Luke shot him a dirty look.
He tried to run away when he saw Luke dashing towards him but he wasn’t fast enough and soon he crunched his own nose while Luke ruffled his hair repeatedly. Lily beamed at her son and his friend while Casey and Maddie giggled and rolled their eyes to each other again.
Luke and Noah were the most touchy feeling friends they had and while Luke knew and ignored it, Noah had him wrapped firmly around his pinky finger. Luke couldn’t stand to see the other boy crying or hurt and always tried to protect him.

“mom, we are going to Italy with Rocket and we need some of that loud Italian music you always listen to, you know, the ones with the high voices and the loud instruments?” Luke looked at his mom
“ you mean opera Luke? I do have some Italian ones but I also have one that is much more fun for children to listen to. You want to try that one? Do you also want some Italian food?” She turned to the fridge to take out some pasta salad and parmesan with some soda’s and made each of the kids a small bowl before she went to the parlor to fetch a cd.

Luke stuck out his tongue in concentration while he carried the tray with the food up the stairs. Noah followed with the soda’s while Casey carried the cd. When they entered the room, Luke put the cd in the player and they listened to a song. It sounded weird, definitely not a language he remembered, his Italian was not that good but he knew a lot of words and none of them sounded like the song they listened to. It wasn’t bad, not at all, just a little weird.

They ate while they listened some more.
“ it sounds like they are killing each other” Casey stated “ lets do some fighting.”
" No, it doesn’t, it sound like they are going to kiss” Maddie said, “ lets kiss each other.”
The other kids looked at her with a surprised look on their face. “ the little einsteins never kiss each other.” Luke said
“ No, they don’t, Annie is Weo’s sister, they cant kiss, that is Yukkie.” Noah said with his nose crunched at the stupid thought.
“well, Annie and Leo cant kiss each other, but June could kiss Leo and Annie could kiss Quincy” Maddie looked extremely pleased with herself.

The boys looked at each other and shrugged.
“ just a little kiss Maddie?” Casey asked, suddenly interested in the idea. “ No, like our mommies and daddies kiss, with their mouths open.” Maddie giggled.
“ mouths open?? My daddy never kisses anyone on the mouth , onwy on the cheek and that onwy with my auntie Ruth.” Noah stated, looking confused
“ that is because you don’t have a mommy Noah, just look while I kiss Casey and you can kiss Luke later.”

Maddie turned to Casey and opened her mouth wide, Casey opened his equally wide and they pressed their lips together in a sloppy kiss. After a few seconds they pulled away, both scrunching their nose in disgust.
“yuk, I don’t get it, mommy always looks so happy when dad kisses her like this but it was all wet and Yuk.” A shudder walked down her spine when she remember the wetness of the kiss.
“ it didn’t look the same either Mad, when my mom kisses my dad their mouths aren’t that wide open, and they push their tongue out too.” Luke tried to remember how his parents usually kiss but couldn’t think of anything else beside the tongue thing.
“you try it now with Noah” Maddie demanded Luke turned to Noah who was looking at him with big, scared eyes but a determined look on his face.
He nodded to Luke and scooted closer to him. Luke opened his lips a little bit and waited until Noah did the same. He hesitated for a second before covering Noah’s lips with his. He pushed his tongue out a little and felt the tip of Noah’s tongue brush against his. They sat their for a few moments, not moving, just feeling the tip of their tongues and their lips pressed together before Noah pulled back. He didn’t look at Luke but turned to Maddie and Casey.

“ did that wook wike your parents?” he asked. Maddie and Casey looked at them with their mouths slightly open and just nodded.
“was it nice?” Maddie eventually asked
“ yes, nice” Luke said, Noah nodded before the four of them jumped in to rocket and flew away again.

Fourteen years later two grown men danced closely on a children's song, their lips locked in passionate heat, while their best man told the tale of first kisses and little Einsteins to all who wanted to hear before turning towards his own bride to kiss the only lips he ever kissed.

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