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Title: loosing love chapter 1
Chapter: Noah hurt
Rating: this whole story is NC17 to be sure, there is violence, there is sex later on
Summary: Damian does not wants a gay son but what can he do?
Characters: Damian / Noah
Genre: angst
warnings: English is not my native language, bear with me on this
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this is a sequal to the pack, click here to find it. You can read only this story but it is easier to read the pack too,

Noah Hurt

Noah couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He looked at the man across the table but didn’t hear what he was saying. His mind was buzzing, not able to understand what was wanted from him. Finally he regained the power of his speech.

“so, let me get this straight, you want to pay me 250.000 dollar to get my things, move out of the farm and leave Luke’s life. What ever happened to the- I accept you speech- you gave just a few months ago? And what if I leave, what believe me I am not going to do even if you pay me millions, and Luke finds another love, are you going after him than too?”

Noah thought back at the day they had graduated. Damian had been very nice to Noah, he told Luke how he accepted his sexual preferences and how he was moving back to Oakdale to become a part of his sons life.
He was patient with Luke who was not happy to see him and he had stuck to that for several months. Luke had found a way to deal with Damian and actually liked to have him around. And now this… he couldn’t wrap his mind around it.

“believe me Noah, you want to take this money, I do not want you near my son and I always get what I want. If you don’t take my offer, I am going to find another way to remove you from the farm.”

“but why? I don’t get it, Luke and I love each other, we have been together for over two years. We are both not promiscuous, we are committed to each other. If I leave he will be devastated, broken, and I will be too.”

“I don’t approve you living with him, you two are way too serious for your age and I believe that, if Luke moves on, he will find a nice young woman he will learn to love. No son of my will be involved in a serious gay relationship, or more".

“you know what, fuck you, how dare you to play Luke like this. He is the most honest man I know and you keep on hurting him over and over again. I am not leaving him, ever. You should be the one leaving, and don’t look back. If I tell him about this conversation he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. And I am not sad about that.”

“you wont tell him, Noah, I am warning you, if you try to get between me and my son you will pay a price, larger than you would want to. Take the money, leave, don’t look back or stay and take the consequences of your actions.”

“you know what I am going to do? I am going home, undress myself, make fucking love to the love of my life and afterwards, when we lie in each others arms, all sweaty and sticky I am rolling him over and take him again. Goodbye Mr. Grimaldi, and I do mean I hope I never see you again.”

Noah got up, took his bag and coat and left the diner.

Damian watched him leave and with a dark glare in his eyes mumbled from under his breath:
“this aint over yet, Noah Mayer, not for a long shot”

Noah walked to his truck, his heart banged in his chest, he felt scared and sad. How could anyone reject a love so deep as his and Luke’s, he just didn’t understand. He thought about what to do, he didn’t want to tell Luke about Damian, Luke was hoping for a real connection with his biodad and he had been happier the last months. Like a missing link was reattached. Noah couldn’t face him and not tell him.

He decided not to tell the whole story but he wanted to make sure Luke would know the truth if anything happened to him. And he had to tell Luke something, Luke could read him like a book. Damian had scared him shitless.

He took out his notebook, wrote two letters and stopped by the grocery store to buy envelopes. He made two calls and two short stops and then he went home, feeling a lot better.

When he got home Luke was already in bed.

“hey babe, did your meeting go well?”

“no, no it wasn’t that good. Luke, can we talk?”
“Sure Sul are you okay?”

“No, no I am not and I really need to talk to you about it, I got in a big of a fight with Damian today.”

Luke sat up in the bed, looking startled.
“you had a fight with Damian? About what?”

“okay, so Charm, don’t freak out, promise me?”

“I promise I wont freak out on you, on Damian, I can’t promise yet”

“okay, that is good enough for me.” Noah sighed. “I didn’t have a meeting tonight, Damian called me earlier, wanting me to meet him because he wanted to discuss something with me, he even called it a surprise for you. He told me a lot of things, bottom line that he thinks we are getting too serious too young. He thinks I should move out here and into the dorms or something. He is afraid we, no, you get hurt.”

“what does he know? Let him think what he wants, just don’t go meet him anymore. I don’t think we go to fast or we are too serious. My parents are fine with it, our friends are fine with, you are fine with it. Screw him. Just promise me you wont go see him anymore Sul and promise me to tell me if he contacts you again. I will tell my dad about it and he will handle it for us. We don’t have to see him anymore.”
Luke felt an anger towards Damian for screwing with his life, again.

“okay, I promise but Charm, seriously, if something ever is wrong or off and I am not here to talk to you go to either Mads or Case, promise me. No questions asked, just promise.”

“you are scaring me Noah, you are not going anywhere, you hear me, not without me. What the hell did he say to you?”

“it is okay Luke, you know I would never leave you, right? It will always be my choice to stay with you. Now promise me something, promise me you will not talk to Damian about this yourself, talk to your dad or your mom tomorrow or so, but do not talk to Damian.”

“I promise Sul, I promise.”

Noah laid down next to Luke and hold him close to his heart. Feeling a little bit relieved, but not yet totally relaxed. It felt like disaster was coming his way

chapter 2

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