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Title: loosing love, chapter 5
Chapter: the birth of Cham
Rating: NC17 for violence
Characters: Noah, others
Genre: angst
Warnings: VIOLENCE
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Noah, the birth of Cham

When Noah came to he was lying on a hospital bed. One of his guards stood by the door, the other ones were nowhere to be seen. There was also a woman in the room, dressed in white so Noah figured she was either the nurse or the doctor. When she saw he was awake she came up to him with a clipboard in her hands.

“good to see you awake Cham, my name is Melissa. I am the camp doctor. I am going to ask you some questions and run some tests. I strongly advice you to cooperate since if you choose not to, we will help you. Do you want to answer the questions first or do you want to take the physical first?”

Noah wasn’t sure but figured the physical tests wouldn’t be that great and he better get it over with. “Ill take the physical first.” He said to the woman.

“please take all your clothes off.”

“all of them?” Noah was not about to get naked there.

“yes” “Why can’t I keep my boxers on?”

“because you can’t. I don’t ask things twice, so get undressed.”


before he even knew what happened the guard by the door had slapped him in the face, leaving a red mark on his cheek. Noah was stunned for a moment, but not ready to give in yet.
“take of your clothes”

another slap, another mark, now on the other side.

Melissa pushed a red button on her desk and the other guards came in. Two held Noah down while the other two quickly undressed him. They pushed him down on the bed while Melissa started her physical, she took his blood pressure, took a sample of his spit, took his temperature and then she opened his legs. Noah resisted heavily but he was no match to the guards who pinned him down.
Melissa took a stick of cotton and swapped it down his anus. Noah felt horrified and the feeling grew when she took another one and swapped it along his dick. She took a blood sample and he was ready. One of the guards threw him his clothes. They let him go and he quickly got himself dressed. Melissa walked towards her dressed and pointed at the chair across the table from her.

“sit down.”

Noah sat down and she started with her interview. Clipboard and a pencil ready.

“please only answer yes or no unless I tell you different.
Did you have any childrens diseases?”
which ones?
“all of them”

“are you commonly healthy?

“are you sexual active?”

"with more than one person?”

" is your sexual partner female?

"are you receiving anal sex?”

“are you giving anal sex?”

“did you have any illnesses in the last year?”

“did your partner have any illnesses in the last year?”

“what did he get?”
“he had an aneurysm”

“anything else about his or your health I need to know?”
“okay, I am done with you.”
She nodded to the guard who came up to Noah and took him out of the room and out of the cabin. The other two guards followed right behind them.

They went in another cabin where a man gave Noah three uniforms, underwear, socks, two pajama’s, 4 white tees and two pair of sweats. Noah was lead to a small cabin, when the door opened he saw it was a studio, there was a bed with a nightstand, a small kitchenette, a small table with two chairs, a television, a door where he hoped to find the bathroom and that was it. White walls, nothing on them.

“take of your clothes and put them with any personal belongings you still have in this bag. Put on the uniform”
One of the guards gave Noah a bag and nodded to the door. Noah went through it and saw there was a small bathroom, just a toilet, a shower and a sink but enough for him. Under the sink was a cupboard with towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Noah took of his clothes and searched through the pockets of his jeans. He found his wallet. He took the cash out and put it on the sink. In his wallet he also found a small print of a graduation picture of him and Luke. He looked at the picture and at their happy, in love faces and he felt the tears stinging in his eyes. He couldn’t let them take the picture, he needed to look at Luke, he needed to be reminded of their love so he took the picture from the wallet and laid it on the sink next to the money. He changed into his uniform and discovered there were no pockets in them to keep his belongings.
Noah looked around in the small bathroom and tried to decide what the safest place would be to keep the picture of Luke. He had some experience hiding stuff for men in uniforms since his dad always inspected his room and there were some things he didn’t want him to find. He decided to put the picture with the cash behind the toilet.

He put his clothes and his wallet in the bag and walked out of the bedroom. When he walked back into the room the guards took the bag from him and searched it. They went through his wallet and seemed satisfied when they saw his credit card was there along with some picture’s of him and Luke taken in a photobooth at the pier.

“we are going to check the bathroom for personal belongings. If there are any, you can better tell us now. If we find anything you will be punished.”
Noah feels his stomach drop but doesn’t say anything. One of the guards went in to the bathroom and came back about a minute later. Nothing happened so Noah knew they didn’t find the picture.

"your first meeting is with a kid called Adam James. After that Job James will be here. You have got five minutes, they will also bring you books, regulations and your journal. On the table by the bed you will find your belt, always wear it, and I do mean always. When you sleep, put it by your bed. Everything you say will be recorded.”

The guards move out the room, leaving Noah alone with his thoughts. Soon there was a knock on the door and a boy entered. He carried a pile of books and put them down on Noah’s desk.

“hi my name is Adam James and I an here to tell you a little about camp James.” He waved at the pile of books. “these are camp rules, punishments, your schedule and a few books you need for your classes and therapy. You must learn the rules by head within a few days. Every morning at 0.800 breakfast will be brought to you. Lunch is during class or therapy and dinner is brought at 19.00. You can not leave your cabin after 20.00 unless you have permission. You are not allowed to eat together with anyone. You can read or watch television at night. At 23.00 lights must be off. Is there anything you would like to ask me?” Adam kept his head down during his lecture, looking firmly to the ground

yes, I do.” Noah started
“What is your real name?”
“My name is Adam James”

“are you gay?”
“I choose to be straight.”

“how old are you?”

“did your parents send you here?”

“do they hurt you?” the boy’s head snapped back, looking Noah in the eye.
He hesitated for a second then he answered the question. “they only punish us when we need to be punished.”
But while he said it, he looked Noah straight in the eye, nodding heavily.

Noah understood there was probably someone listening in and didn’t ask anymore questions. Adam waved at Noah and left the cabin, another boy entered. He held a bag which he gave to Noah.

“hi, my name is Job James and I brought you your journal, pencils, a notebook and some other necessities. You have to write a thousand words in your journal everyday about what you have learned that day. Every morning in groups therapy your journal entry will be read out. You are not supposed to have any contact with the people at home. You can write what ever you want in the notebook, just know, your cabin is always unlocked and can be inspected at any times. Once a week you will get grocery’s and personal items delivered. Keep your cabin clean. Do you have any questions for me?”

Noah sighed but there were things he wanted to know.
“what is your real name?”
“My name is Job James.”

“how old are you?”

“are you gay?”

“why are you here?”
“I made some bad judgment calls”

“about guys?”
“no about alcohol and friends.”

“when are you going home?”
“I am not going home, I don’t know what will happen when I am leaving here.”

“is there any kind of friendship possible?”
“yes, you can be friends with one of the girls from across the lake. They will pair you up with someone and you will meet twice a week, once for private time and once for class.”

“private time? What does that mean?”
Job just looked at Noah and Noah felt a shudder of disgust going through his body
“you don’t mean we have to have sex with those girls?” J

Job just nodded, leaned over to Noah and whispered real softly in his ear.
“you will work it out, just don’t freak out and do anything crazy. Punishment is a bitch.”

Noah looked up, happy to be hearing at least one sincere phrase. Job turned around and walked out, leaving Noah with his thoughts and fears. Noah didn’t do anything for a moment, then decided to put the stuff Adam and Job had brought him away.
The bag contained some drinks, toilet paper, some snacks, a few pencils, an eraser, some pens, a leather journal with his name on it and two notebooks. He put all the stuff away and tried to read the rules and regulations from camp James, but the opening of the door stopped him.

The three guards walked in, two of them pulled Noah out of the chair he was sitting in and shoved him against the wall of his cottage, they hold him by the arms while the other one stood in front of him.

“what is your name?” the guard in front of him asked Noah took a deep breath, knowing he was not going to take the easy way, he was Noah Mayer, from Oakdale Illinois, in love with Luke Snyder.
“my name is Noah Ma…”

he didn’t get to finish his sentence, the guard took a swing at him and hit him in the stomach. Noah would have fallen to the ground but he was held steadily against the wall. The man across him opened his mouth again and asked the same question. Noah gave the same answer and literally saw stars when the man shoved his fist into his jaw. Noah held it together for a while but when his whole body trembled in pain and blood gushed over his uniform he finally gave the answer they wanted to hear.

“I am Cham James”

and they left

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