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Title: loosing love chapter 6,
Chapter: Luke, betrayal

Rating: this whole story is NC17 to be sure, there is violence, there is sex later on
Summary: Damian does not wants a gay son but what can he do?
Characters: Damian / Luke, Holden, Jeff
Genre: angst
warnings: English is not my native language, bear with me on this
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this is a sequal to the pack, click here to find it. You can read only this story but it is easier to read the pack too,

Chapter 6, Luke, betrayal

It was close to Noon when Luke entered Al’s. He saw Damian was already there but there was no sign of Holden yet. Luke walked to the booth Damian was sitting in and took the place across of him.
He hated the look on Damian’s face, a smirk of joy and self content. Luke wanted to kick that smile of his face but he tried to stay calm, counting back from twenty. Damian didn’t say anything, he just shoved Noah’s phone across the table.
Luke looked at the phone, thinking about its owner, feeling cold and alone. He took the cell in his hands, caressing the feeling of it and looked up to Damian.

“Where is Noah, Damian? What have you done to him?”

“He is fine, Luke, or he will be, when he finished his program, he is going to be cured, and so are you. “

“Cured? Cured? There is nothing wrong with me or with Noah. We don’t need to be cured; you need to be cured of your bigot ideas.”

Luke knew he was getting more and more upset. When he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up in his dad’s concerned eyes he could cry with relieve. His dad was here to save him from that awful man across the table.

“Damian” Holden greeted the other man with a small nod of his head.

“Why are you here Holden, this does not concern you, it only concerns me and my son.” Damian whispered coldly.

“I am here because Luke asked me too. So Damian, what were you saying when I got in?” Holden gently pushed Luke to the other side of the bench he was sitting on and took his place next to him. He noticed the fear in Luke’s eyes, the way he held Noah’s cell phone as if his life depended on him.

“Luke needs to be cured. It is the only way for him to know Noah will live through his treatment. If I don’t call the facility Noah is at every 72 hours, he will die. I will only make those calls if Luke will check himself in. The choice is yours Luke, you either come with me and never return here ever again or Noah will die. What ever choice you make, you will never see Noah again. His identity has changed life as you knew it is over. From now on, you will live at my standards. This has gone way too far.”

Luke started to shiver during Damian’s statement; the hate on Damian’s face was too much for him. He thought about Noah’s letter, about how Noah didn’t want him to leave with Damian. He decided right there and then he wouldn’t leave with this man. They had to find Noah on their own. He fumbled with Noah’s phone, tried to do what Noah would want him to do.

“You think your whole world is accepting Luke, but I know it isn’t. I didn’t do this completely by myself. You have got 72 hours Luke, to finish your business, pack your suitcase and be ready to leave with me. If you go to the police, if you try and run, Noah will die, you know I don’t make false promises. Check out the pictures on the phone and say your goodbyes”

Damian got up and left the diner, leaving a stunned Luke and Holden behind. Luke placed his head in his hands and sat there for a while. Not speaking, just thinking. Holden traced slow, comforting circles on his shoulder.

“Aren’t you going to check the phone?” he eventually said.
Luke sighed and flipped the phone open. He searched through its main menu to the gallery of Noah’s pictures. Taking a deep breath he opened it. There were mostly pictures of him there but he saw two of Noah.

The first one was one of Noah lying somewhere in the grass, his eyes closed, blood at his head. Luke gasped, tears falling down his cheeks. The second one was one of Noah crammed in the back of a car.
Luke froze, he felt light headed and felt a wave of nausea coming up. Holden saw the blood withdrawn from Luke’s face and pushed his head gently down between his legs.
“Breathe Luke, just breathe.”

Luke pushed Holden off the bench and ran past him to the men’s room. Making the stall just in time to puke his guts out, trembling all over. When he returned to the booth Holden was looking at the picture himself, his lips pressed together and anger in his eyes.

“Dad, what are we going to do?” Luke asked, hoping his dad had some kind of plan.

“Well, first of all you are going nowhere with that man.” Holden stated.

“We will have to find Noah ourselves.”

“Dad, I made a promise to Noah that I won’t go with Damian and I intent to keep it. Let’s get the police involved. Press charges against Damian. I want him locked up somewhere for the rest of his life.”

Luke flipped the phone open and pushed some buttons. Suddenly Damien’s voice filled the room.

“I taped him stating he took Noah, that with the pictures should do it, but dad, we have to find Noah. I can’t live without him.”

Luke’s eyes began to tear up again and Holden pulled him in a sideway hug.

“We will find him Luke, I promise”

Luke went back to Noah’s picture gallery and looked at the pictures of himself. There was a picture Noah made under the oak at high school, a picture of a sleeping very satisfied looking Luke, a few pictures from Disney world, the girls kissing and a picture of a very seducing looking Luke. Luke remembered when Noah took the picture. It was right before Luke persuaded him that doing homework was way less important than making love. The last of the pictures were of Noah on the ground and in the car.

Suddenly Luke gasped for air, that car, he had seen it before, and he had even driven in it before. The realization made him nauseous all over again. The car was Jeff’s.

“Dad, I know this car, its Jeff’s car. Oh my god, Jeff did this?”

Luke couldn’t believe his eyes. Jeff had been his friend for like forever. He never seemed to have any problems with Luke’s sexuality

Holden frowned, “Luke, are you sure? I mean, that is a big accusation your making.”

Luke told Holden all about Jeff’s strange text message to Noah.
“I am meeting him and the pack at the library at two dad, you should ask Jack to meet us there.”

“okay, so I am taking Noah’s phone to the police and press charges as his legal guardian and you go and meet with the pack and see if Jeff knows more. Meet me at the farm at four okay? I will gather the troops and we will make plans than. But Luke, please be careful.”

“I will dad, thanks!”

Luke got up from the booth, hugged his dad and left Al’s, he was on his way to the library.

When he got there the pack, including Jeff was already there, sitting at the table. Jeff looked slightly uncomfortable. When Luke looked him in the eyes he felt betrayed with every inch of his body. He could hardly stop himself from beating the crap out of him but instead he walked straight into Maddie’s loving arms and let his pain out. He cried silently on her shoulder while he felt Bridget hugging him from behind. When he felt strong enough to talk he took a seat next to Maddie and looked around the table. He saw genuine concern in almost all of their eyes and he let his eyes linger on Jeff for a while.

“Jeff, is there anything you want to tell me before I tell what happened today?” he asked, his voice a cold whisper.

“euhm no Luke, as I told Case, Noah never made it to me this morning”

“are you sure Jeff because I would definitely want to know how it can be that my biological dad gave me Noah phone about half an hour ago with a picture of Noah crammed in the back of your car, unconscious.”

Luke spit out the words while he stood up and made his way across the table. Jeff jumped out of his chair and tried to get away but Casey and Luke got to him first and threw him back in his seat.

“Jeff, what did you do? What did you do to Noah?” Bridget voice was small and hurt, filled with disbelieve

“Luke, you should go with Damian and leave it to this, this was not supposed to happen. Damian told me you would not tell anyone.”
Jeff had a line of sweat on his face, his eyes looked huge.

“Jeff, have you ever listened to anything I told you about Damian? He knows shit about me. Now tell me, because I swear I will punch you into next month if you don’t open your mouth fast. WHERE. IS. NOAH?”

Luke lost it and wanted to get to Jeff but Kevin hold him back.
“breathe Luke, let him talk before you hit the daylight out of him.”

Jeff looked very upset at this time, not knowing what to do. When he looked at the angry faces across the table he decided to tell the partial truth, he thought they would understand if he explained just how wrong they were.

“Luke, what you do with Noah is a sin. It is wrong and Noah is somewhere where they can fix him, where he learns to see that there should only be love between a man and a woman. He will be fine. Damian promised me he will be just fine.”

A wave of disbelieve went through the pack. Sarah was the first to shake out of it. She got up, walked to Jeff and slapped him across the face.

“Are. You. Fucking. Out. Of. Your. Mind? WHAT THE FUCK JEFF.”

Jeff shook his head, not believing his friends didn’t see what was so obvious, that his two friends needed to be saved. Luke got up, threw his chair away and made it over to Jeff. He pulled him out of his seat and shoved him against the closest wall.

”I am running low on patience Jeff, tell me before the police arrives to arrest you for kidnapping and assault where he is. Where is Noah? Where did you bring him?”

Jeff blinked “police? You can’t call the police on me, I did nothing wrong. I am the only one looking out for you. I am saving you. Please Luke, don’t do this, just go with Damian”

Luke just stared at the stranger before him, but before he could do anything he was shoved out of the way and a little fury called Maddie threw herself on Jeff.

“You tell us where he is right now, right now Jeff.” She slapped him across the face and punched him wherever she could until Bridget pulled her away of Jeff and in her arms. Maddie broke down in heartbreaking sobs. At that moment the door of the library opened and Jack and Dallas walked in. They searched for the pack and when they saw them they walked towards them.

Jack pulled Luke into a big papa bear hug. “You holding on there sports?”

“No Jack, I am falling apart. Did you arrest Damian yet?” Luke asked

“Margo is bringing him in right now.” Jack looked across the room. “Who of you is Jeff Adams?”

Casey pointed out a devastated looking Jeff. Jack pulled out his handcuffs and turned to Jeff.

“Jeffrey Adams, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Noah Mayer. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right of an attorney, if you can afford one yourself, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights?”

Jack turned Jeff and puts the handcuffs around his wrists before turning him back to face the pack. Luke looked at Jeff, trying his best not to cry and fall apart.

“Jeff, tell me where Noah is, please, I can’t live without him, don’t let him die somewhere.”

Jeff looked back, clearly hesitant. “I wanted to be your friend, Luke; I wanted to make you better.”

Luke crunched. “I am not sick Jeff, you are a bigot, how could I have missed this all these years. Damian is evil, he was when he kidnapped me, he was when he took all of my money and tried to send me away and he is now. You made a bad judgment call and although you may have lost all of your friends today, I still hope you tell me where the love of my life is.”

Jeff’s eyes went teary and he had to swallow twice before he could say anything.

“He is at camp James, north of Chicago.”


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