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Title: loosing love, chapter 10
Chapter: the end of the beginning
Rating: NC17 for emotion ;-)
Summary: Noah goes home again
Characters: the Snyders, Noah, the pack
Genre: ansgty fluffy kinda thing
Warnings: none
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Loosing love chapter 10 the end of the beginning

Impatiently Noah sat on his hospital bed, fully clothed in his own clothes for the first time in weeks. He was going home, home to his family, to his friends, to Luke and their big bed. He was more than ready for the night to fall and it was only 10 in the morning. Luke had gone out to get his release papers and Lily and Holden were on their way to pick them up.

They had spend the whole night on his bed, talking about what happened, crying about the people that betrayed them, crying and laughing because of the amount of people that loved them, kissing because they simply had to, touching the entire night, not being able to let go of one and other. When the moon was replaced by the sun they just looked outside the window silently, Luke’s head on Noah’s shoulder.

Holden and Lily entered the room, Holden took his and Luke’s bag and Lily helped Noah off the bed. He was able to stand and to walk but he was still a little wobbly in the legs. He had taken food and drinks, had been to the toilet and walked around the room a little bit. It was enough to convince the doctors his body was working properly and only a day after he had woken up he was going home.

Home, a sting of nervousness shot through his body. He knew how many people had been worried sick about him, how many people helped search for him. He was a little overwhelmed to be part of this close and big community. He knew his friends were anxious to see him and although he couldn’t wait to see Luke’s siblings and the pack he couldn’t help the sting of fear running through him. He had felt safe there before.

Luke came in the room with a wheelchair. Noah decided not to make a big deal out of it; he just wanted to leave this place, nownownowfuckingnow

Noah was silent the whole drive to the farm. He held Luke’s hand tightly, not able to resist touching him. He looked out the window and more than once he fought back warm tears as they came closer and closer to the house he called his home. Luke noticed Noah’s emotion and laid his head on his shoulder but didn’t say anything. He just didn’t know what to say but he exchanged worried glances with his dad through the rear-view mirror.

Finally the car drove up the driveway to the farm and Noah saw there were several cars parked outside the house. He recognized Maddie’s and Casey’s car, he saw Kevin’s bike and Jack’s car there. His whole body stiffened but when he breathed a few times he relaxed and decided he really wanted to see his family and friends.

Noah got out of the car by him self but he was glad when Luke put his arm around his waist in a supportive gesture. Slowly he made his way to the door but before he could open it a blonde fury launched herself on him, directly followed by another. Noah stumbled back but thanks to Luke he remained standing and he hugged the girls back.

“hey Nath, hey Faith, I have missed you girls.” He whispered in their ears while he held them close to his heart. He could feel their tears through his t-shirt and realized pretty soon his own cheeks were pretty wet as well. He looked at Luke and smiled when he saw tears streaming down his face too.

Holden and Lily went into the house while Luke waited patiently until his sisters were done hugging Noah. When they finally let go of him all four of them had puffy red eyes and Noah was standing a whole less steady.
“kay girls, lets get Noah inside before he drops down here on the porch.” Luke stated before he helped Noah inside the house.

When Noah entered the kitchen a whole bunch of Snyder’s hugged him and welcomed him home. Ethan threw himself in a tantrum because he wanted to hug Nowah too. Noah hugged all of them, sometimes crying, sometimes smiling. He felt wonderfully loved. Luke guided him towards the couch in the parlor when he reached his friends.

Noah looked Bridget in the eyes before she stepped forward and threw her arms around him. Noah buried his head in the crook of her neck and deeply inhaled the sweet scent of his friend. She cried hot tears on his shoulder and whispered sweet words of love and worry in his ear. Noah couldn’t help himself and cried hot tears himself, sobbing in her arms. He was home at last. When he calmed down enough to let go of Bridget he saw Maddie and Casey were both holding Luke who was crying too and Sarah sat on Kevin’s lap holding on to him for dear life.
Bridget let go of Noah to hug Luke and Maddie stepped into Noah’s arms. One by one his friends hugged Noah and welcomed him home.

Casey waited till everybody else had their turn before he opened his arms and Noah stepped in.
“Thanks Case, thanks for everything” Noah whispered in his ear.

“I have never been so scared Noah and Luke went through hell and back. I am so sorry about Jeff. I had never seen this coming and I really need you to know I really think you and Luke belong together.” Casey sounded a little hoarse, his emotion quite obvious in his voice and trembling body.

When everyone had welcomed Noah home, people started to leave the farm and Noah was quite happy with that. He felt exhausted and he was afraid his legs would stop working any minute. Luckily Lily understood his needs and told him to go to his room and lie down.
“I will send Luke up with some soup, bread and sodas. We will see you tomorrow; don’t forget to lock the door sweetie.”

Noah didn’t think he could make it up the stairs alone so he asked Holden’s help and within a minute he was lying down on his and Luke’s bed, his head on his own pillow, his own sweats on his legs. Holden watched the boy he considered his son relaxing in his bed and couldn’t help but smiling widely.

“Noah” he said and he waited until the boy looked him in the eyes “I am really glad you are home safe, one of the many things I learned in the last weeks is that you belong here with us. Lily and I love you dearly and we were very worried about you.” Noah felt his eyes watering up again when he heard the loving words from the man he looked up to so much.

“Thanks Holden, and I love you all very much too, I feel you are my home and I missed you all desperately.”

Holden breathed a few times before he gave Noah a quick hug and left the room. Noah relaxed into the pillow again and closed his eyes for a second. He woke up from the softest touch on his face. When he opened is eyes he saw Luke was lying next to him on their bed. He reached up to touch Luke’s face, let his hands trail over his cheeks, over his lips and over the place where he could feel his heart beat in his neck. Luke just looked down on Noah, drinking in the sight. Finally he slowly pushed his lips on Noah’s. Noah kissed him back softly before he slightly opened his lips, allowing Luke to let his tongue slide in.
Their tongues fought the softest duel for a while, enjoying the freedom to just being able to kiss each other again. When the kiss deepened slightly Luke stretched his body over Noah before rolling over, letting Noah lie on top of him. Luke didn’t want to hurt Noah with his weight but the need to feel his entire body against his was too big not to touch him. Noah broke the kiss and started pressing butterfly kisses all over Luke’s face and on his neck. Luke moaned softly as Noah rocked his hips to Luke’s refinding a rhythm they had long discovered but was just not used for a while. He trusted two, three times before his orgasm rushed through him and with the release of his body he also felt his soul releasing a part of the anger, of the hurt. He felt like Noah again. Cham was dead and buried, never to come back and Noah had started to exist again.
And while he felt Luke tensing up and releasing under him he knew their existence was only worth while if they could exist together.

Like Ying and Yang, like Snoopy and Charlie Brown, like Batman and Robin, like Luke and Noah. It was the end of the beginning, the beginning of a lifetime of finding love.

preview of chapter 1 of the sequel of loosing love

the house had a white fence surrounding a huge porch. Two front doors led to two sepearte houses that were joined together by the huge backyard and the porche. The white fence looked like it came right out of Alice in wonderlands house and the four future residents stared in awe to their new homes. Here was where it al was going to happen

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