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Title: loosing love, chapter 2
Chapter: Luke; anger
Rating: the whole story is NC17 to be sure, there will be violence, there will be sex
Summary: Damian doenst want a gay son but what is he gonna do about that?
Characters: Luke, Noah, Llly, Holden
Genre: angst
Warnings: English is not my native language, bear with me on this
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

A/N every chapter will be from either Luke's or Noah's pov

Luke; Anger

Luke tried to breathe steadily so Noah would fall asleep.
He was furious. Anger settled in his the core of his being. Even if Damian only wanted the best for him, even if he tried to handle in Luke’s best interest this was not the way to go.
Damian had scared Noah, hurt him and Noah was the most important thing to Luke.

When he heard Noah’s breathing was even he untangled himself from Noah and got out of bed. He walked to his parent’s bedroom and knocked on the door.
“come in” he heard his dad say.
Luke entered the room and saw his parent’s were watching TV in bed, both awake.

“I need to talk to you dad, can we go into the kitchen for a while?” Luke asked.

“sure Luke, but are you sure you can’t tell us both?” Lily couldn’t hide she felt hurt Luke didn’t want to talk to her.

“euhm, i am kinda afraid you’re going to freak out mom, and I am not sure I can handle the both of you freaking out on me here.”

“Luke, honey, you’re scaring me, come sit with us and tell us what is wrong with you.”

Luke walked to the bed and crawled to the middle, sitting between his parents like he did when he was a little boy and had a nightmare. His mom put her arm around him and he leaned in to her warmth for a second.
“okay, well, don’t go all crazy on me here mom, I know you really hoped it to be different this time but…… Damian had Noah meet him tonight.”

“you’re kidding me right? What did he do?” Holden’s voice was filled with anger

“Noah didn’t tell me exactly, he didn’t want me to freak out and go to Damian but he told me that Damian told him to leave the farm. Damian doesn’t approve that he lives here with me and thinks we are getting involved too young. But really dad, he looked devastated. Scared shitless. He even told me that if anything ever happened to him I have to go and talk to Bridget and Casey. And mom, really, what were we thinking he would but out and accept me? It is not like he didn’t do this to me before, not like we don’t know he doesn’t want a gay son. Why am I so disappointed then?”

“what do you want me to do Luke? Do you want me to talk to Damian?” Holden asked but already knew he would talk to Damian alright, talk and probably do more than just talk. He wanted to punch the man in the face.

“no dad, I want you to talk to Noah, I am so scared he will go and doubt himself or us. I will handle Damian myself.”

A knock on the door startled Luke, he looked up and saw Noah standing in the threshold. He looked unbelievable vulnerable and hurt.

“Noah, come in.” Lily shifted to make room for Noah on the bed. Noah crawled up between Lily and Luke, grabbed Luke hand and entwined their fingers.

“Luke told you about Damian?” Noah asked Holden and Lily

“yes, do you want to talk about it?” Holden asked

“No, I don’t. I wish Luke hadn’t either. I don’t want to cost problems for you, you have done so much for me and I feel so welcome here with you, so loved. I told him I am not going anywhere and I hope he will leave it at that.”

“you hope? Did he threaten to hurt you Noah?” Holden has got to know the boy as if he were his own son and he recognized the scared look in his eyes. His anger towards Damian grew and he decided to go and talk to him, no matter what Lily or the boys would say about it

“I just don’t understand Holden. Luke and I are committed to each other. We love each other. We don’t screw around or do drugs, the only thing we do is love each other. Why is that wrong?” Noah’s eyes were glued to the sheet as he asked the question.

Luke looked at his love and he felt the tears stinging between his eyes. They had come from so far, fought so hard to be together and now his so called dad had tried to come between them, to scare this wonderful man away from him.

Holden was the first one to react. “Noah, can you please look at me for a second?”

Noah hesitated but looked up eventually, making sure he wouldn’t look at Luke, he didn’t want to see the hurt look in his lovers eyes. He looked Holden in the eyes as Holden started to speak

“there is nothing wrong with the love between you and Luke, nothing to be ashamed for or to doubt about. The only one who should be ashamed and who is very wrong is this man with all of his stupid, ignorant thoughts. I will go and talk to him in the morning and he will leave you alone.”

Lily hadn’t said anything but she was so angry with Damian, she saw red stripes before her eyes. Her knuckles were white from fisting the sheets. She was seriously pissed off.

“maybe you should go back to bed and talk some more. Holden and I will talk to Damian. Luke, you have to decide if you want him to be part of your life, if you want to get past him scaring Noah like this.”

“I’ll have to think about it mom, but for now, I am taking Noah back to our own room.”

Luke kissed his mom and dad on the cheek as Noah gave Lily a kiss and Holden a smile and off they were.

Luke got in at his side of the bed as Noah got on his side. Luke pulled Noah close, holding him tight, arms and legs entwined. They didn’t speak, there was much to be said but they didn’t want to leave this cocoon of heat and love. There would be plenty of time to talk.
They finally fall asleep, still holding on to each other and that is how they wake.

“I want to talk to you tonight Sul, is that okay?” Luke asked Noah when the time to get up came.

“sure Luke, as long as you hold me again like this afterwards.”

“oooh believe me, I will, I will get very close to you tonight.”

They shared kisses and I love you’s, got up, got dressed and had breakfast.
Luke saw Noah pressing some buttons on his cell. He looked a little surprised and Luke got curious.

“something wrong?” he asked

“no, not wrong just a little strange. I got a text from Jeff, asking me to meet him and not to tell you about it.”

“that is strange, are you going?”

“I guess so, he is Jeff, the pack Jeff, I wonder what it is he wants.”

“so go, and tell me later, even if he tells you not to.”

“he should know better, I don’t keep secrets from you.”

They left the subject and left the farm, another day at college awaited them.

chapter 3

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