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Title: loosing love, chapter 4
Chapter: Luke terrified
Rating: this whole story is NC17 for violence and sexual scenes
Summary: Luke finds out Noah is not there
Characters: the pack, the snyders, Damian
Genre: angst
Warnings: i mean no disrespect by the religion displayed in this story. If you feel offended, i apologize
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Luke, terrified

Luke was in the middle of his poetry class when he felt a buzz in his pocket, meaning he has got a text message. He opened his phone and saw it was a text from Damian, asking him to meet at Al’s at noon.

He thought about it for a while, remembering he made a promise to Noah not to talk to Damian. He texted back: I don’t want to talk to you, not until you accept I am with Noah, he chuckled and thought: which is probably never.

Within seconds he had gotten another text: you want to come and see me Luciano, believe me, you do.

Luke felt a shiver going down his spine, a sudden fear kept him from breathing and all he could think off was he had to talk to Noah. He took his backpack, threw his books and pencils in and stormed out of the class.
In the hallway he took his cell and called Noah. The phone was answered within a second and for a moment Luke felt relieve wash down him before he realised something was off. The voice on the other side was not Noah’s. “Damian? Why do you have Noah’s phone?”

“meet me at the diner at noon Luke, and I will tell you.”
Damian broke the phone call off and Luke sank to the nearest wall, his knees trembling, a feeling off nausea settling in his stomach. For a moment he was lost in panic, he didn’t know what to do, who to turn to. But within a second he knew exactly who to call. He tried to pull himself together, tried to calm down. He took his phone and called his dad.

He told the whole story and they agreed his dad would come to the diner at noon too. His dad was also going to look at the farm for Noah and call his mom, to tell her something was wrong.
Luke felt terrified, he felt with his whole being something happened to Noah, and it was because of him. The mere sound of his had calmed him down enough to think logically and he knew Noah had tried to give him answers the precious day.

Luke replayed every word from his last conversation with Noah again in his head. Suddenly he remembered how Noah told him to go to Maddie and Casey if something was off and how Noah was supposed to meet Jeff that morning.
He opened his cell and called Maddie and Casey, they were in class and didn’t answer but Luke didn’t have the time to wait until they were ready. He walked to the administration desk and soon knew where his friends were having college.

Maddie was the one the nearest by so he walked to the college room, knocked on the door and walked to the professor.
“excuse me sir, but there is an emergency situation and one of your students is needed for this.” Luke whispered
The professor was quite irritated by the interruption but when he saw the devastation in the brown eyes of the boy next to him it all faded.
“who do you need?” he asked
“Madeline Coleman.”
The professor was just about to call Madeline’s name when they saw she was already on her way to them.

“Luke, what happened, you look like shit, is something wrong?” Maddie asked, her voice filled with concern.

“you need to come with me Mads, it is an emergency.” Luke thanked the professor and rushed away, dragging Maddie with him.
“I will explain later Mads, first we have to get Casey.”

“Luke, you are freaking me out, tell me, did anyone die? Is Bridget okay? Where is Noah?”
Maddie tried to keep up, but with smaller legs she almost felt carried through the hallway.

“that’s just it Mads, Noah has disappeared.” Luke heard Maddie gasp for air by what he had just said. They reached Casey’s class and again Luke knocked the door and went in.
The lecture hall was huge and packed, so he didn’t see Casey immediately. He ran to the teacher, explained there was an emergency and that he needed to take Casey Hughes.

Casey had seen Luke entering the room and was gathering his things before Luke reached the professor. When Noah had come to his place yesterday he felt troubles coming there way and he had felt bad about it the whole day. He saw the look in Luke’s eyes and felt a new emotion settle in his chest. It was not just fear, it was despair. He knew a terrible thing had happened to Noah.

He ran towards Luke and they left to find Maddie in the hallway. She was on the phone and cut of the conversation when she saw them, she had called Bridget and asked her to meet them in the library.
Luke started to walk, ignoring the questions Casey and Maddie were asking. Bridget was already waiting, her beautiful eyes were big with questions and fear.

In the library, they found a table in a quiet section and he started to talk.
Quickly, his voice startled. “Yesterday Damian approached Noah and scared him. Noah didn’t want to say what exactly happened but he made me promise not to go to Damian about it. He also stated that if something was wrong I had to go and talk to you. About half an hour ago Damian texted me that he wants to meet me at Al’s at noon. I declined and then he texted me again that I wouldn’t want to do that. He scared me so I left my college and tried to call Noah, Damian answered Noah’s cell. Something happened to Noah, I can feel it and I need to know why he needed me to talk to you.”

Casey, Bridget and Maddie were all struck by what Luke had told them.
“Luke, you should go to the police. Don’t go and meet Damian on your own this afternoon!” Maddie said

“I wont, my dad is coming with me, but I have to know. Now tell me, Casey, what did Noah mean?”

Casey thought about the visit of Noah the past day and started to explain to Luke.
“Noah called me, said he had something for you that I could only give to you if something happened to him. He didn’t want to tell me why, he just said he had a bad feeling. So he swung by my place and gave me an envelope. He said I should always have it with me and that I only could give it to you in person and not to your parents or anyone else.”

“so do you have it on you?” Luke asked impatiently

“yes, it is in my backpack.” Casey reached for his backpack and took out an envelope. He handed the envelope to Luke who tore is open and found a note, written in Noah’s steady, manly handwriting. He started to read

Damian offered me $250,000 to walk away from you. When I declined he threatened to hurt me or make me disappear. He said he does not want to have a gay son, that you will grow over this phase. Everything he told you, told us in the last months has been a lie. If you read this, I am not there. I would never leave you at my own choice, please come and find me. Go to the police, use Lucina’s influence, use the pack, use your parents, whatever you need, just come and find me, I might be in real trouble. Don’t believe anything Damian tells you, he is a liar. Don’t do anything he tells you too and certainly don’t go with him, even if my life is at stake. You will be able to find me on your own. I have faith.
I will wait my entire life for you, I love you Luke

Luke read the letter again before letting Casey, Bridget and Maddie read it. He turned to Maddie “what about you Mads?”

“same thing Luke, I think I have got the same letter, only he told me to keep in a safe spot. So I put it in Henry’s safe. He didn’t want to tell me what was going on, he made me promise not to tell you or Bridget, a promise I off course didn’t keep. So Bridget knows, she was planning on talking to him today. He was scared Luke, really scared, I have never seen him like that, not even the day his dad died.”

“I don’t understand why he didn’t tell me, he only said Damian didn’t want us to live together because we are so young. He made it sound like Damian was just worried about me but I knew there was something off. He was really upset. Damn, where can he be?” Luke buried his head in his hands.

“I don’t know man, but we are all here for you.” Casey said “let’s call Kevin, Sarah and Jeff and we can meet after your meeting with Damian, we will find him back.”

When Luke heard Casey mentioning Jeff, he remembered the text Noah had gotten that morning.
“wait wait, Jeff texted Noah this morning that he wanted to meet him and that Noah shouldn’t tell me. But we don’t keep secrets so he told me anyway, Jeff could very well be the last one who saw Noah. Guys, could you talk to Jeff while I go and meet Damian? It is almost noon and I don’t want my dad to start without me. Let’s get back here around two?”

“sure Luke, go and be careful, we will talk to Jeff and we will see you here at two.”

Luke took the letter from Noah and put it in the pocket of his jeans.

He lifted his backpack over his shoulders and left the library. Off to meet the one person he knew he would hate for the rest of his life.

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