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Title: loosing love
Chapter: 7 of 10 Noah, disgust
Rating: NC17 for violence
Summary: Noah has been 2 weeks in camp James, will he be able to go to the next stage?
Characters: Noah, others
Genre: angsty
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CHAPTER 7 Noah, disgust

As the first week came to an end and Noah healed from the beating he got from refusing his new name, a slow pattern came in his daily activities.

Mostly Noah felt numb.

The first night he cried over Luke, thinking about how upset Luke would be and how much he would be missing Noah. Just as much as Noah missed Luke. But the price he had to pay the next morning at group therapy was high. The tape with the sound of his sobs was played to the entire group. The therapist had made Noah stand in a circle while he was laughed at by Therapists, members of the James family and guards. The other boys had looked at him in pity.
When the tape ended he found himself back in a place where real man don’t cry and although it had felt as the army all over again he also found some comfort in the familiar grounds he was forced to walk.

Noah never spoke until he had to, he just followed the rules and made no trouble. He had only one goal; search for a way out of the hell he was placed in and return home. He tried not to think about the other boys in the facility, about the bruises, the abuse during classes and groups.

He wrote words of nonsense in his diary, lies about how much he had learned about what it takes to be a man but at the end of week two, things shifted in a horrible way.

After dinner a knock on his door got Noah out of his daydreams and when he looked up he saw a young woman enter his cabin. She wore a very short skirt and a very short top and Noah didn’t like what he was seeing one bit. Her hair was way too blonde, her breasts too big and her eyes wore to much make up.

“Hello Cham, I am here so you can prove your manhood to Mr James, so you can enter the next phase of your program.”

Noah’s heart stopped beating for a moment while his mind urged him to flee the place, just run away from this woman and her ideas of manhood.

“I euh…. I am sorry but I am not going to have sex with you madam.”

Great Mayer, keep up the polite act, maybe you can scare her away with that, he thought.

“Well young man, I am afraid you’re going to have to try, or your guards will come down here and persuade you. Just get naked and lie on the bed, I will do all the work for you.”

“No!” Noah almost shouted, trying to think of a good reason not to do this, he started babbling in nervousness and disgust. “I am sorry but my religion prevents me from sleeping with someone who gets paid for it. I have never had sex with a woman before and I don’t want to loose something as precious as my virginity to someone I don’t love. I am not ready to go to the next stage just yet. Please don’t make me do this.”

The woman didn’t give in; “honey, either you get naked and on the bed or I am going to get someone who can help you to get naked and on the bed. Your choice sweets.”

“I am sorry, I can’t do this, you will have to make me.”

The whispered words hadn’t left his mouth or the door was opened and three guards came barging through.

“last chance sugah, get naked and on the bed” the woman called out to Noah, who only shook his head as a comment. “He is all yours guys; I want him naked and helpless on that bed within five minutes.”

The woman left the cabin while the three men started to circle Noah.

Noah didn’t fight back one bit and within a few minutes he was naked and on the bed, one eye black and swollen, his jaw bleeding and his chest bruised.
Every breath felt like an agony and he wasn’t able to do anything more than lie there. He sincerely doubted the woman was able to get him aroused or hard and he knew he had to deal with the consequences of that but he couldn’t think about it right now. His aching body kept the thoughts of more punishment far out of his system.

The woman entered the cabin again and looked down on him.
“You know you got yourself to thank for this right honey, you got have just laid back and enjoyed the ride.”

She got up on the bed and let her hands trail to Noah abs and lower. Her hand was laid to rest on Noah’s dick and she circled the soft flesh with her fingers. Nothing happened.
“Well, looks like you’re giving me a challenge and I love those babe. Tell me, did your love call you babe when he entered your ass?”

Noah didn’t react, he just kept his eyes shut closely and tried to focus on the pain and not on the woman touching his private part. It worked remarkably well until he felt soft lips circling the top of his penis, licking and giving a small amount of suction. Dreading his body would cheat on him he pinched his eye, feeling the pain erupt through him like a volcano.

“Oh you think you are so smart, don’t you? Lets see if you can keep your body from reacting for much longer.”

Just as she prepared to deep throat him the sounds of sirens were heard through out the camp. Noah heard several small explosions and cars riding through closed fences. The woman screamed with fear and left the cabin but Noah just smiled. Luke was close by, he could feel it.

His mind fell into the silent darkness that was waiting for him since the beating but when the lights in his head went out, he couldn’t help but smiling his way into unconsciousness.

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