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Title: loosing love chapter 9
Chapter: Luke, overcome
Rating: NC17 for violence
Summary: Will Luke find Noah?
Characters: Luke, Noah, Jack ,Casey, Holden, others
Genre: angst
Warnings: no beta, so all mistakes are mine
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Loosing love chapter 8 Luke,overcome

Looking at his dad, his own true father, Luke thought back at the last two weeks.

Damian got arrested screaming, shouting and kicking. Like always he only thought only about himself and he struck a deal. He called the facility Noah was held every other day, making sure he would live the ordeal. He had turned the location of camp James over to the FBI and there had been a big investigation going.
Damian was leaving the country as soon as Noah was found and would never be allowed in again.

Luke thought he went crazy when they told him he couldn’t get Noah out just yet. He hadn’t been able to eat or sleep for ten days, until his parents put him on a sedative and he slept for twenty- eight hours in a row. He was worried sick and when the feds announced they were going in, he told them was going to be there.
No matter what, he would either go with them and wait until the camp was secured or he would go in on his own. So there he was, in the car with his dad, Jack and Casey. Kevin was at the farm with the girls.
Bridget wanted to come too, but with the promise Luke would call as soon as he found Noah she stayed at the farm with the rest of the Snyder clan.

They drove for about an hour; the late afternoon sun was already setting when they finally reached the barricaded road towards the facility. Holden opened his window and told the agent behind the line who they were. After a couple of minutes they were allowed behind the post and they drove up a road towards the FBI agents that were waiting to get the show on the road.
There were swat teams, police officers and FBI agents all over the place getting ready to ambush the illegal world of James.

Holden parked the car and all four of them got out. There contact person walked up them immediately, explaining the rules one more time. They were to stay by their car until the place was secured and only then they were allowed to search for Noah. They were not to have contact with the other young men and women at the camp and they were not allowed to read any papers they would find. When they had found Noah, they would have to get back to the car but they couldn’t leave until Noah’s was officially released. Luke had heard the story over and over again for the last couple of days. He could spell the rules and had no more patience. They needed to get going. He needed Noah with a desperation he had never felt before.

After what seemed to be hours and hours of waiting but what was actually nearly half an hour the signal finally came and the grounds were flushed with police men. It seemed to be going smoothly enough, there were a few explosions and some gunfire heard but it didn’t seem to get out of hand and soon the first busses with cuffed man in uniforms were driven away.

Then ambulances started to arrive and Luke stopped breathing momentarily. When his contact person finally came Luke was off the deep end. He was shaking and shivering and tears were streaming down his face. Why did it take so long and why were there so many ambulances going on the property?

“Luke, you can go on and search for Noah, we have the hospital wings cleared and he was not there. The cabins are on the right side near the lake. Remember the rules, there will be FBI agents going through the cabins too, if we find him before you do we will contact you immediately.”

With a short touch of Luke’s shoulder they were led onto the property and towards the cabins.

“Okay guys, let’s split up. Luke and I will take the first row. Jack and Casey the second, if we find him we will call each other.”

They had had a plan ready for days and the four men split up looking for Noah. Luke and Holden searched the first row of cabins but didn’t find Noah, then they went to the third row.

Luke went into the first cabin and Holden in the second. The cabin Luke entered smelled strange, a bit like rain on iron and it was dark inside. Luke could see there was somebody lying in the bed but the person didn’t answer when he called out. Luke decided to approach the bed, his heart beating rapidly in his chess. When he stood next to the bed he pulled back the covers a bit but all he could see was dark hair and a dirty face with strange swollen eyes.

He reached out to turn on the bed light and gasped in horror. His Noah was on the bed, his face bloody, bruised and swollen. Noah was naked and Luke could see his body was bruised too. Tears of anger and sadness filled his eyes while he carefully pushed Noah’s hair back from his face. He felt a steady heartbeat when his fingers touched Noah’s throat and the relieve filling took his breath away.

“Noah, Noah, can you hear me? Can you open your eyes for me Sul?” Luke asked softly while he retrieved his phone from his pocket.

The body on the bed didn’t move and Luke thought about calling his dad but he knew he would fall apart if he heard his dad’s voice and he needed to be strong, to be there for Noah so he called Jack instead.

“Jack, I found him in the first cabin, third row but we need an ambulance, get dad and hurry.” Luke ended the connection and focused on Noah again.
“Noah, Noah, I am here. I love you so much and I am so sorry”

Luke felt tears streaming down his face but he didn’t care. He just held Noah as carefully as he could. He saw Holden, Jack and Casey running into the cabin and stopping dead in their tracks when they saw Noah’s bruised, unconscious body on the bed.
Holden had tears running down his face too while Casey just turned pale in anger. Jack turned around and waited outside the cabin for the ambulance to show up.

When the doctors finally entered the cabin it took all they had to get Luke to release his hold on Noah. Finally Luke let go and Noah was stabilized. When they were ready to move him to the nearest hospital Luke asked if he could ride along in the ambulance. When he got permission he asked Casey to call the girls and his dad to call mom to come to the hospital. T

he ambulance ride was one from hell. Luke couldn’t stop looking at Noah’s pale bruised face, holding his hand and talking to him. But Noah didn’t react. He didn’t move and when they arrived to the hospital Luke was left behind while the love of his life was taken behind a door.

Luke took a step backwards, untill his back hit the wall. He let himself slide down the wall, hugged his knees and laid his head on them taking deep breaths to stop the panic that raise in his chest. From the distance he heard someone asking him something but he couldn’t react. Darkness overcame him and absorbed his pain.
He couldn’t do anything else but give in and embrace the peace that filled his mind while his body slit into unconsciousness

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