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Okay, first off people, I don’t own any of the ATWT characters or actors and have no affiliation with either the show, CBS network or Proctor and Gamble and if I did, there would be a lot more Nuke airtime. This is a story as I would like to see the Luke/Noah story to go with regards to Luke’s paralysis and their relationship for the up coming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I don’t watch much of ATWT outside of the Nuke moments and may not have the family dynamics done right here, but after several hours of research, I think I have the basic core of the current Snyder family intact, so if I don’t, please forgive me for my ignorance. I also was not aware of any of the Snyder family traditions when I started this, so I am so sorry the cutting of the squash and whatever other yearly rituals is not part of this story. Also please excuse the spelling and or grammar errors that may be found in this story. Anyone seriously wanting to beta my stories can contact me if you would like. And lastly: I am rating this story somewhere between PG13 and PG17. There will be some of what I hope are very tender and moving moments between characters that some people may find offensive, but not of the outright sexual nature. My intent is not to write a story of lust and sexual satisfaction, but a love story that transcends if not exceeds anything of the physical nature. Please enjoy the journey and I welcome comments and reviews, but please no flames. (Wouldn’t flaming a slash story be redundant?) Enjoy.


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