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Title: purple spoons and gossip guy, by Julia, originally for a ff contest
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: pg13?
Summary: Eduardes Grimaldon, gossip guy pur sang meets the band Steelthigh
Characters: Luke, Steelthigh
Genre: fluffy Juliasm
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As Luke watched the list of demands he got shoved in his face he sighed. Damn rockstars with their damn wishes and their damn attitude.

Luke Snyder was the host of the Oakdale Pine theatre and it was his job to make sure all the artists got what they wanted, needed, requested and demanded during their performance at the theatre. His job was a lot of fun, where he interacted with celebrity’s and got the chance to observe them, ask them some innocent questions and use them for his internet column as Eduardez Grimaldon, gay gossip slash lifestyle guru slash fashion stator. No-one knew what his real identity was, he got readers from all over the world and advertisers paid him big money to advertise at his website.

Luke chuckled as he went over the demand list for the band Steelthigh that was going to perform for three nights in a row, all three concerts were completely sold out. The band was popular with ladies between their late teens and mid twenty’s and there were a lot of rumors about gang bangs with fans and outrageous misbehavior. Luke couldn’t wait to see what was true about them.

Steelthigh was a boyband with 5 members. They made mostly rock and some ballads. Their most famous song was a cover from a ancient band called ‘ bed of roses’. Their interpretation of the song had hit the number one on the charts for 21 weeks, a new record in the united states.

Luke looked at the pamphlet in his hand, all the members of steelthigh were stunningly handsome.

The guitar player was called Rex Huntington, had blond spikey hair and stunningly green eyes.
The bass player was called Harry Granger, with dark curls that fell over his shoulders and big brown eyes.
The piano player was called Noah Mayer, really tall, brown hair, blue eyes and the naughtiest smile Luke had ever seen.
The drummer was called Eric Carlson, with red blond hair, dark blue eyes and freckles all over his face.
The last member was James Ashley, black hair that fell over a suntanned face with brown eyes.

All of them could sing as well as they played their instrument and Luke actually liked quite a few of their songs.

He was looking forward to meet the band although their demand list was odd to say the least.
He put down the pamphlet and got to work at the dressing room, making sure everything was going to be as the band wanted it.

- blue m&m’s only - > check
- cherry coke, real cherries and red glasses - > check
- Heineken cool beer, temperature 2 degrees Celsius exactly - > check and double check by tasting one, just to be sure. Yes, definitely check.
- Coca cola zero with sliced lemon that was exactly 3 mm thick - > check
- Pasta salad with rucola, half sundried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, homemade pesto and parmesan cheese - > check
- Home made cornbread with salted butter and garlic - > check
- Cocos flavored yoghurt and purple spoons- > whoaaaaaaa purple spoons? Where the hell would he get purple spoons on such short notice.

Luke made a few calls but the purple spoons were beyond his power. The request was incredibly odd and made him wonder what the following days would have in store for him. He decided to test the sense of humor of the band and ran to the toystore a few doors from the theatre, bought some purple paint and dipped some spoons in. He smiled widely when he put the dried spoons on a plate and put them next to the yoghurt in the small fridge in the dressing room. The dressing room was covered in daisies and sunflowers; the usual couch was removed and replaced by three loveseats and a rather big bed, made with black linen sheets.

When Luke was satisfied with the look of the room he closed the door and went onto the stage to make sure the fridge just behind the curtain was filled with the right bottles of water and soda’s. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a single voice, accompanied with piano music singing a ballad. Luke listened for a while to the warm, soothing voice and felt his inside roar with something close to desire. He slowly walked towards the voice and his mouth fell open when he saw the most beautiful man he had ever seen sitting at the piano. He pulled the pamphlet out of his jeans to see who he was dealing with. Noah, he tasted the name on his tongue when he whispered it softly.

The man at the piano was singing with his eyes closed, as if possessed by the words and the melody of the song. Luke didn’t know he was holding his breath until his lunges screamed for air and he let out a shuddered sigh. When the song was finished Noah stayed behind the piano before slowly opening his eyes. They found Luke’s in an instant and Noah smiled shyly to Luke.

“hi, I felt your presence, I hope you enjoyed the song, I finished it especially for you.” The shy smile changed into a flirtatious one as Noah’s eyes wander over Luke’s body.

Luke felt a blush running over his cheeks and he was lost for words for a second.
“Hi, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I was just checking if everything is in order for you and your fellow members of the band. I am Luke; I am your host for the next couple three days.”

Noah looked at Luke with an amazed twinkle in his eyes before he started to laugh out loud, softly to begin with but soon he was holding his belly, laughing almost hysterical.
Luke stared at him puzzled, wondering if Noah was making fun of him. When he heard a noise behind him Luke turned around and found the other four members of the band looking at Noah as puzzled as he was.

When Noah had calmed down a little he called out to his colleagues: “hey guys, meet Luke, our host for the next three days.” He started to laugh again.
Luke noticed the other members of the band started to laugh too and he was feeling more uncomfortable and embarrassed by the second. What the **** were they doing, laughing at him like this? No matter how much he needed the job, this was going too far.
He started to walk off the stage when Noah called him back.

“Wait, wait Luke, I am sorry, were not making fun of you, its just.” His voice trailed off as Luke turned around and approached them again.
“Just what? “He asked, his voice still a little tense.

Noah made a face at the other members and the red haired one, Luke thought about it for a second, Yes Eric, started to speak.
“Our host are normally women, women who want more from us that we are willing to give so we keep them distracted with insane demands.”

Luke couldn’t help but smiling: “ ahhh that’s where the purple spoons come in?” He asked
“Yeah exactly, we keep a list to which host can get us the most of our demands, but no-one has ever managed the purple spoons before.”

Now Luke was smiling widely:” well, you’ve got purple spoons in your dressing room today.” He walked towards the four guys still standing at the edge of the stage to shake their hands. “Shall I show you the way to your dressing room?” he asked.

Noah got up from behind the piano and walked towards the rest of them. He extended his hand to Luke and when Luke shook it he held it just half a moment too long, flashing that ******* gorgeous grin at Luke again. Luke felt his insides melt but forced himself to walk in front of the band towards the dressing room. When they were there he explained that he would be in the room next to them and that when they needed anything they should just come and get him or dial 1 on the phone near the door. He closed the door behind them and walked to his office, softly panting when the images of that smile kept burning his eyes.

He had just started his computer when he heard the sound of frantic laughter from the guy’s dressing room. He chuckled, guessing they found their purple spoons.

He opened a new word document and typed his observations in it. When his mind went blank he reread and noticed he only observed nice things, like the sound of Noah’s voice and the friendly, polite way they explained their ridiculous wishlist. He almost hoped he wouldn't find anything gossip worthy about them.

A knock on the door startled him; he quickly saved his document before calling:” come in”

The door swung open and Noah was standing at the threshold looking obscenely good in leather trousers that were hanging so low on his hips he could see a trail of black hair leading down. On top he wore a tight black wife beater that ended just above the trousers. He wore black leather boots and Luke saw his face was covered in make up just enough to keep his face from shining and to make his eyes look brighter and bigger.
Luke looked at him in awe, and noticed the look of raw lust that was shining in Noah’s eyes.

“Like what you see, Luke?” he asked, his voice hoarse and soft.
“You look incredibly hot in that outfit” the words escaped Luke’s mouth before he could stop them.

Noah walked inside the office, closing the door behind him with his foot. Luke was already out of his chair and halfway through the room when Noah captured him in his arms and pressed his mouth to Luke’s. The kiss was rough, all clinging teeth and colliding tongues. Noah bit down on Luke’s lower lip when they parted just enough to breathe before his tongue slit over the stinging spot, soothing it and biting down again.
Luke moaned against Noah’s mouth, making him even hotter and uncomfortable in his tight leather trousers.
Noah’s mouth slit towards Luke’s throat, sucking on the spot where his heart was pulsing fast while Luke let his hands trail over Noah’s back to his ass, squeezing hard.

A knock on the door made them stop, their foreheads touched as their breathing turned even again.

Noah looked in Luke’s eyes before he spoke up: “Look, Luke, I don’t know what is happening here, I am falling hard for you and our fans don’t even know I am gay. I hope I can count on your discretion and I also hope you will wait for me tonight and spend the night at my suite.”

Luke knew he wanted this as much as Noah but he also knew he had a column due early in the morning.
“I need to work for about an hour after the show to clean up and then I have to make a report, which I can do on my laptop at your suite. I would love to spend the night with you.”

“Deal” Noah said, pressing a last kiss at Luke’s mouth before they walked out the door and towards the stage where Noah met up with his band and Luke made sure everything behind the scenes went as smooth as possible.

The show was a huge success and as an encore Noah sang ‘bed of roses with only the piano accompanying him. The rest of the band went off the stage, the spotlight found Noah and he started to play.
Luke was standing on the side of the podium behind the curtain; he could see Noah’s long fingers playing the piano. He wondered if those fingers would be playing his body with the same confidence that night and he felt a stroke of heat in his groin.

When the concert was over and Luke was done cleaning up after the band he went to his office to found Noah asleep on the couch there, wearing sweats, a sweater and smelling deliciously clean. He decided to finish his column before waking Noah up and take him to the hotel.
During his writing he kept looking at the sleeping man, wondering what the future held for them.
When he was finished he woke Noah with butterfly kisses over his entire body and by the time they left the theatre they had both come twice already, ready for another round of asspounding deliciously hot, rough sex.

They woke up together early afternoon from a knock on the door. Noah climbed out of bed, threw on a pair of jeans and opened it, finding Eric almost hysterical at the threshold.
“You have got to read the column of Grimaldon, it is all about us, about you actually and it’s all positive.”
Noah opened his laptop while Eric came in, flashing wide grin at Luke. “Morning Luke, guess you two had fun last night?”
Luke blushed heavily but Noah just grinned his naughty grin at Eric.

When they found the website Luke stepped out of bed, quickly throwing on Noah’s sweats before he went into the bathroom, murmuring something about a shower.

Noah’s eyes went over the words in the column, his grin turning wider and when he reached the end of it he knew his life would never be the same. He send Eric away and joined Luke in the shower.

Luke was standing with his back to Noah, enjoying the heat of the shower. Noah let his arms slid around his waists, hugging him tight from behind before he placed his mouth near Luke’s ear

“So Eduardez, the tour ends in three months, when can I move in?”

Steelthigh, sexy men with voices that makes one insides melt

Thousands of screaming fans welcomed the boy/rockband Steelthighs at the Pinetheatre in Oakdale Illinois and your reporter went to see what all the fuzz is about.
Well, I found out the fuzz is about five gorgeous man with even better voices, their warm sound made my insides melt and something else stand up straight.
Especially the sexy voice of piano player Noah Mayer made this normally rational man wanting to be on the inside of those steel thighs with hope for a long lasting commitment.
If you get the opportunity to go and see them, I would very much encourage you to do so, just remember. Hands of from Mr. Mayer, who, in my dreams, will move into my cottage and **** me al through the couch, the kitchen and finally in my bed of roses for the rest of my life. Love has found me people. Till the next encounter. Eduardez!

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