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Title: She
Chapter: 3
Rating: NC17!!!!
Summary: luke answers the question
Characters: Luke, Noah
Genre: fluffiest with some Juliathingies
Warnings: english is not my native language
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Chapter 3, YES, YES, YES, NOOO

Luke’s breath went faster, his heart beating in his chest as if he had just run a mile in freezing cold weather. He could only look in the eyes of the man beside him, his own eyes huge with shock. He felt like he was drowning in those blue eyes that looked upon him with a hint of insecurity and anxiousness.

“Marry you?” he finally mumbled “you want to marry me?”

Noah mouth twisted in just a hint of a smile before he cupped Luke’s face with both his hands, kissed him softly on the lips and answered the question.
“Yes Luke, I would very much want you to marry me”

Luke’s eyes grew even bigger, before a wide smile forced itself on his face. His eyes lit up in joy and he threw himself at Noah, hugging him tightly before showering his face with butterfly kisses.

“YES! YES! Off course I want to marry you!”

The words hadn’t left Luke’s mouth or his lips were crushed by a smiling mouth, hot lips covering his own until his mouth opened far enough to allow Noah’s tongue entrance. The kiss was hot with passion but soft with love the same time. It burned a way through Luke’s body to his heart where it settled itself by an emotion words couldn’t describe and from there it passed his vain to his crotch where his erection started to grow.

Noah felt it too, the emotion in his heart, the epic love for this man so close to his body, being aroused, not only from the kiss but also from the idea of spending the rest of his life with Luke. Husband, he tasted the word in his head while his tongue kept in close contact with Luke’s. Noah pushed Luke gently backwards on the couch until he was lying flat on his back. He looked down at the man below him for a moment, taking just the time to take off his shirt and tuck at Luke’s, leading him into action to loose his shirt too.

When Luke lay back again, Noah settled himself on top off him, reveling in the feeling of feeling the hairs on Luke’s chest tickling his own, nipple to nipple. He covered Luke’s lips with his own once again, their tongues softly dueling one and other, feeding the love between them with soft moans and happy sighs. It felt like they had just kissed for hours when Noah broke the connection to put his lips at Luke’s ear to suck on the small lobe.

When he heard the soft catching of Luke’s breath he smiled a wicked grin and continued his exploration of Luke’s body. He put his knees on each side of Luke’s groin, softly sitting up. He rubbed his chest to Luke’s, their nipples grazing each other softly, causing four blotches to grow harder by the intensity of the touch before he hovered over Luke’s upper body pressing small kisses down his cheek to his neck where he kissed the pulsing vain and sucked on it till there was a purple bruise visible. He flickered his tongue over the bruise, lapping it before kissing his way down to Luke’s chest. When he felt the soft, almost golden hairs on Luke’s chest under his mouth he couldn’t resist the urge to rub it with his cheek, feeling like a cat who had just found the perfect place to rest in. Noah nuzzled the dimple in Luke’s chest, inhaling the sweet scent of Luke, arousal and a bit of Luke’s cologne. The perfect mixture which Noah knew for sure would be a best seller when it could be bottled.

He loosened the flyer on Luke’s jeans, unbuttoning it and tucking it down Luke’s thighs, along with his boxer briefs. Luke wiggled his thighs and threw of the jeans impatiently, waiting for Noah to continue his exploration. Noah slid down Luke’s body, straddling his knees before he licked his way down to Luke’s belly button, plunging his tongue in, noticing Luke’s breathing got more and more irregular and his hands were tucked into Noah’s hair.

As Noah worshipped Luke’s body, Luke’s mind became blank, he couldn’t think anymore, he could just feel. He felt Noah’s tongue dipping down his belly button and he wanted to tell Noah it tickled but instead of that he could only moan. He felt Noah’s mouth biting down softly at the skin just bellow his belly button and then again, not so softly. He wanted to tell him how sensitive that spot was and how the feeling of those sharp teeth send shivers down his spine but nothing coherent came out of his mouth, he just whimpered. When Noah’s mouth breathed hot breath of the top of his cock his back arched towards that mouth before he could even think about it and when Noah finally took his erection in his mouth and nuzzled the pubic hair at the base he could only scream his name, goose bumps at his upper body as all his muscles tensed up.

Luke knew he could come any moment and he wanted to make love to Noah way longer than that, so he pulled Noah’s hair hard, still not able to make a full sentence he just moaned, hoping Noah would understand. Noah was able to read Luke’s body even better than he himself could and when he felt the tuck on his hair and the moan coming from the man beneath him he stopped with one last swirl of his tongue before he licked his way up until his mouth could cover Luke’s in a lazy battle between lips and tongues.

Luke’s hands trailed over Noah’s back, down to his buttock before he pulled Noah on top of him. Noah’s jeans brushed his naked cock and send a shiver down his spine. Suddenly he was really aware of the fact he was the only one naked and he needed Noah’s naked body up his, like now. He pushed Noah away just enough to open his jeans. Noah lifted his hips, allowing Luke to shift his jeans passed them before he got up on his knees, pushed them down as far as he could and lay down again, his jeans at his knees and easy enough to shed. Noah made it a habit not to wear any underwear in his jeans which has more often than not turned out a handy little habit.

When he was on top of Luke again he wiggled his hips, feeling the joy of their erections touching each other softly, just smoothly rubbing against each other. Noah whimpered at the feeling of his sensitive head and Luke’s exchanging precome, and suddenly the slow pace that they had been taking wasn’t enough anymore. He got up on his knees, reached for his jeans and got a small tube out of the back pocket. He looked at Luke, who was looking up on him with half closed eyes, dark brown with passion and love.

Noah lay down again and flipped them over, so Luke was on top of him.

“Ride me”

he mumbled and he saw Luke’s eyes grow in anticipation of what was lying ahead. He opened the tube and coated his fingers with lube, Luke scooted a little higher on his chest and leaned forward, his butt exposed and open for Noah. Noah reached behind Luke and rubbed his fingers down the crack, before he rubbed small circles on the entrance and sank a finger in. He heard Luke whimper softly and with his free hand he lifted his chin to capture his mouth in a searing kiss, he sank his lips in Luke’s lower lip before soothing the area with his tongue. Their teeth touched, their tongues collided with passion. Without breaking the kiss Noah entered Luke with a second finger, scissoring the two, preparing Luke for the intrusion of Noah’s cock into his body. When he hit Luke’s prostate over and over again with his fingers Noah could feel Luke moaning against his lips and knew he was ready.

He withdrew his fingers, coated his dick with lube while Luke pushed his way down his body until his own body was in perfect place. He raised his hips and with a little help hes guided himself over Noah’s cock. When he felt the head pushing past the tight ring of muscles he slowly lowered himself, inch by inch, slow enough to let his body get used to the sudden intrusion but fast enough to withdraw a helpless sound of pleasure from Noah. Luke placed his hands on Noah’s chest for leverage and let Noah enter his body completely. When his hips met Noah’s body he held still for a moment, looking at Noah who had closed his eyes, a concentrated expression on his face and Luke knew Noah tried really hard not to come right there and then. Luke held still a little longer until he saw Noah opening his eyes and Noah’s hands grasped him around his waist, forcing him to move. When Luke lifted his hips the slightest way up and slammed down again Noah’s dick rubbed against his prostate and Luke saw white stars explode behind his now closed eyes. Every movement Luke made was angled perfectly and it didn’t take long before he felt his balls tighten and his orgasm rushed through him, big streams of white come spurted against his stomach, dripping down on Noah. His inner muscles clammed over and over again, the feeling send shivers down Noah’s cock, strong enough to push him over the edge and releasing deep inside his partner.

Luke crashed on Noah’s chest and in an instant Noah’s arms circled around his back, pulling him even closer. Their mouths sought each other once more, sharing the softest, tender kiss that only true lovers share. When they both calmed down enough to feel the need to clean themselves, Luke got up from the couch, reaching out his hand to Noah who took the invitation and let Luke take him into their shower. Luke adjusted the temperature of the water before he stepped into the shower.

Noah followed and hugged him from behind, his face resting on Luke’s shoulder, his mouth close to Luke’s ear.

“We can’t actually get married here, but I was thinking we could do a commitment ceremony with all our friends and family here and then go on a honeymoon to Las Vegas and get married there. We also need to make some legal arrangements like our wills and power of attorney. I thought we do that as soon as possible, maybe Lucinda’s lawyers can help us out.”

Luke relaxed against Noah, enjoying the warm water, the warm body of his love and the conversation about there future.

“I will give her a call first thing in the morning. I am sure she will lend us a lawyer, she had too many anyways. Did you think of a date to do the ceremony? I would love to do it in the backyard of the house, what do you think?”

Noah thought about it for a moment:

“what about we do the commitment ceremony on august 21, the day we started to share your room. And I would love it to be at the backyard. Do you think your parents will approve?”

Luke didn’t hesitate one second:

“they wouldn’t want it any other way, they will be so happy for us.”

They took a long shower, discussing all kind of plans and when they rolled into bed naked they had the first outlines of their big day ready. Luke felt anxious to tell his family so they had decided to go and meet the Snyder’s for breakfast, not willing to wait any longer.

It was still dark outside when Luke woke up and immediately he knew he was the only one lying in the bed. He threw away the covers, grabbed a pajama pants and went looking for his man. He found Noah on the couch, looking at the pictures of his parents and although Noah didn’t look at Luke, he could sense Noah was crying. He sat down next to Noah on the couch and Noah laid his head on Luke’s shoulder. They sat there for a few minutes before Noah started to talk.

“I am so sorry they couldn’t meet you and see how happy you make me. I love your family but I hate the thought of getting married without them. My mom should walk me down the aisle; my dad should be my best man. It is just so unfair.”

Luke scooted on Noah’s lap, facing him, his legs circling around his waist and he hugged him tight. Noah held on to Luke while hot tears were streaming down his face, his sobs sounded desperate and Luke felt his own eyes tear up as well. When Noah finally relaxed in the embrace Luke got up and pulled Noah towards the bedroom.
Luke spooned Noah, rubbing soothing circles on his tummy and holding him close to his heart. When Noah finally fell asleep Luke closed his eyes also, knowing that his heart forever belonged to the man he was holding in his arms

No way he would ever loose him. NO fucking way

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