the luke and noah academy for sexual education, part 2 of 2This is a featured page

Title: the luke and noah academy for sexual education
Chapter: 2 of 2

Rating: very NC17
Summary: Casey introduces his boyfriend James to Luke and Noah
Characters: Luke, Noah, Casey, James
Genre: juliaporn
Warnings: luke and noah have sex with other people in this FF, do not like? do not read!!
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part 1

They entered the apartment with faces full of expected pleasure. Noah closed the door after James and leaned against it, his eyes wandering over James his body. He knew he loved Luke more then anything but he loved this little adventure. His mind drifted to the evening Casey had entered his body and he couldn’t help but smile, Casey was quite good at the sex thing and he knew for sure that once the couple was over their awkwardness things would work out. He could see the love James carried for his friend in his deep brown eyes.

Luke took off his jacket and handed it to Noah, ushering James and Casey to do the same thing. He then walked with them to the living room and they sat on the couch, Luke in the middle. Noah hung up their jackets and joined his lover and their friends in the living room. He took the loveseat and without any hesitation Luke got up from the couch and wrapped himself around Noah on the seat.

“You know, you guys, have you ever talked about what you do and don’t like in the bedroom?” Luke asked Casey and James who both turned a delicious shade of red.

“We haven’t, I just don’t know how to tell James what I like when I don’t even know what it I like. I know I liked everything I did with you but I don’t know how to tell that in words. With you, it just got to me along the way.”

“How about you, James, do you know what you like?” Luke turned to James, smiling sweetly.

“I have never had gay sex before Casey, I didn’t know anything about what to put where and how before him and I just don’t know how to name what I want and what I dream of.”

“So, what do you want from us?” Luke addressed James, knowing what Casey would want.

“I want to hear your sexstory, you obviously are very much in tune with each others body and I want you to show us how to do it, to teach us what feels good and what doesn’t.” James had thought about this for a few days and he knew he could trust Luke and Noah. He wanted them to show him how good sex with another man could be.

“Okay, let’s talk first and act later.” Noah looked Luke deep in the eyes. “Do you want to tell them about us?” he asked.

Luke nodded and began his story, starting at the very start. How Noah had been with Maddie, how they fell for each other and kissed for the first and second time. The awful things that had happened with Noah’s dad and how Luke was in the wheelchair for quite some time. The story ended just before the break up about the election.

“We were really in love and we really wanted to be together, but we had nowhere to go. Then one day at the farm we came home to an empty house and went off to my room. We didn’t have sex but we frotted and it was horrible. We both came but we were so embarrassed, we could hardly look at each other. There we were, boyfriends for a year and a half and still uncomfortable with each other. When we looked at each other, both red and naked, covered in come and we started to laugh. That broke the tension. We decided to turn off the lights and just talk about sex and what we fantasized about. Soon we both had hard ons again and I went down on Noah for the first time. He didn’t last longer than a minute but when he returned the favor, neither did I. We just started from there, just talking before we did anything. Within a few weeks we were ready to have sex but then we broke up. When Casey and Jade got us back together we had sex the first time and the second and the third. Well, you get the picture. It just got better with every try.” Luke finished his story.

James opened his mouth but closed it again, his cheek flushing.
“You can ask us anything James.” Noah told his new friend softly.
“How did you decide who was on top and who was the bottom?” James asked, rambling the words.
Luke smiled at Noah, pressing a soft kiss at his lips. Noah had the softest, most adoring look in his eyes when he stared back at his boyfriend. For a moment they were lost in each other before Casey softly cleared his throat.
Noah tore his eyes from Luke and answered the question.
“Well, everyone always assumes Luke is the bottom in our relationship, since I had sex with a girl before and it is true, Luke bottoms at some times but the first few times I bottomed. Being the bottom is about control. For three quarter of it, it’s about giving away the control, to trust the one on top not to hurt or harm you. It is much more about feeling and less about doing. I need to let someone take control sometimes. I need to let go and Luke fixes that need when he tops me.
But bottoming is also about having control over the one who tops, it is hard to explain, you need to feel it. It is all about topping from the bottom. When Luke tops me, he is like wax in my hands, totally melting into me. That gives me control over him. I love to top Luke, the feeling of his tight body surrounding me makes me come undone completely but I am much more a bottom than Luke is.” Noah turned to Luke to see if he told the story correctly and smiles at the proud look in Luke’s eyes.

James thinks about Noah’s story for a while before turning to Casey. “I want to try both but I think I want to top more then I want to bottom. What do you want Case?”
Casey looked in James his eyes and smiled, leaning over to pull the other man in his arms and gave him a kiss. “I have topped and bottomed and I liked both, I don’t mind bottoming sweets.”

Luke and Noah looked content to the pair of new lovers sitting at their couch. They softly spoke to each other before turning to the kissing couple on the couch.
“Hey, guys, why don’t we take this to the bedroom? We will guide you, Luke will guide Casey and I will guide you, James.” Noah looked at James who beamed back at him. He stood from the couch and extended his hand to Casey who took it and guided his friend to Luke and Noah’s bedroom.

Luke and Noah followed their friends to their bedroom. When they entered Casey and James were standing next to the bed, looking at each other uncomfortably.

“Do you want to undress each other?” Luke asked
“ euhm, yeah, I would like that” James said. Casey just nodded before turning to Luke
.”Will you two get naked too?” he asked
“Do you want us to?” Luke countered back the question
Casey looked at James, who nodded back.
“We would like that” James answered the question. “Can we look at you two first?”

Noah walked to Luke, pulling his boyfriend close and wrapped his arms around him. He touched Noah’s chest while he covered Noah’s mouth with his own, softly biting his lower lips until Noah moaned and opened his mouth.
While Luke touched Noah’s tongue with his, keeping the touch soft, he unbuttoned Noah’s shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. He then pulled Noah’s t-shirt out of his jeans before he lost the connection with Noah’s lips when he took the shirt off him in one fluid motion. Noah lowered his arms while Luke’s mouth kissed and licked over the newly naked skin of his throat, sucking softly when his tongue ran over Noah’s vein, his pulse rapidly quickened under the attention.

Noah turned his head to the side, gaining Luke better access. Noah closed his eyes for just a second, enjoying the feeling before he pulled at Luke’s sweater. Luke let go of Noah’s neck and looked him deep in the eye while he put his arms in the air, allowing Noah to undress him too.

When they both were undressed from the waist up they stepped into an embrace, enjoying the feeling of naked chest against naked chest, mouth against mouth. When they broke off the kiss they stepped away from each other and turned to their friends who were watching them open mouthed, in awe.

“You want to try it now?” Noah asked while he walked towards James, guiding him into Casey’s arms.
Luke stepped behind Casey, guiding his arms over James’ neck. Soon the two boys were kissing passionately while Casey was busy fumbling at the buttons on James’ shirt. James was pulling on Casey’s shirt as well, but Noah softly whispered in his ear to let Casey take care of him, to feel Casey’s passion without acting immediately.
James let his arms fall to Casey’s waist and enjoyed the feeling of Casey’s hands on him, their lips touching, erections growing.
When Casey let go of his lips to take his unbuttoned shirt of, James quickly pulled Casey’s shirt over his head too before stepping back into his arms, feeling his chest hair tickle his almost bare chest. Both man sighed happily before they felt two pair of hands guiding there own hands down, to the buttons of their jeans.

James took a deep breath before he unbuttoned Casey’s jeans with steady hands, softly cupping his erection to the fabric before he pushed it down his thighs. Luke bent over to take off Casey’s shoes and socks so Casey could step out of his jeans. He didn’t wear any underwear and with his erection standing proud he made a gorgeous picture. Noah pulled James back a little bit so he could look at his boyfriend and enjoy the sight before him. Casey flushed a little bit when he met the intense glare of his boyfriend but the look of passion and admiration in James eyes made him forget his shyness and be bolt enough to step towards James and open his jeans, he let his hand slip in to feel James’ dick and was surprised to find out James wasn’t wearing any underwear either. Noah got James out of his socks and shoes too, before his jeans dropped to the ground. When both young men were naked they seemed to freeze, not knowing what to do.
Luke and Noah knew exactly and guided the lovers back into each others arms, as much of their body’s touching on and other as was humanly possible. With his hands on James ass, Noah made him rub his erection to Casey’s in a slow circular motion. Both men panted at the sensation while Luke guided Casey into James’ movements.
When their breathing became irregular Luke guided Casey away from James and onto the bed. While Casey lay down on his back, Noah guided James to the bed too.
He made James step up to the bed and into Casey’s waiting arms. After a few kisses, Noah guided James towards Casey’s cock, fully erect and dripping with precome.
“Casey, do you like it soft or hard?” Noah asked Casey who was lying frozen on the bed, almost afraid to breathe.
Luke let his hands roam over Casey’s chest, easing him, comforting him before repeating Noah’s question. “Hard” Casey whispered to Luke, who repeated the answer to Noah. Noah guided James’ mouth towards Casey’s erection. James listened to Noah’s explanation about teeth and tongue before giving it half a try.
Noah saw James was not putting enough suction to it; he saw James couldn’t relax his throat and decided he needed an example.
“Luke, could you get undressed and lie next to Casey, please?” Noah asked his boyfriend who reacted almost immediately by stepping of the bed, loosening his jeans and boxers and stepping on again, lying flat on his back, next to Casey. Casey propped himself on one elbow so he could watch the show.

“Look James, I am going to blow Luke, maybe you can copy my movements with Casey.” Noah explained to James, before focusing on Luke’s body, his eyes on his boyfriends beautiful and erect cock. He nuzzled Luke’s thigh, inhaling the musky smell that he loves so much before he lapped the tip of Luke’s erection, tasting the precome that had collected at the slit.
His mouth took Luke’s dick in as far as possible before he sucked on it gently and let it slip from his mouth. He turned his head to look at James and saw James mimicking his motions. Turning his attention back to Luke he repeated the motion a few times before he relaxed his mouth and deep throated his boyfriend. When his nose hit the pubic hair curling over the base of Luke’s cock he heard Luke and Casey make similar moans. They sounded like they were enjoying themselves whole heartedly so Noah guessed James was doing something to Casey that felt good. He suckled on Luke once more before he let his erection pop out of his mouth so he could turn his attention to James.
“It looks like Casey is having fun James, you’re making him moan and pant and if you keep this up he will be coming and you don’t want that just yet, right?”

James nodded while pulling back, chucking at the disappointed sound Casey made.
“You want to go further now?” he asked James. When James nodded Noah turned to the night stand to get a bottle of lube.

“Just make sure you always prepare him right, using enough lube and stretching him so he won’t feel that much discomfort when you’re entering him. Is it ok if Luke helps you through this? I am in the bottoming mood.”

James agreed and while Noah took off his jeans, Luke talked James through the next move. “Just start with one finger, take it slow and try to point your finger inwards. His prostate feels like a little knob and when you rub it, he will see stars and go crazy.”

Luke lubed his fingers before passing the lube to James who did the same. He heard Noah telling Casey to raise his legs and put his feet flat on the bed before letting his legs fall open so he was open wide.
Before pushing his finger into Noah, Luke made sure Noah was relaxed by nuzzling his erection for a sec, licking the top and take it in his mouth. At the same time his finger circled the muscle that led to Noah’s treasure. While he deep throated Noah, enjoying the little sounds his boyfriend made he slowly pushed one finger inside him, easing the little hissing sound Noah made by sucking just a little harder. Soon Noah was pushing back on his finger, begging for more.

Luke took his mouth off Noah, keeping his finger inside to see how James was doing. James had one finger in Casey’s hole, making little movements while he sucked Casey’s cock softly. Casey was babbling incoherently and Luke felt a spark of lust go through him when he saw the unbelievable sight of his two friends making love.

“Try another one now James” Luke said, while he himself pushed another finger inside Noah. Noah felt unbelievably tight but when Luke arched his finger and found the little bundle of nerves he loosened up quickly. Luke rubbed Noah’s prostate firmly and enjoyed the sounds of his boyfriend loosing all control and begging shamelessly to be fucked. One look at James and Casey told him that James also found Casey’s pleasure spot and was enjoying the sight of his boyfriend coming undone.

“Scissor your fingers before adding a third James, when the third finger can move freely just lube up your cock and fuck him. Give him some time to adjust to being filled up before moving and when you move, try to rub that spot again.” Luke explained to James before he got into action himself, loosening up Noah well enough so he could fuck him.
When he felt Noah relax against his fingers, he lubed up his cock and entered Noah’s body carefully. Noah immediately lifted his legs up to Luke’s shoulders, giving him as much space as he possibly could. Casey did the same to James and then both men were fucked thoroughly by the men they loved so much.
Noah was babbling to Luke to go faster, deeper, o yeah, thatsthespotrightthere while all Casey could do was moan James name between thrusts.

When Luke felt himself reach the point of no return he took Noah’s cock in his hand, pumping in the same rhythm as he fucked him. Two, three strokes with his hand were needed before Noah arched his back and screamed into his orgasm. Long ribbons of pearly white fluid hit them both on the chest. The feeling of Noah’s muscles contract around his dick made Luke go over the edge too and the last coherent thought he had was that Casey was also coming, groaning with pleasure while James collapsed on top of him.

Luke and Noah cuddled together, trying to catch their breaths so they could ask their friends how they were doing but when they were coherent enough to do so they found two sleeping figures in their bed, smiling while they held each other firmly.

“Aw Noah, look at them” Luke said. “I think we make great teachers.”

Noah chuckled at his boyfriend but he couldn’t do more than agree totally. Their friends had learned the wonders of gay sex while they enjoyed themselves big time too. Life didn’t get any better, he thought, before turning over to spoon Luke and letting himself drift off to a peaceful sleep

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