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Title: the pack chapter 1
Chapter: i like you
Rating: pg
Summary: luke and noah go to high school together
Characters: luke, noah, casey, maddie, kevin, Sarah, bridget
Genre: fluff
Warnings: english is not my native language, bear with me
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I like you

Luke looked at the little piece of paper shuffed in his locker and wondered who it was from.

He looked around the hallway, trying to see of someone was looking at him, but no one looked his way, it seemed like no one even noticed him standing there. He looked at the paper , reading the one sentence over and over again. With a sigh he closed his locker, folded the paper and put it in his backpack. Luke went looking for his friends, they normally hang out by the fountain on the high schools property on their breaks.

He went out the front door and smiled when he saw the group sitting around a bench near the fountain. They had been together since junior high and friends and enemy’s called them ‘the pack’ because when you saw one, another one was always nearby.
There was Casey, the jock with his goofy ways. Maddie, a brown eyed girl with an unbelievable smile who was always happy. Kevin, the computer freak. His girlfriend Sarah, a shy sweet girl with incredible long dark hair. Jeff, also known as the coffee guy since he had a job at the local coffeehouse. Bridget, the cheerleader with her blond curls and big blue eyes and Noah, the last one to join their pack since he was just in town for a year.

“hey guys”, Luke called out to his friends. They all laughed at him as he dropped himself on the ground near the bench. “Luke, are you ok?” Maddie whispered in his ear. “you look a little funny.” Luke smiled at his best friend in the pack and moved a little closer to her: “something really weird happened to me today Mads, I will tell you later, when we are alone.”

Although the pack usually shared almost anything, Luke didn’t want anyone to know about the note. His friends totally accepted him and he had almost no problems with other school kids or teachers but he didn’t want to talk to them about getting a note from a guy.
With that thought he froze for a second, what if its from a girl? he thought, nah, almost couldn’t be, everyone knows he is gay. Right? Luke was so lost in his thought he didn’t realise all his friends were looking at him. “earth to Luke, helloooo” Casey flashed his hands before Luke eyes, finally getting the attention of the other guy. “where were you, dude? I’ve been talking to you for ages.” Luke felt his face turning red. “I am sorry, I was just thinking about euhm… the history test I almost certainly failed today.” They all looked at him a little puzzled, he had never failed any test but the sound of the first bell saved Luke from more questions.
They stood up and went to their different classes before the second bell would ring.

Luke walked with Maddie, they had French together. “Soooooo, tell me already, I am way curious” Maddie said as they walked into the classroom. They sat down next to each other on their favourite spot, the last two chairs on the last row, next to the window. Luke put his backpack on the table and got out the note. “I found this in my locker this morning.” He said while giving Maddie the piece of paper. She looked at him and unfolded the piece of paper to read it. “wow Luke, do you have any idea who it is from?” Luke shook his head. “no clue.” Maddie read the note again and started to smile. “maybe it is from this really hot guy who isn’t out yet.” Luke laughed at that thought. “with my luck, its probably from a girl who either doesn’t know I am gay or who thinks she can turn me because I hadn’t had her yet.” They talked about it for a while till the teacher urged them to be quiet.

At the end of the day Luke found most of his pack back by the fountain. He looked for Noah but he wasn’t there yet. Noah’s mom died when he was three and Noah’s dad was a colonel in the army. When his dad was send to fight in Iraq, Noah went to live with his father best friend in Oakdale and that best friend happened to be Luke’s father. Luke remembered when he first had heard about Noah, he was furious about it then. This boy would come to live with him and even share a room. Luke’s whole room had to be rearranged since they had to put another bed in there and he had to make room at his walls and in his walk in closet and his bathroom. But he had liked Noah the moment he walked through the door with a shy smile and a captain America comic sticking out of his backpack. They had great fun together, talking for hours, discussing which superhero was the best. Luke had introduced Noah to the pack and they had accepted him without hesitation. Luke and Noah came to school together everyday in Noah’s blue dodge truck. At the end of the day they would wait for each other at the fountain and drove back home. Luke enjoyed the ride erveryday as they sang along with the radio or just talked about their life. He thought it just couldn't get any better

chapter 2

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