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Title: the pack chapter 11
Chapter: Maddie and Bridget
Rating: NC17, adult reading only!!
Summary: bridget and maddie imagine Noah and Luke having sex
Characters: Maddie, Bridget, mentioning of Luke and Noah
Genre: girl girl sex
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Maddie and Bridget

Maddie opened her cell after class to see if she has any messages. She found a little envelope on her screen indicating she had a text message and a little phone indicating she had missed a call.
She opened the message and saw she had two new voice mail messages. She called her voice mail and listened to both messages.
One was from Luke: “hey Mads, just calling to let you know Noah and I will be back at school tomorrow and we are going to tell the pack about us. Bye sweetie.”

The other one was from Bridget: “maddie, did you also just get the message the big revelation is tomorrow? I am so excited, care to join me in my little wave and come to my dorm?? Let me know, I’ll be at the dorm round four.”

The message from Bridget made Maddie smile. She texted Bridget she was on her way and got to her car, drove to the girls dorm, got out and walked to Bridget’s room. Bridget was quite lucky. Her roommate had found herself flunking every class so she had to leave the dorms. Bridget had the whole room to herself for the rest of the year. She opened the door immediately after Maddie knocked on the door.

“heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lovely, please come in!!!!” Maddie smiled to her bubbly and happy friend.

”you look happy Bridge, all this for our gay best friends?”
“yes Mads, I am so happy for them and I actually love to exchange story’s with you”
“yes, let’s exchange story’s Bridge, I am so curious to Noah’s point of view.”
“and I am to Luke’s “

the girls sat down on Bridget’s bed

“so tell me Bridge, how long have you known Noah is gay?” Bridget thought back at the moment Noah blurted it out to her. “well actually I kinda got the hots for Noah and he kept ignoring all my o so subtle moves so I decided to play it the hard way. I tracked him down one day and kissed him, he just freaked out. I looked at him, this handsome boy, the look at his face and I just knew. So I asked him if he wanted to tell me something and he just blurred it out, It was hilarious actually. He was all red and kept stuttering and mumbling. I gave him a hug and promised not to tell. That was about 7 months or so ago.”

Maddie looked stunned:”7 months?? wow, you can keep a secret. Did he like Luke than already?”

“I think so but he never told me about it. I saw him stare at Luke a few times during class but I didn’t think much of it, I mean, I sometimes even stare at Luke, he is stunningly good looking.
He sort of told me during Christmas break. We were out shopping for gifts and it took him ages to pick one for Luke, I got irritated at some point and snapped that it looked like he was buying a gift for his lover instead of a friend and he froze to the point. Didn’t have to say anything, It was all over his face.”

Bridget smiled at the memory of her friend looking so in love.

“o wow Bridget, that is a romantic story”

Tell me about Luke!”

“well Luke came out to me the same time he came out to all of us. When Noah first arrived Luke lost it. I thought it would be awful, Luke was so angry at his parents, some boy came and he had to share a room with him, he hated the idea. But when Noah arrived Luke immediately fell for him. That’s why Noah got accepted by all of us so quickly, Luke was very passionate about it, we had no other choice. We just got lucky Noah is actually great.
But Luke thought Noah was straight so he got over his initial feelings and became a friend.
He says the feelings just rushed back when Noah cried in his arms.”

“aaaaaaw, that is sweet Mads, they make such a cute couple.”

“hey Bridge, do you ever think about them kissing and stuff?”
Bridget face turned a little pink “I have Mads, it’s just so freaking hot, I mean, they are both very handsome. The idea of them going at it makes my imagination run wild. I mean those two muscular chests, these strong arms, the legs and not to mention what’s between them.”

Maddie made a small noise, something between a giggle and a moan. “who do you think is on top? I think Noah is more a top then a bottom but in my fantasy they change roles loving being the one that fucks and the one being fucked.”
“jesus Mads, that is freaking hot”

during their talk they somehow got to lay down on Bridget’s bed. Facing each other, laughing and thinking about their friends having sex.

“have you ever seen Luke naked Mads?”
“yeah, all the time when I sleep over at the farm and we change to go swimming.”
"Is he as beautiful naked as fully clothed?”
“euhm I don’t know Bridge, I usually don’t look at him that way. His body is muscular at all the right places, he doesn’t have to much hair on his chest, just a little and his pubic hair is also blond and not heavily there. His..euhm… you know… is average looking. Not to big, not to small, not to thick, not thin also. Oh my god, I can’t believe I am telling you this, if he ever finds out he is going to kill me.”

“don’t worry Mads, I wont tell. I have seen Noah naked once, I was in awe, he is really gorgeous, his belly is really muscular, and his chest is big. Well, he is well build everywhere. His ass is round and looks really nice to touch. He turned around so I wouldn’t see his dick but I got a glance after all and it looked nice. Larger than one I had ever seen but not too, you know. “
“god, imagine what they do to each other with that.”

Maddie looked at Bridget. “hey Bridge, have you ever kissed a girl? I wonder if it’s different than kissing a boy.”
“no I haven’t but I wonder about it too. god, I must have been hanging out with Noah too much.”

There was a silence for a moment, it felt a little awkward, a tension in the room that wasn’t there a minute ago.

“Mads,” Bridget whispered. “I want to kiss you.”
“why don’t you then” maddie answered, looking her friend straight in the eyes.

Bridget hesitated for a millisecond before moving her lips towards Maddie’s. She closed her eyes when she felt the softest lips under hers. She opened her mouth a little and felt Maddie doing the same. Their tongues met halfway. Maddie tasted like strawberry's, sweet as hell.
They stopped to get air and were both heavily out of breath.

“holy shit, Bridget, I don’t think I ever got such a hot kiss. My lips are fizzing.”
“want to do it again?” Bridget asked

Bridget gently pushed Maddie on her back, and bent over her to give her another steaming kiss. Soon just kissing was not enough. Maddie let her hands dwell under Bridget’s shirt to her naked back. She felt the shutting of her bra. Her hands fiddled with it and when it finally opened, Maddie could let her hands dwell on her friends naked back. Bridget didn’t stay behind and started to unbutton Maddie’s red shirt.

When every button was finally opened she took her mouth away from Maddie’s to look at the other girls beautiful breasts, covered in red lace.
Maddie took the time Bridget was looking at her to her advantage and pulled Bridget's tee over her head. Since Bridget’s bra was already opened, she shoved it from her shoulders.

Maddie raised a hand and touched Bridget’s breast with her fingers. Circling towards the hard little knobs in the center. She let her thumbs rush over Bridget’s nipples and smiled when she heard Bridget letting out a little moan.
Bridget reached to Maddie’s back to open up her bra too. When it was loose Maddie shook it of her arms and threw it to the ground. She pulled Bridget’s head back to hers for another breathtaking kiss. Their tongues circled around each other while their hands explored the other girl’s upper body. Maddie threw her head in her neck when she felt Bridget giving a little squeeze in her left nipple.
Bridget left Maddie’s mouth and kissed her neck, softly picking, licking and sucking her way down to Maddies breasts. She licked Maddie over the right nipple, then blew softly. Watching fascinating how the little knob grew even harder. She placed her mouth over the nipple and started to suck, first softly then a little harder. Encouraged by Maddie’s not so soft moans. Bridget did the same to the left nipple, and even bit it in softly. She felt a shiver going through Maddies entire body but was caught by surprise when Maddie pushed her to her back so she could take the top position.

Maddie licked at Bridget’s auricle and stuck her tongue in, she kissed Bridget’s neck, her collarbone and went down towards Bridget’s bosom. She kissed Bridget’s nipple, gave a few quick licks over it and the took it between her teeth. She pulled at it a little and watched and heard Bridget going ballistic over that so she did it again.
Maddie let her hands dwell even further down and went under Bridget’s skirt. She felt the lace edges of Bridget’s tongue and let one finger go under it. She felt a little pubic hair and some small stubble. she pushed Bridget’s tongue to the side and covered her labia with her hand. Then she went and put one finger on Bridget’s clitoris and rubbed it softly.
Bridget immediately went over the edge, her whole body shivering and rambling uncontrollably.
The moans coming out of her mouth were strangely arousing to Maddie and she felt the tension building in her body.
When Bridget got back to earth, she smiled widely and pushed Maddie back on her back. She opened Maddie’s jeans and found a red lace boxer short under it. She pushed the jeans and the boxer short down with some help from Maddie who lifted her hips. She didn’t take them of, she just pushed down and then looked at Maddie’s body. Maddie had shaved her pubic hair to a little stripe and she looked beautiful. She opened Maddie’s legs just a little and pushed her index finger inside Maddie’s. She was warm and very moist and narrow.
Bridget places her dumb on Maddies clitoris and Maddie came with a bang, almost screaming. Her whole body tensed up and relaxed all of a sudden. When she felt her voice was strong enough to say anything she found Bridget lying on top of her.

“sooooo, that was amazing Bridget but we probably should talk about this.” Bridget agreed.

They put their clothes back on, sat on the bed with a little distance. Both looking very satisfied.

“look Mads” Bridget started “I really didn’t plan this to happen but all the talking about Luke and Noah having sex got me all hot and horny and I just lost it. I have to say I have never had felt this before so I am definitely not sorry.”
“I am not sorry too Bridget, but I am confused. Does this make us gay?”
“I don’t know Mads, I just know I would like it to happen again.”
Maddie didn’t say anything for a while, then looked her friend in the eyes and said: “me too Bridge, me too”

They shared wide smiles before Maddie pulled Bridget to her body and kissed her again

chapter 12

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