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Title: the pack
Chapter: 2, i really really like you
Rating: pg
Summary: a great friend and another note
Characters: the pack
Warnings: english is not my native language, bear with me on this.
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I really really like you!

“Tell me again what happened?” Noah was lying on his bed in Luke's room, their room,a nd looked across it to Luke, who was lying on his own bed .
“Noahhh, I told you two times already, I am beginning to regret telling you in the first place.”
“but Luke, it is a rather strange story, you just opened your locker and there it was, a note saying I like you and you have no clue who it is from?” Noah looked puzzled at his friend.
Luke started to laugh. “it is a strange story, you’re right. If I hadn’t had the note to proof it, I wouldn’t believe it myself.” Both boys were quiet for a minute thinking about the curious note Luke got that day when Noah cleared his throat and asked Luke a question he had wanted to ask for a long time.
“hey Luke, can I ask you something personal?”
“sure Noah, you can ask me anything, if its to personal I just wont answer it.” Luke laughed and waited until Noah asked his question.
“yeah, well, I was wondering. Euhm, you’re gay, right? And you didn’t tell me. Casey did. And I was just wondering. Why didn’t you tell me yourself”?

Luke thought about it for a while and then answered Noah’s question. “well, I am not ashamed for being gay, or anything but sometimes I can get scared people I like will reject me and since you are an army kid, you probably heard gay jokes all the time. I guess I was afraid you didn’t like me anymore. So…..i asked Casey to tell you so I wouldn’t have to look at your face when you heard. Are you mad at me?”
Luke looked at his sheets, afraid to look at the face of the friend he had grown to like so much over the past year.

For a moment there was no sound but then Luke heard a sigh a second before he felt a movement on his bed. “Luke, will you please just look at me?” Luke closed his eyes as he gathered the strength to look up and face Noah. “Listen, I like you, you have been a great friend and you have introduced me without hesitation to more great friends. I don’t care if you would fall in love with your horse. I am sorry you felt this way, did I do anything to make you believe I wouldn’t like you anymore?”
Luke shook his head, still looking his friend in the eyes. “No, Noah, really you didn’t, I just become insecure sometimes.”
Noah leaned over to give Luke a quick hug, stood up and walked toward his own bed while saying “no need to with me Luke, I really just like you and I am really enjoying my stay here with you. So, now that we established I am cool with all this, tell me. Are you curious about who sent you this note?"
“I am, actually, it is exciting and new and I just really hope it’s not from some girl trying to convert me.”

Noah laughed at the idea of a girl kissing Luke to get him straight. It began as a soft chuckle when the images in his head kept on turning and he found himself laughing out loud while tears of laughter fell down his cheek. Luke had to laugh too and when they finally stopped they were both out of breath.

The next morning they got dressed, had breakfast and went to school. The rest of the pack was already waiting at the fountain, only Casey wasn’t there yet. He was usually late, since he was like grumpy in the morning.
They never said anything to him until second period, since he would just growl and snark at anyone. Just Maddie with her eternal sunshine mind didn’t worry about her grumpy friend and just teased him about it until he almost got insane. He always tried to avoid her in the early mornings. It almost never worked out that way since it was Maddies favorite way to start the day.

When the first bell rang Luke walked with Sarah and Kevin to the English literature class when Casey ran up to them, holding an envelope with Luke's name on it. “Luke, dude, I am not your mailman and I would really appreciate it if you would say that to who ever this note is from. I found it at my car window this morning.”
He threw the envelope at Luke and ran off, to his own class.
Luke held the envelope firmly in his hand, wondering if it would be from his mystery man or woman. He got into class, sat next to Kevin opened the envelope and found a piece of paper inside. He took it out and unfolded it. Kevin tried to look over his shoulder at the note but Luke turned so onlyhe could see the contenst and start to read the three lines on the paper:

I really, really like you
I am not a girl

chapter 3

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