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Title: the pack chapter 6
Chapter: the letter
Rating: pg13
Summary: noah gets a letter
Characters: noah, luke, holden, the pack ( mentioned)
Genre: high school story
Warnings: english is not my native language, bear with me on this
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The letter

Luke was still looking through the window, his thoughts running from Noah to the mystery guy and back when Noah entered the room.
Luke turned to him. They shared small shy smiles before Luke turned away again.

Holden handed Noah a cup of coffee and both man sat down at the kitchen table. “I would like to talk to Noah alone, Luke, do you mind leaving us for a few minutes?” “sure dad, I will take my laptop to the pond, do some writing.” Luke looked at Noah. “will you come and look for me if you need me?” he asked .
Noah nodded,

Luke took his laptop and cell phone and walked to the pond. He put his laptop at the pick nick bench, sat down behind it and opened it.

Back at the farm Holden stood from the table to get a small package from a cabinet. “look Noah, your father knew something could happen to him during the war and he left this here for you. I know you are hurting and I know you are scared but you don’t ever need to worry about having a home. You are staying here with us. Lily and I had already discussed this before your dad died. We feel you have become part of our family during the last year."
Noah took the package from Holden, his eyes filling with tears. “thanks Holden, I feel blessed to be part of your family. But I am scared, I miss my dad. The thought of never seeing him again is unbearable.” The tears started to run again.
Holden walked towards Noah, pulled him out of his chair and gave him a big papa bear hug. “it will be hard Noah, but you will pull through this. You got all of us and Luke is here for you. You just take your time Noah.”
Holden gently pushed Noah back on his chair and pulled up one for him to sit on. “Noah, one last thing, about Luke. I have said this to him but I want to tell you too. If there is something going on between you and Luke I want to know about it. We wouldn’t mind, or throw you out but I don’t think you should be sharing a bedroom if there is. So, can you promise me to tell me if there is something I need to know?”
Noah looked at Holden with a surprised look on his face. “euhm, I promise”
“okay, would you like me to leave you alone to open the package from your dad?” Holden asked.

“no, I will take it to the pond if that’s okay with you?” Noah wanted to talk to Luke, he wanted Luke to be there when he opened whatever his dad left him. “sure Noah, you do that! I will be at the barn if you need me.”
Holden got up and walked out the door, leaving Noah alone with his thoughts.

At the pond Luke was on the phone with Maddie, who had lunch break at school.
“it was terrible Mads, Noah was so sad. He couldn’t stop crying. It broke my heart to see him so devastated.”
“ah Luke, that’s awful. Is there anything we can do?” Maddie asked.
“you could stop by later, he needs to know we are all here for him.”
“sure, we will all come, right after school. Are you okay sweetie, it must be heard seeing Noah like this?”
Luke sighed and then answered Maddie: “Mads, I really need to talk to you. Something happened and I don’t know what to do.”
“do you need me to come over now? I can skip class if you want to” Maddie said.
“No, no Mads, don’t do that. I need to check on Noah in a minute. But maybe we can find a place to talk in private this afternoon?”
“sure hun, listen, I got to go, the pack sends their love and we will see you later. Take care and hug Noah for us okay?”
"I will Mads, thanks. See you later.”

Luke put his cell away and turned back to his laptop. Just when he opened a new document to try and sort his thoughts by putting them on paper Noah walked up to him.

“hey you, you okay?” Luke closed his laptop, looking up to Noah. Noah took a seat at the bench across Luke and put the package on the table. “my dad left this for me with yours, in case anything happened to him during the war.”
“are you going to open it?” Luke asked, looking at the package, wondering what it contains.
“ I don’t know, I don’t know if I want to see what is inside.” Noah thought about it for a while, then opened the package finding a small box.
“do you want me to leave you alone Noah, do you need some privacy?” Luke asked.
“no, no Luke, please stay.”
Noah looked in the small box and found an envelope and two pictures. The first picture was a wedding picture of his parents. Noah touched their faces with his finger, looking at the happy smiles on it. “look at them, they were so happy together.”
Luke got up from his side of the table and walked across it to Noah, he sat down next to him, one leg at each side of the bench, put an arm on Noah’s waist and rested his head on Noah’s shoulder so he could see the picture.
“they look happy Noah. Your mom looks really pretty”
The other picture was one of a tiny Noah, held by his mom. His mom looked down at him with a loving smile, her eyes clouded with tears while she looked at the baby in her arms. Noah felt a lump form in his throat, not able to speak or tear his eyes away from the picture. Luke felt Noah’s body tense up and shifted a little so he could hold Noah in his arms. Noah rested his head to Luke’s chest and let the tears run down his face.
“I am so sorry Noah, I really am.” Luke whispered sweet words in Noah's ear, hoping he would find some comfort in his arms. It took some time but eventually Noah sat up straight, whiped the tears from his face and took the envelope.
He opened it and found a letter inside. He took it out, unfolded it and started to read.

Dear Noah,
If you read this letter I am probably gone. I am sorry son, for having to leave you, for causing you any pain. I need you to know I love you. You were the most wanted child. I remember when you were born. Your mom and I were on cloud nine, so happy you were there.
When your mom died I didn’t stop loving you, but the part of me that could show love died with her. I know I should have showed you, told you more often, but I didn’t know how.
I am proud of you son, of all of you and I am sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier. I am really proud of you. You are a good person and you should love who you want to love, male or female.
Your mom and I left you enough money to get through your education and to get you started in life.
The Snyder farm will be your home and I know I am leaving you in good hands. Be nice for them, they are the best friends I have ever had. Don’t be sad Noah, I will be with your mom finally again. We will watch over you.
Be safe, be happy, I need you to be happy.
Love, always

Noah’s whole body trembled, the note fell out if his hands as he started to cry uncontrollably. Luke held him close by, kissed his head and just let his hand stroll on Noah’s back trying to get him to calm down. When the trembling finally stopped and Noah's sobs were reduced to little sniffs, Luke lifted Noah’s chin with his dumb and got Noah to look up on him. The vulnerable look on Noah’s eyes took his breath and went straight to his soul. He gave Noah a small kiss on his lips.
“let’s go inside, have something to eat, the pack is stopping by this afternoon.”
Luke picked up the letter and put it with the pictures back in the box, he gave the box to Noah to hold, took his laptop in one hand and than he took Noah’s hand as they walked back to the farm, fingers intwined.

chapter 7

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