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Title: the pack chapter 9
Chapter: the truth
Rating: pg 13
Summary: a hot kiss
Characters: Noah, Luke, Lily, snyder family
Genre: high school romance
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The truth

Luke walked Maddie to her car when the time to have dinner came. She had to work at the diner and couldn’t stay for supper at the farm. He gave her a last hug, thanked her for being such a good friend and waved to her until she was out of sight.

He noticed Bridget’s car was not in front of the porch so he figured she had probably already left. When he entered the kitchen his mom told him he had about half an hour before they had diner.

He decided to go to their room.The door was closed so he knocked and said: “Noah, can I come in?”

Within a second Noah had opened the door, pulled Luke in, shut the door again and slammed Luke into it.
Luke let out a loud “umfh” when his body hit the door but before he had time to do anything Noah had put his hands on Luke’s hips, pushing him even closer to the door and kissed him frantically.
Luke immediately got with the program. He put his arms around Noah’s neck and pulled him close up to his body. They could feel each other through their clothes. They could feel each others erection through their sweats.
Noah let out the little moan Luke had grown to like so much. Noah let go of Luke's lips for a second to pull Luke’s tee over his head. Luke reacted by pulling Noah’s shirt over his head too. Noah pushed his upper body to Luke’s and when their naked chests touched for the first time they both gasped. Luke conquered Noah’s mouth again and their tongues duelled. Just as Luke thought he was going to come right there just from feeling Noah’s naked chest and hot kisses he heard his mom shouting from downstairs dinner was ready in five.

Their mouths let go one and other but they stayed close to each other. Luke's arms on Noah’s neck. Noah’s hands on Luke’s hips.
“damn Noah, what the fuck are you doing?” Luke didn’t recognize his voice, being so hoarse.
“euh, If I have to explain I am not doing this the right way” Noah chuckled
“you do realise we are going to have to sit on a table with my parents, who we don’t want to know about whatever this is, looking like I want to fuck your brains out?” “mm, yes, we will have to work on that. Do you really want to fuck my brains out? We really don’t want your parents to know and what do you mean by whatever this is? Isn’t it obvious what this is?”
“no Noah, please tell me, what is this? Didn’t we agree to take things slow, cause if this is slow with you, remember me I don’t want to try fast.”

“Luke, it suddenly became so clear talking to Bridget. I want you and I have wanted you for a long time. I want you to be my boyfriend.”
Luke gasped, looking Noah deep into his amazing blue eyes.
“I would love to be your boyfriend Noah, but I really think we should talk about this after diner, and than I mean, with a little distance between us so I can think straight.”
Noah chuckled again, looking very pleased and let go of Luke: “deal, we will talk later tonight but now we have to get dinner downstairs. Do I look normal?”
“you look like a cat who just ate a little bird. And in a time like this that doesn’t look very appropriate.”
The words hadn’t left Luke’s mouth or he saw Noah’s face darken. “I am sorry Noah, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“you are right Luke, these are the darkest as well as the brightest days ever.”

“Lets go downstairs, do I look normal?” Luke asked.
Noah looked at him and his face brightened again a little. “you look like someone just kissed the fucking hell out of you, you look adorable.”

Luke smiled widely and gave Noah a small peck on the lips before reaching for the door knob. Both men took a few deep breaths before going down the stairs and in to the kitchen.
The whole family was in the kitchen ready to sit around the table. Luke grabbed some food from the kitchen counter and put it on the table while Noah got a big mama hug from Lily. “how are you holding up sweetie?” Lily asked Noah shrugged while fighting his tears. “I am okay I guess. Luke has been great, getting me to talk about my dad and the box I got from Holden today was also a really big help with a letter and some pictures. Thanks Lily, for letting me stay here”
“oow sweetie, you belong with us, you really are part of this family.” Noah leaned in while Lily gave him another hug and then took his place at the table, across Luke.

Luke smiled at him for a brief moment before turning to one of his sisters to ask about her day. They ate as they always did, just having small talk and enjoying the food and the company of the whole Snyder family. After dinner Noah and Luke got excused from doing chores.
Luke felt a stab of quilt knowing they got of the hook because his parents wanted to give Noah the space to mourn the passing of his dad but he was glad to get some alone time with Noah without anyone asking questions about it.
“do you want to go to our room or do you want to go to the pond? It is a beautiful night” Luke asked Noah.
Noah leaned in a bit and whispered: “I want to go to our room but it is probably much safer to go to the pond.”
“I will grab a blanket, lets go.”

They walked to the pond in silence, both really aware of the other one. At the pond Luke spread the blanket under a big oak three. He knew that you couldn’t see the three from either house or barn so they had a fair amount of privacy there.
Luke sat down on the blanket and Noah sat down next to him.
“so,” Noah said, “since this whole talking thing was your idea, do you want to start?” Luke looked at Noah, being close but yet so far away. He grabbed Noah's arms and pulled him towards him. Than he gave him a soft, sweet kiss before he lied down at the blanket. Noah looked at Luke puzzled but stretched himself next to him, close enough to feel his heat but yet far enough so their body’s did not touch. They were both on their sides, facing each other.

“Noah” Luke almost whispered, looking everywhere but to the other boy. “I am so scared, so scared that I am falling head over heels and that you, when you get over your fathers dead, decide this is not what you want after all.”
Noah was speechless for a moment, than rolled to his back, pulling Luke along so Luke ended up on top of him. With one hand Noah put Luke’s head in the crook of his neck before he put his arms around him to cradle him. Luke let Noah comfort him this time. They laid there for a while, relaxed in each others embrace when Noah suddenly started to speak: “Luke, I have fallen for you a long time ago. I just couldn’t do anything with it besides being your friend. Now that I know you have feelings for me too, I can’t go back to being just your friend. I want to be your boyfriend. I really don’t want to hide either but I don’t want to leave your room, I love being the last one you see at night and the first one you see when you wake up. This thing with my dad just sped things along but eventually I would have told you how I feel about you.”

Luke lifted his head and looked Noah in the eyes. “I don’t want to hide either, so I think we should tell the pack. I don’t want to tell my parents but I don’t feel comfortable lying to them either. Let’s just not tell them right away but in a few weeks or so. We do have to be careful though, sleeping in our own bed would be a good idea and no fooling around anywhere else in the house than our room. The girls and Ethan shouldn’t know either. If we slip up we would have a lot less privacy. And Noah, I don’t want to rush in to having sex. You are in pain over your dad and we should take some time to get to know each other a little better in this area. To get comfortable with this new situation”

Noah suddenly rolled over, trapping Luke’s body with his, looking down in his gorgeous brown eyes. ”I agree on everything you just said Luke, I am looking forward getting to know you and your body better. Learning what your sensitive zones are, if you are quiet of loud, if you are a bottom or a top. I want to know all there is to know about you. So we will be careful and take things one step at the time.
About the sex thing, I was wondering: did you ever have sex with either male or female?”

“I have never been with a girl Noah, I kissed Mads for fun when we were eleven or so but that is it. I have had a few boyfriends in the last years and I have been fooling around a little but the whole gay sex thing is totally new for me. How about you?”

“I have fooled around with girls, but I was never quite able to understand the big deal about it. God, I don’t like breasts, they are so soft it is a turn off. Guess I never got passed second base. Guess I never wanted to. After I came out to my dad I have never kissed a girl anymore. I kissed and fooled around with one guy, but nothing serious and I definitely didn’t have sex. We should get tested though. Just to be sure”

“yes, testing is a good idea, so we are going to take things slow?” Luke asked, to be sure
“yes, Luke, we will take things slow but we are telling the pack someday really soon and I don’t want to lie to your parents, so let’s just not tell them but if they ask, let’s not lie but come clean and we should probably head to the pharmacy someday soon too, just in case.”

“the pharmacy? Why?” Luke got distracted looking at Noah and he wasn’t paying much attention anymore.

“really Luke, why? To buy some supplies, we really do want to have around in case something does happen.”

“why do I have the feeling you are just not the slow type Mayer?”

chapter 10

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