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Title: the pack
Chapter: 3, smile at me
Rating: pg
Summary: luke emails the mystery man
Characters: the pack
Genre: high school romance
Warnings: english is not my native language
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Smile at me

Luke read the note over and over again. Then folded it and put it away.
Immediately he got another note shuffed down his desk. He looked aside and saw Kevin and Sarah looking at him with question marks all over their faces. He looked down at the note reading both Sarah and Kevin wanted to know who the letter was from. He took a pen and wrote: I will tell you all about it at lunchtime.

Then he decided to actually pay attention to what the teacher said. When the bell rang he got his things together and waited for his friends. There was another block before lunch and he didn’t want to tell things double or triple so he told Kevin and Sarah they would get the whole story at lunch by the fountain. He said goodbye and walked up to the library since he had a free period. At the library there were a bunch of computers where students could go on line, only certain pages off course, and where they could check and send email.
Luke went to his account, logged in and made a new email.

Who are you?

He just wrote that one sentence and pushed the send button. He sat there for a while, thinking about the notes when he heard the familiar sound of incoming mail on his account. He held his breath, didn’t know if he wanted to see what was in it. But after taking a big breath he just opened the mail and started to read.

Dear Luke,

You must be wondering, who I am, why I am doing this.
Truth is, I am not going to tell you who I am. I can tell you why I am doing this, although I have told you before.
I really, really like you. I have for a while and someone I care about convinced me to do something about it, dared me to actually. So here I am, not ready to tell you who I am, but ready to tell you I like the way your hair looks when it rains, I like the way you can get lost in your thoughts, forgetting where you are completely. I like it when you bite your pen trying to concentrate on the most boring lectures ever. I like the way you love your friends, I love you’re honest about yourself and proud to be you. I like your sweet smile when you’re shy and wide smile when you laugh about a joke or a funny comment. But most of all I just like you. I really really like you and I hope you will smile at me someday. Maybe I will find the courage to tell you who I am, until then, maybe we can keep in touch by mail. Just don’t ask me who I am, I am not going to tell you anyway,
Bye for now!

Luke couldn’t believe what he was reading. This must come from someone who observed him pretty well and he never noticed a thing. It should creep him out but he found the mail utterly sweet and decided to email back

Hey you,
I don’t know why I am doing this, emailing someone who doesn’t want to say his name or comes out to me in person but there was something about your message I actually liked. You probably know I will search for clues to who you are, right?. I probably even ask the pack to help me because I would much rather see you in person. Get to know you, see what happens. God, what am I doing? I must be insane. Okay, tell me, can I ask you some questions? Will you tell me about yourself?

Luke pushed send and waited if he would get an answer. He printed the first email so he could let Maddie and Noah read it later today. No way he was going to let the rest of the pack read it. He decided he would tell about the notes though. They would all investigate.
It would be the pack hardy boys style and they would love to do it.

He heard the familiar sound and opened the mail.

Glad you decided to email me, although I am not sure I like you telling all this to your friends. The pack you got called? Why? I really hope you wont look for me to quickly, I would love to just email with you a little. I don’t really know if you’re going to like who I am. I have an idea, what about you ask me a question and I get to ask you one in return. Honest answers, no holding back. Just don’t ask my name or a description of me, because I wont answer. I asked you about the pack, but that doesn’t count, it is not about you but about your friends, so here is my question: what is your all time favourite book? I will be here for another half an hour. I am meeting a friend for lunch. Will you be here for a while too?

Luke read the email, printed it and hit the reply button.

Hey I am sorry, but I am going to tell the pack about you and they will help me sort this out. First question: we are called the pack because we resemble a bunch of actors in the mid 80’s who's nickname was the brat pack. Kevin loves movies of the brat pack. Especially the breakfast club. (do you know my friends? This one doesn’t count though because it is not about you but about my friends, just following your rules you know) Let me think, my all time favourite book is It from Stephen King. I loved the movie too, there is just something about evil clowns that I adore.
My question for you: who is your favourite actor? I am taking off in five since I have to meet the pack and talk about you. Bye for now

Within a minute he got a reply

I know your friends, I have actually talked with some of them once or twice. Favourite actor: Sean Penn Haven’t seen or read IT, definitely will now
For you: favourite ice cream?
I am off, bye

Luke logged off from the computer, took the email and went to find the pack. Thinking about his mystery man.

chapter 4

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