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Title: the pack chapter 10
Chapter: the funeral
Rating: pg 13
Summary: he funeral of col mayer
Characters: the pack, Holden and Lily
Genre: high school romance
Warnings: English is not my native laguage
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the funeral

On the day of coronel Mayer’s funeral the sun was shining shyly through the window of the farm. It was an early spring morning and the smell of sunshine hang in the air.

Noah sat on the porch drinking coffee, wearing a black suit, white shirt and blue/white striped tie. Luke thought he looked hot in a suit. The last week had been unbelievable. Noah and he had fallen madly in love with each other. They had spend every free minute together alone, kissing and hugging, talking and listening, crying and moarning.
Every night Luke would crawl in bed with Noah and they would fall asleep firmly holding each other. Luke sat the alarm on his cell at midnight and when it went off, he would slip back to his own bed.

In the daytime things had been hectic. Lily and Holden had officially become Noah’s foster parents, as the will of the colonel was very clear about that. Since Noah had been living with the Snyders for over a year it was just a formality, they all signed a paper and it was settled.

Noah and Holden had been to the place al the furniture and stuff of the colonel was storaged and had started to look through some things. Noah had taken the photo albums and they had decided to keep the storage up so they could sort out the rest of the belongings when things had settled down.

The body of the colonel had arrived at the military base in Branson. They had all been there and Luke had his hand on Noah’s back the entire procedure. Noah didn’t cry, or talk, he just stood there looking pale with his eyes big of unshed tears.
That night Luke didn’t set the alarm. They didn’t sleep much either. Luke held Noah close, cradled him, while Noah cried, just remembering his dad.

And today was the funeral, also in Branson so they had to leave early to drive there.

Holden and Lily had to bring Ethan and the girls to the sitter so Luke had suggested he would drive him and Noah. He would hate to sit in a car with his parents for an hour and a half and not be able to touch Noah. Luckily his parents thought it was a great idea.

Luke looked at Noah through the porch door. He looked so handsome. Luke still couldn’t believe the man sitting on his porch was his boyfriend as well as a really close friend.

He opened the door and stepped up to the porch. “hey you”
Noah looked up and smiled at Luke: “did your parents leave already?”
“yes we are all alone.”
“great, than I can say you look really hot in that suit of yours mr snyder.”

Luke wore a darkblue suit with a lighblue and white striped shirt under it and a black tie.
Noah stood from his seat: “we probably should get going. I don’t want to be late.”
let me get out coats and we are on our way.”
Luke wanted to turn around to get their coats when he felt Noah’s hand on his arm. He turned to Noah who took him in his arms for a hug and a kiss.
“now we can leave” Noah said.
Luke went inside to get their coats and he took his backpack from the table. He had put something to drink as well as some tissues and a snack in it.

“let’s go” he said to Noah as he stepped up to the porch again. He closed the door and they walked to Luke’s car.

“do you want to drive?” he asked Noah
“yes I would love to drive, thanks Luke” Noah walked towards Luke to get the keys and gave him a quick kiss before getting behind the wheel.
Luke walked to the other side of the car and got in. After they buckled up, Noah started the car and they were off.

As soon as they arrived at the military cemetery in Branson Noah got lost in meeting his dad’s comrades, shaking hands and hearing all kind of memorys of his father. Lily and Holden soon arrived as well did the pack and a bunch of Snyders.
Noah was touched they had all taken the trouble to be there for him and he felt incredibly loved by all this dear friends and his new family.

During the military ceremony Noah stood at his fathers coffin with Luke at his side. When he received the flag that was draped over the coffin he held on to it like his life depended on it, swallowing away his tears.
When the coffin was lowered into the wet soil he couldn’t stop it, tears started streaming down his face, he couldn’t help himself. Helplessly he looked at Luke who gave him an understanding look.
Noah started to shake, he felt like he was going to pass out but then he felt several hands comforting him.
Luke had taken the flag and had given it to Maddie to hold. He took Noah’s hand, intwined their fingers. Lily and Holden had each put a hand on his back and Bridget had taken his other hand. Noah calmed down, regained control and when the service was finally over he felt strong enough to walk on his own.

When they got to their cars Noah got hugs and kisses from all of their friends and his family. They drove of first, after promising to come to the farm for diner.
Noah watched them all leave and felt heartbroken and at the same time truelly blessed to have them at his side.

Lily and Holden had asked the boys of they were able to drive home safely and they had ensured them they would be fine. Lily gave Noah a big bear hug and whispered in his ear how proud she was of him and how truelly sorry she was for his lost.
Holden hugged Noah too, also whispering comforting words in his ear. They said goodbye and drove off.

Luke opened the car door for Noah at the passengers side. Noah was in no state to drive home. Noah got in the car and buckled up. Luke took a bottle of water out his backpack and handed it to Noah. He took one out for himself too. Then he got in the car too, buckled up, started the car and drove off.

When they arrived at the snyder property Luke didn’t drive home immediately. Instead he parked near the pond, got out and opened the door for Noah. Noah got out and Luke took him in his arms, hugging him with al the love he had inside.

Noah looked up at him and said: ”Luke, I don’t want to lie anymore, not tomorrow but the day after I want to go back to school and tell the pack and I want to tell your parents. They are too good for me to keep this secret. I want to be able to hug you like this all the time and not just when we are able to sneak off. “

“let’s do it Noah, let’s tell them all the day after tomorrow.

“Luke” Noah hesitated but finished his sentence “I love you”
“oh Noah, I love you too and I am so in love with you.”

chapter 11

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