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Title: the pack
Chapter: chapter 5 awareness
Rating: pg13
Summary: first kiss
Characters: Luke, Noah, Holden
Genre: high school
Warnings: english is not my native language
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Holden stood at the door of the boys bedroom, looking at the two boys sleeping on one bed, holding on to each other. He sighed, didn’t know what to think. Was this just about Noah hurting of was there anything else going on? When Noah turned in Luke’s arms Holden could see the track of tears on his face and decided Luke was probably just trying to comfort Noah and left the room, closing the door behind him.
He would talk to Luke about it, he made a mental note to do so later that day.

Inside the room Noah had turned in Luke’s arms, their faces so close he could feel Luke’s breath on his lips. He kept his eyes closed, trying not to think about the day before, just trying to enjoy the feeling of being really close to Luke.
Luke started to move a little and Noah knew he was waking up. He dared to open his eyes and saw Luke’s were open too. He smiled a shy smile at Noah, slowly pulling back the arm that had been around Noah’s waist all night. Noah missed the warmth of it immediately and closed his eyes for a moment, trying to block the emotion out of them, When he opened his eyes again he saw Luke hadn’t moved away, he just looked at Noah with an intense look in his eyes.
Noah couldn’t keep his eyes of Luke and after what felt like ages Noah let his eyes dwell to Luke’s perfect mouth.
“Luke” he whispered.
“Noah” Luke whispered back, his eyes on Noah's mouth too.
Luke took the lead as he leaned in a little to bring his mouth very close to Noah’s. Noah took over and pressed his lips lightly on Luke’s. Making just a little contact.

Luke put his hand on Noah’s cheek before he broke the kiss. “Noah,” he said with a soft low voice “do you know what you are doing or are you just hurt right now?” Noah looked Luke in the eyes, his voice soft too: “I know what I am doing Luke, I just don’t think this is the right time for it.” Noah leaned back in, gave Luke the softest kiss on his lips and sat up in the bed, he leaned with his back against the wall as Luke got up and sat next to him. “talk to me Noah, please talk to me about what you’re thinking.” Luke said.

And Noah did. He told Luke about his father, about how difficult it had been growing up on army bases. Moving to the next one after a few months, sometimes a year. How his dad has always tried to make time to play with him but he never had any friends his own age and he was alone almost all of the time. He told Luke about his dad making pancakes on Sunday morning and how he always ended up burning the first two. About how his dad missed his mom after she died and couldn’t love any one else, sometimes not even Noah who had his moms blue eyes and dark curls.
And then he told about the army and their look on gay people. How Noah had the biggest fight after coming out to his dad and his dad had threatened to send him away if he ever mentioned it again. And he hadn’t, he had never discussed it again. Or acted on it, until now. Noah had started to cry again.

“Noah, why didn’t you tell me?” Luke asked, not believing what he had just heard “I was so afraid I had to leave Luke, my dad didn’t make an empty promise, he would have turned me loose if he would have found out, I am so happy here, with you and your family and the pack. I don’t want to loose that for the world. I didn’t want to cause trouble for your family. So I decided just not to do anything, just enjoy living here with you.” Noah turned to Luke, his eyes red from crying. “why did you kiss me back Luke?”

Luke didn’t say anything for a while, he just looked at Noah, trying to get his feelings clear, then he looked away. “I really had no idea. Noah, when you first arrived I was highly attracted to you but I figured you were straight so I went passed that. But yesterday in the car I just got aware of all those feelings again, I wanted to protect you and you made all my senses just go ballistic.”

During his story Luke hadn’t looked at Noah but now he felt Noah’s hand on his chin, turning his face so he could look Luke in the eyes.
“I don’t know where to go from here Luke, I am so confused right now and I am suddenly all alone in this world. The thought I am never going to see my dad again is so scary. I am just really afraid.” Noah’s eyes began to fill again.

“Listen Noah, lets not rush in to anything. Lets just come through you loosing your dad and then we will see what does of doesn’t happen. But Noah, we shouldn’t tell my parents. They would take you out of this room and I don’t want that to happen.”
Luke said. “and I don’t want the pack to know yet, although I probably will tell Maddie.”

“That’s okay Luke, Bridget knows too.”
“she does?” Luke asked surprised “I didn’t know you were that close.”
“well we are, we have a lot of classes together and I really like her. She suspected me being gay almost from the first day and I came out to her about half a year ago.”

“really Noah, I am surprised by all this.”

“well, let me surprise you some more” Noah whispered, leaned in and covered Luke’s lips with his. He let his tongue run over Luke’s bottom lip until Luke opened his mouth. Noah entered and felt Luke’s tongue beginning to duel with his. The kiss lasted until both young men had to get more air. They broke loose, both out of breath.

“holy shit Noah, this is not going slow or see what happens.” Luke gasped.

“I am sorry Luke, I couldn’t help myself. Lets get changed and go downstairs. I need to talk to your dad about my dad and what is going to happen. I guess we don’t have to go school today since it is already 10 o clock.“
Noah knew he was babbling but he couldn’t help himself. Luke seemed to understand.
He got a clean set of clothes and a towel from the closet and went to take a quick shower. Noah went in the shower after Luke while Luke already went downstairs to the kitchen.

He saw his dad sit at the table and sat down opposite him. “hey Luke, I am kinda glad I have got a minute alone with you,” his dad claimed. Luke looked at his dad, knowing what was coming. Holden took a deep breath and said: “I came to check on Noah this morning and saw you sleeping together. Were you just comforting him or is there something else I should know about?” Luke’s face turned a deep shade of red but he looked his dad in the eyes and said: “Noah has been crying all night dad, he is scared shitless, suddenly all alone in this world. I just didn’t know how else to get him to relax.” “that’s fine Luke” Holden said “he is lucky to have such a close friend, but you would tell me right, if there was anything else, because it wouldn’t be a problem, really, but since your both just seventeen we would have him stay in another room.” “I promise dad, if there is something to tell, I will tell you.” Holden nodded, satisfied with the answer he got.

Luke took a cup of coffee, looked out the window and closed his eyes for a second. Who am I kidding? he thought.
And then he suddenly remembered his mystery guy

chapter 6

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