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Title: the pack chapter 7
Chapter: cute
Rating: pg 13,
Summary: the pack is coming over
Characters: Luke, Noah, the pack
Genre: high school romance
Warnings: english is not my native language, please bear with me on this
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Luke got Noah to sit down while he looked in the fridge for some comfort food.
He warmed up his mom’s chicken soup and put a plate with some salt crackers on the table. When the soup was warm he gave Noah a full bowl and a spoon. He got some for himself and they started to eat in silence.

When they were finished Luke put the bowls and the plate away, lingering, he didn’t know what to do. The pack was going to be there in about two hours or so and he was tired. Noah was probably exhausted but he didn’t know how to say they should lie down for a moment. He didn’t want Noah to get the wrong idea.

“listen, Luke, I am really tired, and you probably are too. Do you want to go and lie down for a while?” Noah had read Luke’s thought.
“yes, that’s a great idea” Luke responded relieved.
They went to their room and Luke closed the door. He walked to his bed and set the alarm an hour and a half later. He texted his father they were going to sleep for a while and that the pack was stopping by later.
Than he took his sweats and went to the bathroom to change. Something had changed. Normally he would change in the room, with Noah there. Noah would do too. But now all of a sudden he felt shy and uncomfortable.

When he re entered the room he saw Noah had put on sweats too,

Luke went to his bed, laid down and looked at Noah. Noah got in his bed and pulled the blankets over his shoulders, he turned on his side, facing Luke, looking him in the eyes. For a while they just looked at each other, making no sound at all.
Then Noah sighed, pulled up a corner of his blanket and moved over, making room for Luke. Luke didn’t say anything. He just got up, walked to Noah's bed and got in. Noah put the blanket down, laid his arm around Luke's waist and his head to Luke’s chest.
“will you just hold me until I fall asleep? I know you have to leave then because I don’t want your dad to find us like this but I need to feel you Luke.” Noah whispered. “I will, Noah, I will hold you, you are safe with me.”
Luke held Noah close, cradled him in is arms until he was sound asleep.

He got up and wanted to go back to his own bed when he suddenly remembered his mystery guy. Luke went to his desk, started his computer and logged in to his inbox. No new messages, but then again. It was Luke’s turn to send a mail. Luke didn’t know what to do. He liked Noah and he could feel that the feeling was mutual, but he had also liked the tone of the emails he got from the mystery guy. Luke decided to email him and just tell about his conflict.
He opened a new mail message and started to write

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I had the worst two days ever. Right after I left the library yesterday my best friend got the news his dad died in Iraq, I have been with him the last hours, and I found out, by comforting him, that I like him, that way.
I don’t know what to do now, cause I really would like to know who you are, see you in person. But my feelings for him are so strong.
So here it is, me being honest as we discussed.
My favourite ice cream is vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and crumbled Oreo’s. I also like hazelnut.
For you another question: how do you know me?
I don’t want to play games, things are complicated enough so please tell me.
Talk to you soon,

He pushed send and went to his bed. He couldn’t sleep but he rested a bit, looking at the man in the bed on the other side of the room.
He allowed his mind to drift to a place where he and Noah were happy and very much in love. A warm sunny place, with laughter and joy and no pain or grieve.

The sound of his alarm brought him back to his bed.
Noah shifted a bit and opened his eyes. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and sat up in bed, the covers intwined with his legs. “
hey, you didn’t sleep?” he asked Luke
“no, but I have rested a little, I had some emails to send and I enjoyed the view.”

Noah’s face turned pink; “tell me, you didn’t watch me sleep?!”
“I did, you looked so peaceful and stunningly cute.”
Noah’s face turned a deeper shade of red.
“damn Luke, would you come over here already?"

Luke walked up to Noah’s bed, sat down next to him and turned his face to Noah’s. Noah gently pushed Luke down on the bed, covered Luke’s body with his and closed the gap between their mouths.
At the first touch of their lips Noah let out a soft moan. He held Luke’s head with his hand as Luke let his hands run over Noah’s back. Their tongues collided with passion and both the boys lost track of their surroundings.

The sound of Luke’s cell brought them back to reality.
Noah took his mouth of Luke’s and let his forehead rest against the other boy’s gasping for air.
“we have to talk about this Luke, I am going to live here for a long time and I don’t want to risk losing you or your family. Only yesterday we were just friends and now I can’t keep my hands off you.”
“I know this is weird Noah, I didn’t see this coming. And I agree, we really have to talk about this but can we not do that right now? Your dad just died, The pack is coming over, everything is confusing and vague, all I know for sure is that I have all this feelings for you I didn’t have before or maybe I did but I never realised it. I don’t want to tell anyone yet. I loved holding you until you fell asleep and I don’t want to loose that.”
“so you think I am cute hey?” Noah smiled, gave Luke a quick peck on the lips and got off the bed.
“someone texted you.”
“probably Maddie to let us know they are here soon. Let me check.”

The message was indeed from Maddie, it said the pack was going to be there in ten minutes. Luke looked at Noah, who was standing right in front of him.
“ready to go downstairs?”
“hey Luke, is it okay if I ask Bridget to stay a little longer than the rest? I could use someone to talk to, someone that is not you.”
Luke felt a little sting of jealousy but pushed it away quickly.
“off course Noah, I want to talk to Maddie, so maybe they both can stay.”
“are you going to talk to Maddie about me?”
“are you going to talk to Bridget about me?”
“same here”

Noah looked Luke deep in his eyes. “I can’t believe it but I actually feel jealous about that.”
“me too” Luke said

They both starting to laugh out loud at the same time.
“damn, you are cute Mayer” Luke said, slightly out of breath, not from laughing but from the look at Noah’s face.
“well, Snyder, I can say the same to you, utterly cute even.” Noah replied, his breathing turning shallow as well.

They moved at the same time. Catching each others lips in a fierce kiss. Mouths were open, tongues passionately stroking the other.

Another text message caused yet another interruption and Luke took two steps back. He saw stars for his eyes and it took him a minute to get himself back in control. He saw Noah struggling himself too. He took his phone and read the message.
“they are here, waiting at the pond. Are you ready to go there?”
“I am, lets go and Luke.” Noah looked at Luke “thanks, for being there for me. I really don’t know what I would do without you right now.”
“I wouldn’t want it any other way Noah.”

When the boys walked up to the pond they saw the pack sitting around the bench they had sat on before. They all hugged Noah, saying sweet and comforting words to him. Noah told the whole story about what happened to his dad, leaving out what happened between him and Luke. When the other ones were in a discussion over what they were gonna do over the weekend Noah whispered to Bridget:
”hey Bridge, I really need to talk to you alone, can you stay a little longer?”
Bridget nodded, looking at him in curiosity. Noah saw Luke whispering to Maddie and knew he probably was asking her the same thing.

A few moments later Casey, Jeff Kevin and Sarah stood up. “shall we go?” they asked Maddie and Bridget.

“euhm, actually, we are staying a little longer. Noah and Luke need to get their homework and copy some notes and stuff.”
“cool” Casey said, giving Noah a last hug, soon followed by Sarah and Kevin.
“Will you be at school on Monday?”
“we don’t know yet, it depends when the funeral will be, we will keep in touch” Noah said.

They waved goodbye and soon it was just the four of them.

“okay, this is a little awkward.” Luke said. “do you want take Bridget to our room so Maddie and I can stay here?” He asked Noah. Noah just nodded, took Bridget’s hand and strolled of, looking Luke deep into his eyes one more time.

chapter 8a

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