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Title: the pack chapter 8B
Chapter: Maddie and Luke
Rating: pg
Summary:Luke talks to Maddie
Characters: Luke and Maddie
Genre: high school romance
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Luke and Maddie

Luke watched Noah and Bridget walking away before turning to Maddie, who was looking at him with arched eyebrows.

“Luke Snyder, what the hell is going on between you and your best friend, who is as close to you as a brother as Ethan is?”
“ugh Maddie, don’t you ever call Noah my brother again.” Luke was shocked by his friends idea.
“what happened Luke?”

Luke took a deep breath and told Maddie everything, about the hug in the car where he was suddenly aware of Noah’s body, about how Noah cried and Luke ended up spooning him all night, about the kisses and how they discussed what to do now.

“wow, Luke, I don’t know what to say.” Maddie looked very surprised by her friends story. “so.. are you in love with him?”
“I don’t know Mads, I am really confused. I definitely have strong feeling for him. Really strong. But…. Like you said, he is going to be here for a few years. What if it doesn’t work out, I don’t want him to loose the only family he has got. What if he changes his mind after he dealt with his fathers dead? I am so scared about that. This is all happening so fast.”
Luke covered his face with his hands.

“is he worth it Luke?”
"What do you mean Mads, is he worth what?”
“is he worth taking some chances on?”

Luke thought about that question for a moment and suddenly it hit him.
Why Noah was able to move in his life so fast, while he was willing to share everything with Noah, friends and possessions.

He was in love with this amazing man. “oh god, how could I have been so blind? I am in love with him.”

“well Snyder, go for it than, just be carefull alright, he is so fragile right now.”
“I will be carefull Mads, I promiss.”
“Okay, just one question Luke, what about your mystery man?"

Luke looked up and sighed, “I didn’t think about that. I’ll have to email him my heart is taken.”
“but Luke, what if…” Maddie paused her sentence and Luke looked at her in curiosity.
“what if what Mads?”
“what if Noah is your mystery guy?”

The thought had never crossed Luke’s mind. But when he started to think about it, it suddenly all made sense. He smiled widely
”that would be awesome but Mads, the chances are slim, Noah asked me to repeat the story of my mystery man over and over again. And he would probably know my favourite book or icecream.”

“deal with it Snyder, and now tell me all about your Mayer man and his kisses.”

They both laughed and as Luke told Maddie about the feelings he had never feld before by just a kiss, he told her everything there was to tell and the happiness in his eyes could heat up a thousand households.

chapter 9

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