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Title: you and me against the world, chapter 2
Chapter: going crazy?
Summary: noah gets the surprise of a lifetime
Characters: Noah, Luke, Maddie, Holden, Aaron, the snyder clan
Genre: sweet as cotton candy
Warnings: english is not my native language
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Going crazy

Noah stood at the entrance of the little chapel they would be filming the wedding of Lucy and Norah, the main characters from the film Noah was directing. He was grumpy because it seemed like the cast and crew were stalling the process. They could have been finished a day ago but everything that could go wrong went wrong. The actress playing Lucy all of a sudden claimed to be sick the previous day so they had to wait filming until she felt better. Cameras went missing, film broke and all Noah could think of was to finish the damn movie and catch a plane home to see Luke.

He hadn’t slept great lying alone in the king-size waterbed at the hotel they al stayed in. He felt cold and alone at night. No one to crawl up to, no one to spoon. “CUT” he yelled annoyed when somebody yet again forgot their lines. “Let’s call it quits for today guys, this is not working. Can we be here all tomorrow at 7 and please, know your lines then, all of you.” He snapped cranky, knowing his madness didn’t help create the atmosphere he had in his head for this scene. He decided to leave the chapel and take a walk. His assistant could take care of the crew and he was also there to make sure they could start again tomorrow, hopefully then without any problems.

He left the chapel that was staged in one of Las Vegas botanic gardens. He could smell the tropical flowers and he heard a little stream of water coming down from a rock in a nearby setting. It was a beautiful piece of an extravagant city, full of lights, noise and people. He loved being in Las Vegas and he loved watching al the people pressing their luck at the tables or slot machines of the many casinos, but this place in the garden was his favourite piece of the city of lights. He knew Luke would love it too. There were flowers in gorgeous colours everywhere and the chapel almost looked golden in the midday sun that hang above it. There was a small pond in the centre of the garden, full of water lilies. There were Gerbera’s in dozens of colours and the enchanting smell of black roses gave him a light feeling in his head. He closed his eyes for a second to take all the senses in and when he opened them for a moment he thought he saw a familiar face at the other end of the garden.

When he blinked his eyes there was nobody to be seen so Noah figured the smell of the roses really had gone to his head. Why else would he see Faith in a tropical garden thousands of miles from home? He shook his head to clear it and started to walk towards the exit of the gardens.

He turned right to walk towards the hotel when he froze in his movements. Right before him there was a friendly face he hadn’t seen in a while. “Maddie, what are you doing here?” he asked while smiling widely before he gave his friend a big hug. “I am reporting a wedding that’s taking place here this evening” she said while hugging Noah back. “A big famous star wedding?” Noah asked. “Definitely” Maddie answered.
“Do you have plans for tonight?” she asked? “No, I am going to call Luke and then turn in early. I haven’t been sleeping very well and I could need a good night sleep”. Maddie shot him her most irresistible smile and said: “do you want to join me to this wedding? My date cancelled and I don’t want to dance with strangers all evening. It is almost faith that I am running in to you here.” Noah didn’t feel like partying much but he didn’t want his friend to be all alone either so he smiled at her to accept the invitation, but then remembered he didn’t bring a suit. “No problem” Maddie said. “My date his suit is in my hotel room and he looks the same size as you, I will deliver it to your room so you can try it on. If it doesn’t fit, well, we worry about it then.”

They decided Maddie would come to Noah’s room later as his hotel lay next to the garden. Noah entered his room and took a shower. He was a little bit overwhelmed with Maddie being there and going to a hotshot wedding where he neither knew bride or groom. Noah wasn’t much of a party animal. He just loved hanging out in smaller crowds or watch a movie with Luke cuddling up on their couch at home. When he got himself dried he put on a pair of shorts and he called Luke. He frowned when he got his voicemail and left a message asking Luke to call him back. Just when he tried to call the farm there was a knock on the door.

When he opened it he saw Maddie standing at the door. She was wearing a beautiful dark blue dress. She had done something to her hair and it looked like there were curls everywhere around her face. She looked stunning. “wow, Mads, look at you” he said while moving a little so she could enter the room. In her right hand she held a clothes bag. Noah took the bag from her and laid it on the bed; He unzipped it and saw a suit that was just as stunning as Maddie’s dress. It was black with a little blue stripe, exactly the same colour of his eyes, there were shoes and there was a shirt in the same colour blue but no tie. “euhm Mads, there is no tie here.” He said to his friend. “I know, there is not supposed to be a tie.” Noah’s mouth opened to ask why but Maddie told him to hurry up since there was not much time left before they had to go.

Noah took the clothes to the bathroom where he discovered the suit fit him perfectly. That’s odd, he thought. This suit fits me just a little too perfect with the blue shirt and even the right size of shoes. He brushed his teeth, did his hair and walked out the bathroom only to find the room empty. “Mads?” he called but there was nobody there. When he opened the door of his room to look in the hallway he froze.

On his threshold stood the person he had been longing to see but who he never suspected to be there. He was wearing a suit too, a black one, plain, with a striped shirt. Also no tie. Noah’s heart started to beat real fast as Luke entered his room and closed the door. He couldn’t believe Luke was here. He couldn’t say anything and then Luke took both his hands in his and started to speak. “Dear Noah” he said. “I have a confession to make. Today at the chapel, when things didn’t go as planned and all the cast and crew acted funny. That was because I wanted to surprise you. You couldn’t finish up early because you would have messed everything up big time. Months of preparation would go down the drain, every one tried there best to prevent that, and it worked. I wanted you here tonight so I could tell you that you mean the world to me, that you are the love I never dreamed I would find and I want to spend every day for the rest of my life with you. Noah Mayer, will you marry me, tonight? “
Luke voice broke as he looked in his lovers teary eyes. Noah didn’t say anything he just looked Luke deep in the eyes and stood there crying. “Noah? You are making me real nervous here” Noah took a deep breath, pulled Luke up against his body and whispered: “yes, yes off course I will marry you” He kissed Luke on the lips, soon the kiss deepened and their tongues collided passionately but a knock on the door brought them back to reality.

Noah opened the door, with tears still in his eyes and found Maddie outside. She walked in and said: “I am sorry to interrupt but we have to get this show on the road. She gave Noah a hug, almost crying herself and turned to Luke to hug him also. “I am assuming you said yes?” she asked teasily. Noah nodded and then realised there was so much he didn’t know.

He turned to Luke and fired al his questions “who is your best man and who is mine? Do we have a best man? Did I really saw Faith this afternoon? How did you get a license without my signature?” Luke smiled at Noah and started to answer al his questions in the same pace as Noah asked them “you can choose who ever you want to be your best man except for Aaron who is mine. Faith is here and so is the whole Snyder clan as well Casey, Ally, Jade, Jeff and Reg. The cast and crew from our movie is here. You signed the license and thought it was a production schedule. Your assistant just put in between some papers and let you sign it and we’re getting married in the garden.”

Noah stood there totally astonished, not knowing what was happening to him. Maddie smiled at Luke and left the room, mouthing ten minutes to him. Luke wrapped his arms around the love of his life and looked up to him. “I really wanted us to get married and I really wanted it to be the full works so I came up with this plan and let my mom and Lucinda take care of it. I know as much as you do about what exactly is going to happen but I know this. I really want you to become my husband; I want us to have the same last name. I want it to the most special day in our life’s and I really hope you want all of this as badly as I do, because we have to get going soon and I am starting to freak a little bit here.” Noah looked down on Luke and started to smile. “I want to get married really badly too Luke, I really do but I am a little flabbergasted here. I don’t know where to begin.” “I do” Luke said as he stood on his toes and let his lips lock Noah’s in a steamy hot kiss.

Moments later Noah broke the kiss and let his forehead rest to Luke’s. “I love you so much; I love you even more for doing this for me. Let’s get married. Is it okay with you if I ask your dad to be my best man?” Luke smiled: “he was hoping you would. That’s why I chose Aaron. It is a big deal to my dad.” Noah smiled back, his heart beating even harder knowing this would really happen. He was about to become a Snyder for real.

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