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Title: you and me against the world, chapter 1
Chapter: the beginning
Summary: a surprise for Noah
Characters: Luke, Noah, original characters
Genre: sweet as cotton candy
Warnings: english is not my native language ,bear with me on this :)
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The beginning
December 5th 2014.

Shivering Luke collapsed on top of his love. Enjoying the feeling being so close to each other that they hardly knew where the one began and the other stopped. Luke felt Noah’s heart pounding in his chest as he lay his head on top of it.
“I am going to miss you sweetie”, he mumbled. Immediately he felt two strong arms on his back, pulling him up so Noah could look Luke in the eyes. “I’m going to miss you too, but I am only going to be gone for ten days and we’re going to call each other every night.” “I know and I am looking forward to hear your stories, but I really am going to miss you.” Luke laid his head in the crook of Noah’s neck, thinking about the days they would be separated.

Noah was about to leave to Las Vegas for ten days, filming on location for his latest movie. Luke had actually written the screenplay about two young women finding each other, loving each other although the world was against their love and eventually eloping to Las Vegas against the will of all of their family. Them against the world. The movie was almost finished. The scenes in Las Vegas were the last ones to be shot. Little did Noah know about what really was going to happen in Vegas.

All their dreams had come true, they were as happy as two people could be but there was one last thing Luke really wanted. And he knew Noah wanted it too. They had talked it over so many times, lying in each others arms, just dreaming about how their day would look like. The day they would become mr and Mr Snyder. Noah was eager to take Luke’s last name, since he had become a Snyder in heart so many years before. There was only one problem. Same sex marriages were not legal in their home state. There were only two states were it was possible for them to get married, California and Nevada, but they didn’t want to elope. They wanted to get married with all of their family and friends present. So they just had to wait till their time would come.

Noah had asked Luke to go along to Las Vegas. He was unwilling to leave him alone for the first time since they finally decided they would live together on Valentines Day five years ago. They had lived in the pool house for about three years before leaving to New York so they both could chase after their dreams. Noah’s to be a director and Luke’s to be a writer. Noah first movie had been a major hit, and he had made two other reasonably successful thrillers after that. Luke had published a book and written two screenplays. The first one was not directed by Noah but the love story so similar to theirs could not be directed by any one else. Luke had said he couldn’t come on the trip. Noah had to direct and Luke would only be a distraction. Luke was probably right had Noah agreed, not knowing his love had made other plans.

Before the day awakened with the first beams of sunlight Luke and Noah stood together in their front yard, a cab driver had just put Noah’s suitcase in the trunk and the two lovers said their goodbyes. A last kiss, a last hug, sweet words whispered in each others ears. Noah knew he had to get going so he untangled himself from Luke and got in the cab. One last look and he was off.

As soon as the cab was out of sight. Luke flipped open his phone and called his mom to see if all the preparations were going according plan. Lily answered the phone all excited:”hey sweetie, did Noah leave safely?” she asked her first born. “He did, mom, I am just calling to check if everything is ready,” Luke answered. Lily smiled when she heard the eagerness in her son’s voice; she knew this was an important week for him. “Everything is going according plan sweetie. As long as you don’t forget to bring the rings, it will all be fine. Are you feeling okay?” Luke sighed: “just a little nervous mom, what if he doesn’t like this after all?’ “Are you kidding me, he will be as happy as a kid in a candy store. Believe me honey, he will.”

Luke had begun to plan his big surprise almost two months ago, after hearing when Noah’s trip to Las Vegas was scheduled. He had called his mom and explained what he wanted. As he and Noah were both successful, money was a non-issue and Lily and Lucinda had taken it as their personal goal to make the boys special day a day to remember. Luke had only been in charge of buying the wedding rings. He had searched weeks before finding the right rings. They were stainless steel, simple but they could be engraved on the outside too. Luke had been lying awake at night trying to come up with the right sentence when it had suddenly hit him. Now on both the outside of the rings stood: worth the wait. On the inside of Noah’s ring it said Luke’s name and the wedding date. On the inside of Luke’s ring it said Noah’s name and the wedding date.
Everybody was in on the big plans, only Noah knew of nothing. Even Noah’s co-workers at the studio were in on the surprise, they had made the 8 day trip a 10 day trip and they all were excited they could join their director and friend at this important event. Even the press was going to be there as Luke had given his friend Maddie the exclusive rights to publish a story in the tabloid she was working for the last couple of years.

Luke got dressed and took a cab to the airport. He flew to Chicago and took the train to Oakdale to be with his family as they were making final preparations. Noah knew Luke was visiting Oakdale, he had just assumed Luke didn’t want to be home alone. Luke had told him he didn’t want to be alone so long and that his dad needed some help at the farm, making reparations to the roof before winter would really set ground in Oakdale. Noah had found himself a little jealous Luke would visit their family without him, since he missed them so much now they didn’t live nearby. They decided to come back to the farm for Christmas, Noah was looking forward to see the Snyder gang, and he also was looking forward to kiss Luke under the mistletoe. It had become one of their little special traditions. When everyone was sound asleep they would stand under the mistletoe to declare their love to one and other and share hot kisses, just as they had done the very first Christmas they had spent together.

Just as Luke arrived at the farm his phone started to play true colours, the sign that Noah was calling. “Hey sweetie, how are you?” he asked answering the phone. “Hey you,” he heard his lovers deep voice. “I’m fine. We just arrived at the hotel and I’ve got to say Las Vegas looks like a lot of fun. I haven’t seen anything like this ever before.” Noah told some more about his surroundings before he had to get to work. They said their goodbyes as Noah promised he would call again the next day. Only a few more days and he will be mine forever. Luke felt shivers going down his spine only thinking about the day they would get married. In Las Vegas, with al their loved ones by their side. A few more days. I just have to wait a few more days.

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