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  • me obsessed!!! so much that i made a fanfic blog. check it out fellow nuked!!!
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    Posted: Jul 1 2009, 3:19 AM EDT by doorcleaver
  • ongoing vampire nuke series!! and a few others including an alternate storyline of colonel mayer's return at:
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    Posted: Jul 4 2009, 5:07 AM EDT by doorcleaver
  • The Colonel Shoots Luke But Hits Noah Instead!!! find out in the recently concluded story "The Binding Ties"
    read all about it in: ~leave comments, thanks
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    Posted: Jul 13 2009, 8:12 PM EDT by doorcleaver
  • nuke vampire tale on the works hey fellow nuked!!!
    i'm developing a new blog to show support for our supercouple from my part of the world.
    it's a fanfic blog, it's new but i'm hoping to take it far. i read some stories here and they are awesome!!!
    i hope you could take time to check out my blog and tell me what you think.
    see you there!!!
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    Posted: Jul 1 2009, 3:16 AM EDT by doorcleaver
  • Everything I Need To Know, I Learned Watching Soaps 1. Most people have no brains.
    2. People without brains have very addicting stories.
    3. Daytime actors are primarily trained to suppress laughter.
    4. No one’s truly dead until a body is found.
    5. When people go away, they sometimes look like Bratz dolls when they return.
    6. Crimelords can become humanitarians when they have gay sons.
    7. The bigger the man’s bulge, the lesser possibility of him getting shirtless.
    8. If you want your mother to come to her senses, just steal Riley’s watch.
    9. Nothing beats watching a lanky man and his young son threaten to drown an army lieutenant.
    10. An extremely ridiculous person should contemplate writing for soaps.

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    Posted: Jul 9 2009, 8:18 PM EDT by doorcleaver
  • cruel writers!!! the colonel should have had a better story line. it's all hype. they could have used his character and run it for a while. maybe he tries to kill luke again and shoots noah instead?

    and what's up with this mason guy? if noah if going to have an affair, i will >very violent threat<

    i wonder when they're going to live in their summer sublet.

    shouldn't luke go back to school?

    sometimes i can't help but imagine my own storylines so i can live in a blissfully rational nuke world. then again, it's a soap.

    p.s. check out my blog: ~there are currently 2 ongoing series. 1) the vampire luciano and 2) a fan fiction faithful to canon, which is my own take on how the colonel comes back. drop by you guys. :)
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    Posted: Jul 5 2009, 1:38 AM EDT by doorcleaver
  • A villanelle for Nuke (a villanelle originates from a French poem; it has 19 lines, uses only 2 rhymes and consists of five tercets and a final quatrain. The first and third lines of the first tercet alternately repeat as a refrain that closes the following stanzas, and are joined together as a final couplet of the quatrain.)

    In Twos

    Two hearts that resound in a thundering
    Two desires like hectic brambles twisted
    Lips that mated as two souls entwining

    Like endless mirrors their eyes gazed, piercing
    How glass reflections ceaselessly glinted
    two hearts that resound in a thundering

    In nakedness, restraint proved maddening
    Exquisite drink and two men addicted
    Lips that mated as two souls entwining

    Tenderness – through resentment – revealing
    how dry timber is quickly ignited
    Two hearts that resound in a thundering

    A broken mold restored notwithstanding
    How two men’s love stubbornly persisted
    Lips that mated as two souls entwining

    Two souls, two passions, two heartbreaks blending
    and mended – a love afire and wanted
    Two hearts that resound in a thundering
    Lips that mated as two souls entwining

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    Posted: Jul 9 2009, 8:20 PM EDT by doorcleaver
  • hey all from asia i wanted to post stories here. but i decided to make my own fanfic blog instead. this will be my little contribution to my favorite couple sort of a way to immortalize them and explore alternative storylines. i'm a HUGE fan, if it isn't already obvious. i have downloaded every Nuke clip from LukeVanFan in youtube. I can't survive a day without watching my favorite moments. sigh... nuke-aholic, you can say. visit my blog and read my stories if you have nothing better to do. please leave comments, thanks. stay Nuke-d!!
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    Posted: Jul 8 2009, 10:07 PM EDT by doorcleaver
  • This is insane!!! i mean this is insane!!! i loved it. i wish i would write like you. i wanted to write here but i have a blog for my fanfic. you should check it out and tell me what you think. here's the address: ~i would appreciate some comments. there's a nuke vampire series there, and colonel mayer's return told differently.

    anyway... "Echoes" gives an uncomfortable yet necessary insight on Winston Mayer's cruelty. Through this story we are able to understand more about Noah's dark past and its effects in his future. It is the kind of story that can still be considered faithful to canon, but actually solidifies the great thing about luke and noah's relationship. that these two characters balance each other's infirmities. luke is light, noah is dark. one cannot exist without understanding the other. thanks for this wonderful story. as a nuke-aholic, i could say that you are one of the most beautiful fanfic writers that i've ever read. the dialogues, too, are exactly the way nuke sounds on TV. write more. peace~ :)
    Thread location: Echoes
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    Posted: Jul 5 2009, 1:13 AM EDT by doorcleaver
  • If not... I'm killing the writers of Atwt.. no, i'm sorry. i have no more energy for venting. i love luke and noah. i love them. but the writers have been kind of letting their steam lose heat, or whatever is another variant of that. is it me or does it feel that they've ignored the two? i mean, come on, they ARE the most popular couple in that show, aren't they? seriously, no more energy for venting.

    so what i do is write stories about these two. it's a ridiculous hobby and i've been spending so much time on it. it's better to come up with scenarios that viewers can relate to, or giving the couple the attention they deserve.

    i rely heavily on youtube to get the episodes (lukevanfan, seriously, you deserve an award!), but this boohockey about mason. if noah is going to have an affair with him, i will send my ill will to whoever is penning the storyline. a spell that would cause their fingers to sprout boils if they take another hit-and-miss direction to the story.

    fanfic rules!!!

    god, the apartment. the APARTMENT!!! how long has it been? and can the writers please strap a pair to luke's characters? he's beginning to get so spoiled and absolutely dependent on his rich parents. he's supposed to be a driven individual. where is his direction? i'm sorry, but even those who are so wrapped up in love should get a life beyond their heart. come on luke, go back to school!!! (no, no, he's not running his foundation. he doesn't even have the corporate background to be able to do anything substantial. it's his money and his name. no skills there... uhm business degree, anyone?

    lotsa love fellow nukees.

    allen (please visit my blog:
    Reply to thread: If not... I'm killing the writers of Atwt.. (22 replies)
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    Posted: Jul 10 2009, 8:31 PM EDT by doorcleaver
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