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  • Attention all authors of FF! I have been moving a lot of stories and authors to the right position in the list. If you are an author and can find your stories, just look it up in alphabetic order on the all authors page.
    I have noticed there are a few authors that have not reached the legal age of majority yet. Please beware if you are underaged you are not permitted to post NC17 stories. They will be deleted. Also please read all the instruction on HOW to post fanfiction before you post for the first time. You can find detailed instructions here:

    If you do need any help or if you dont know how to post please PM me BEFORE you post anything.

    Thank you!
    Thread location: Fan Fiction INFO
    Keyword tags: attentionauthorsfanfictionff 
    Posted: Aug 9 2010, 12:35 AM EDT by juliadw
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